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Monday, February 18, 2013

San Remo 2013 - Festival della Canzone Italiana

The final of the 63rd edition of the Festival was held yesterday evening and was broadcast live on Italian television as it is a very popular event with the Italians, a vast majority of whom seem to love music in some form or other.  The festival lasted for five days and this year the viewing figures were the highest since 2001 with an average nightly audience of more than eleven million viewers. Maybe viewers were looking to get away from the election campaign? The average share of the viewing audience never fell below 42% and on the closing night 66.6%.

Yesterday evening Marco Mengoni became the winner of  the Festival della Canzone Italiana San Remo 2013.

Marco Mengoni was born on Christmas Day in 1988 and rose to fame as a singer in 2009 after winning the third season of the Italian edition of the show 'The X Factor'. The following year he came third in the San Remo music festival and this year he won with L'Essenziale (The Essential). He has been selected to represent Italy in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo in May.

Marco Mengoni - L'essenziale

My post for last year can be read here San Remo Festival 2012 and for lots more information on the Festival I recommend a visit to the San Remo Festival Website. 

With thanks also to the following sites for information used in this post Wikipedia - Festival di San Remo 2013,  ANSA News - San Remo   YouTube

You may have noticed that my recent posts have all been musical. My apologies for bias towards this subject  but at the moment with my husband still in hospital I have not had much time to be more imaginative with my posts. I also find music very soothing at this time, so please bear with me if you are not interested in my musical posts, until I can spend more time here blogging about our life in Italy.


  1. It is quite all right Linda that you dedicate your time to your husband. I am sorry to hear that he is ill. Wishing a speedy recovery. I shall check this young man's singing. I was unable to open the link given.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery and will miss you. I will hold you both in my thoughts and prayers. Posting beautiful music could not upset anyone!

    The French Hutch

  3. Dear Lindy, thank you very much for the link!
    Sorry for your husband.
    I wish him fast recovery!
    Take care of yourself!

  4. I am surprised that you are posting at all but it is good to hear from you. Hope all else is going well. Take care Diane

  5. Musical posts are great--no need to apologize. I hope your husband recovers soon.

  6. I'm so glad that you are finding comfort in this beautiful music, dear Linda. XOXO Thank you for sharing it with us. I really like this piece. Hoping so much that your hubby feels better soon. XO

  7. My dear Linda, I was so thrilled to see your name in my comments.My computer has become so unresponsive and damned slow, that I just couldn't bear the thought of blogging with all the other stuff I have been doing. I have however thought about you often and wondered how your poor husband is doing.It's good that you can still make time to blog and listen to some music that will give you solace. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am sure your daughter would have really enjoyed the wedding fair, I shall try and post some interesting wedding stuff for her. A big hug is wending it's way over to you. Goodnight and God Bless, Linda x


  8. Thanks for the extra info on Mengoni - I didn't know that. I can understand that music is soothing for you at this time. Thinking of you both. Love from Sicily. xx

  9. Glad to see that you are out there, and hoping that your husband is doing better!

  10. It feels awesome to read such informative and unique articles on your websites.

    discover Italy

  11. Nice to see you posting. I hope he's on the mend soon.

  12. Dear LindyLou, I am so sorry that you are having a difficult time. I have always enjoyed your wonderful posts. We will be here when your husband is better and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Take care and I wish your husband a speedy recovery. ox, Gina

  13. Stammi bene,
    you both deserve a good rest!

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  15. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

  16. lindy have not seen you up for awhile and am wondering how your husband is doing... and of course, you also...


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