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Monday, May 21, 2012

Musical Moment - Momento Musicale - Eurovision 2012 - Nina Zilli - Italian Entry

Eurovision 2012 takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan this year when 43 countries will be taking part in the 57th contest. The semi finals are to be held on the 22nd and the 24th of May with the grand final next weekend on the 26th of May. 

The Italian entry L'Amore E'Femmina (Out Of Love) is to be performed by Nina Zilli. The Italians have great expectations for their entry as they were runners up in 2011. I wrote a post about this last year Eurovision Song Contest 2011Nina will be performing in the second of the semi finals.

Part of L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love) is in English, when Nina was asked why she did not sing completely in Italian. She answered 'I decided to sing in English, I like people to understand what I'm saying. If I sing completely in Italian, a lot of people wouldn't be able to keep up with the lyrics, and it is important for me that they can.' 
Dare I say that I actually prefer 'Per Sempre' which she sang at San Remo earlier this year and was originally planned to be the Italian entry, I will maybe share it here another time.

Nina Zilli -Profile

Born and named Maria Chiara Fraschetta on February 2nd 1980 in Piaceneza, Italy. She spent part of her education in Ireland learning English, returning to finish her education in Italy and then spending a couple of years in the USA.  In 2009 she took the stage name of Nina Zilli combining her mother's surname with that of a favourite artist Nina Simone.  I first featured her here on News from Italy in a Sunday Song feature in July 2010 when I mentioned I thought we might hear more of her after she had done well at San Remo earlier in the year.
Sunday Song - Nina Zilli

During the San Remo Music Festival 2012 Nina  was chosen to represent Italy in theEurovision Song Contest 2012 

The Italians have already arrived in Baku for rehearsals, photos and other information can be viewed on the official Eurovision website along with details of all the other participants and which of the semi finals they are performing in.
This is a video of the first rehearsal courtesy of  the Eurovision website and I must say I am not at all convinced that this is the winner that Italy is hoping for, but you never know!  Eurovision is always an extremely unpredictable event and to be honest I am often not impressed with the entries. 
Published on 19 May 2012 by 
The second video shows part of her second rehearsal plus an interview with her which is interesting.
Published on 20 May 2012 by 
Do let me know your thoughts on Italy's entry. Do you think they stand a chance?  I have not yet listened to entries from any other countries although I have heard that the UK have Engelbert Humperdink performing their entry.

You may also be interested in learning more about the host country by checking out the comprehensive information pages on the Eurovision site for Azerbaijan and the host city of Baku
With thanks to the following websites for information that helped me to compile this post.
Eurovision 2012  YouTube - Nina Zilli    Facebook - Nina Zilli    Official Website - Nina Zilli and Wikipedia

If you are interested in listening to music from around the world, I recommend this blog which I have linked with for music posts many times in the last few years and am happy to be doing so again today.

NatashaInOz - Sunday Song

Finally I would also like to pay my respects to the people of Italy that have suffered during  this sad weekend that Italy has experienced, I have not written separate posts about the bombing in Brindisi or the earthquake in Northern Italy but you can find related up to date news items of interest on my News From Italy FB Page.  Please consider visiting this Public Page and sharing your thoughts, thankyou.


  1. You were the first person to pop in my head when I heard about the earthquake. Those things are so scary. And destructive. I'm not sure about the singer. To me, the people in charge of sound need to be replaced immediately. We should be able to hear the vocals over the music.

  2. Hello:
    It is literally decades ago, when we did have a television, that we watched the Eurovision Song Contest. We have to say that it was the antics of the contestants and the rows with the judges which really attracted our interest rather than the songs!!!

    We really cannot comment on Italy's chances of success in Azerbaijan but, surely, Nina will fare better than Engelbert if there is any justice in life and song contests?!!!!

  3. I liked the song you have proposed, it reminded me (just a little...) Amy Winehouse. :)

  4. Not bad. This is the Spanish song:


  5. I gave up following the Eurovision song contest a few years ago - the Italian entry sounds interesting. One of your commenters said it reminded her a bit of Amy Winehouse, I would agree with that.

  6. Ever since living in Europe I have loved to follow Eurovision. I have my doubts about Italy's entry although you never know. I was also devestated to hear about the Earthquake. It is always terrible when things like this happen.

  7. So interesting that you posted about Eurovision today. :-) They've been advertising it on Aussie TV and I'd never heard of it before! :-)

  8. It was hard to hear the lyrics. Her voice has power. Was she born in Italy?
    I thought about you when I heard of the earthquake. Wonder how often Italy has earthquakes. Have a great week and thanks for the beautiful musical post!

  9. I have already mentioned that Eurovision was incredibly popular in Russia. I have such pleasant memories about those Italian singers who had performed when I was young.

  10. Everyone is talking about Eurovision this year!! There's just something in the air with that show in 2012!!

    I'm glad you were okay with the earthquake - that must have been frightening.


  11. Hmmm, she is talented and beautiful. I'm not sure that song is spectacular.

  12. She has a wonderful presence and voice but I don't think the song is worthy. I followed the link to Per Sempre and that is much more powerful....and in Italian.

    Thought of you and my other Italian friends with the news coming out of Italia this last week. X

  13. Lindy, she is very, very beautiful and has a great voice. I don't know what made Italy take part, again! Everybody sings in English, now, so... what's the point?

    Since Eastern Europe became a collection of lots of small states, the context has been taken over by those countries. They all vote for each other and countries from Western Europe don't stand a chance!

    It's the reason why Terry Wogan stopped presenting it, for the UK. I agree with him! What's the point? He was the only reason I used to watch the contest, really: so witty and funny!

    The final should be on tonight, then... I might watch it!


    PS: can you please let me know what British TV Channels you get in Italy? Email me, if you can!




  14. Hi Linda! I was so happy when I saw that you had linked up to my recent #SundaySong party! I always enjoyed hearing your Italian music selections each weekend and this post is just as brilliant! I must confess, I didn't watch the Eurovision competition on TV-how did Nina go? It sounds like she should have done well-she has a very strong voice.

    I was also very sorry to hear about the terrible news about the quake. My Sister in Law lives in Paris and she actually felt some of the tremors from there-it must have been very powerful!

    Well, I hope your weekend has been wonderful and thanks again for linking up!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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