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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Snapshots

We are enjoying some glorious weather at the moment with clear blue skies and temperatures of around 20C.

Yesterday afternoons sunshine encouraged me to go out for a walk, of course taking my camera along, when I really should have been finishing the ironing.

No contest, it was much more fun to be out exploring the hedgerows and taking these snapshots of autumn, than being at home ironing shirts!

This is just a selection of the 50 + photos I took yesterday afternoon, if you are interested in viewing the full set, please ask me and I will send an invite for you to do so via my account at www.flickr.com

What do you think of the guy guarding the persimmon?


  1. Oh I love persimmon trees, a bit later on they look like "natural" xmas trees, all those bright orange baubles standing out in the rather dull landscape.

    Must say it is very colourful where you live, a bit less jazzy already in Lomellina, too soon for my winter flowering shrubs to cheer me up and the end of the late flowers is already over.

    I need to find another copy of the Readers Digest 4 seasons book to see what I can get to plug the gap, I have a horrible feeling I left it in one of the garden centres and it got "adopted".

  2. Thanks for your comments Sarah. I think it must be this glorious weather that has kept the colours so sharp this Autumn.

    Yes the persimmon is definitely a contender for a natural Christmas tree look,I discovered another one recently and will post some photos here sometime, the Pomegranate!

    By the way do you know any ways of using the Persimmon, apart from just eating the flesh as it is?


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