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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Costa Concordia Disaster One Year Later - Costa Concordia Disastro Un Anno Dopo

I am today reposting a beautiful song that was released last March in the wake of the Costa Concordia disaster. Costa Concordia Tribute The Costa Concordia partially sank after hitting rocks, then running aground off the coast of the small Italian island, Isola del Giglio, not far from the mainland. Over four thousand people had to be evacuated and sadly there were inevitably deaths and injuries. 
Justine Pelmelay a singer from the Netherlands and Antonella Tonna an Italian pianist got together after both surviving the tragedy. The pianist Antonella was working on board the cruise liner and the singer Justine was with her partner on a vacation. The song recalls those moments when it felt like ‘Time Stood Still’ and I think it is a moving tribute. It was decided that all proceeds from the song went to the residents of the Isola del Giglio who went out of their way that night to offer shelter to the survivors of the disaster.

Il Tempo Si é Fermato - Justine Pelmelay with Antonello Tonna ( Costa Concordia )

Ma-ni strette dentro una speranza
Mani che sussurrano, una preghiera nella danza
La Luna che
illuminava i nostri "perchè"
Ma-ni, tese dentro un abbraccio
Mani che rimangono ferme ad aspettare un cenno
Il mare che
abbracciava i nostri "perchè"......."perchè"
Il tempo che scivolava via...
trascinandosi i sogni e le bugie.
Un segnale, fra pace e guerra,
fra chi scelte più non ha, fra chi le mani nell'acqua immergerà....
Con il mare stretto in un abbraccio,
dietro quel gigante che
ignorava ogni coraggio..
La vita in ogni cosa così si rispecchierà..
Il tempo che scivolava via...
trascinandosi i sogni e le bugie.
Un segnale, fra pace e guerra,
fra chi scelte più non ha, fra chi le mani nell'acqua immergerà....
Ma-ni che raccolgono un abbraccio
Ma-ni stanche e fredde per raccontare un naufragio
Il mare che per sempre ci parlerà non lo scorderà

Songwriters: Justine Pelmelay, Ronald van Driel, Marcel Schimscheimer
Italian Lyrics: Antonello Tonna
Studio: Highland studios Loosdrecht
Mix music: Hans Bedeker
Video and Voices: HD Soundstudio Jody Koewé

I have not included a translation, it is always difficult to translate songs and I think it sometimes spoils it. There are plenty of online translators available, if you have the desire to have the English words, but sadly they are also not always very accurate. My advice is just listen and imagine as ‘Time Stood Still’

On Sunday as the Anniversary of the Costa Concordia disaster approached, time stood still all over Italy. On the island of Giglio and the nearby mainland sirens were sounded and lanterns were released into the sky in memory of the thirty two people that lost their lives in the disaster.  As dawn broke the massive rock that tore the 70 metre/230 foot hole in in the ship and became embedded in the hull, was lowered back onto the reef with a memorial plaque attached to it. Relatives of those that died in the disaster were there to take part in the ceremony.

The 32 people, included two whose bodies were never found included 12 Germans, seven Italians, six French nationals, two Americans, two Peruvian crew members, one Hungarian, one Spaniard and an Indian. 
The Concordia remains on its side,  off the island of Giglio. Officials now say it may take until September to prepare the ship to be rolled upright and towed from the rocks to a port to be dismantled, an operation on this scale has never before been attempted. The cost is expected to now exceed 400 million euros. 

 Courtesy of euronewsit
For those interested the full story is well documented in the press and I have included a few links below.

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  1. What a disaster that was. Thanks for the update.

    I wish you and your husband well in this difficult time in your life.

  2. Beautiful tune and song, and how lovely that the anniversary was remembered in this way. I particularly liked the idea of the lanterns being released into the sky. Thank you for posting this, Linda. I do hope that David is perhaps feeling a little better. It really must be a very worrying time for you. I hope, at least, that you enjoyed the weekend with Selina. Take care x

  3. A terrible affair... in the light of what they found in the black post, they will have to make sure Schettino is really guilty, as the man could go to prison for 22 years, if charged.

    I don't know what to think, really...

    Thank you for posting the song.



    1. Just read about your husband being unwell. Don't worry about posting... make sure he gets better soon.



  4. I remember the story, it is good that it is remembered by many. I hope that David is improving, take care Diane

  5. That is a lovely song, and such an interesting post

  6. That's a sad news. The song is beautiful.

  7. What a disaster, very sad..
    Thanks for the update.
    Beautiful song though.
    Hope David is getting better.
    Please do take care of yourself too.

  8. Dear lindy loumac.
    I send best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband David..and hope that things are getting better!
    On Sunday.. a whole 2 hour documentary was given here on tv. of the Costa Concordia Disaster..
    I was overwhelmed . I watched the tradgedy on tv, when it occured a year ago.. but these video clips that have all been compiled and put together for this documentary.. was eerie and so scary and reminded me of the Titanic disaster. those poor poor people.
    It was a sad day never to be forgotten when the Concordia went over.. tragic.
    The video clip and the music is lovely.
    thank you

  9. I remember when the news came out about this disaster. It was very sad. It is still very sad to remember such tragedy. That is a beautiful melody.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a devastating event this was. :-( I continue to think of you and your husband and wish much strength and courage and endurance for you both. XO

  11. My dear friend Lindy
    I cried my eyes, very touching song and very sad memories.
    God rest the dead and give solace in their families.
    A warm hug and lots of kisses

  12. Hi dear Lindy -- I read the sidebar after I had posted a comment on your other blog...the important thing for you now is to be with your husband ...do not worry about blogging or not visiting ... you have no need to apologize. Please do know that we're thinking about you and sending virtual hugs and best wishes. It's no fun being in either of your positions (I know about yours and my husband assures me that his part wasn't fun either!). Take care of yourself too as you help him!

  13. How frightening that must have been. How far is that from where you are?

  14. I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is not well. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  15. Che bella canzone ! Mai sentito !
    I have seen part of the celebrations on TV. Time goes by so fast !
    There is something wrong with my Google Reader, I thought you don't write anymore and wanted to know what happened. Now I see that you still write like before !

  16. what a tragedy, I hope the captain will be charged, if not already!

  17.   Yes, definitely an amazing event, I hope that justice is done.

  18. How extraordinary - and slightly shocking - that it is still there on its side, a year later. It has slipped from the news, and I wonder what will happen next, and if it will be reported here.


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