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Monday, September 7, 2009

Nouva Macchina de Santa Rosa

Wikipedia Info"La Macchina di Santa Rosa"

The transport of the Macchina di S. Rosa takes place every year, on September 3 , at 9 o'clock in the evening. The Macchina is an artistic illuminated bell-tower with an imposing height of 30Â m. It weighs between 3.5 and 5Â tonne s and is made of iron, wood and papier-mâché . At the top of the tower, the statue of the Patron Saint is enthusiastically acclaimed by the people in the streets of the town centre, where lights are turned off for the occasion. One hundred and thirty Viterbesi men (known as the Facchini ) carry the Macchina from Porta Romana through the each of the major streets of Viterbo, concluding with a strenuous ascension up to the Piazza di Santa Rosa, its final resting place. Each Macchina has a life span of five years, after which a new one is built.
This is a truly amazing event and definitely worth seeing, the experience of actually being there is actually very emotional. The Italians put their heart and soul into events such as this. I am posting a photo of the Nuova Macchina de Santa Rosa for 2009 here. However if you want to see the full set of photos they can be viewed on our www.flickr.com account. Friends and family only so let me know if you need an invite. Also for those of you on Facebook I have posted them there, on Facebook you can also view a video taken by an Italian friend which is also posted on My Profile page.

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