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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogging, Photography, Reading.


It was partly my last post here that set me thinking about just how cyclical our life style in Italy is and that maybe my writing about the everyday happenings here is in jeopardy of becoming rather too repetitive?

This is difficult for me as I do not want to bore my established readers by posting about the same events year in year out.  However that probably means that I will not have much new to tell you about unless something out of the ordinary does occur, that I think might be of interest.

There has always been interest in my garden, musical and advertising posts and I also will have a little more renovation progress to share. Most other happenings, sagras, festas and such events, even the garden posts are in fact going to be the very same or similar to ones I have posted about previous years, if I continue to write about our life.

Is the idea of repetition, as our life here progresses in tune with the seasons, going to put you off I wonder?  Any ideas comments or criticisms are welcome to add to discussions I have already had with some of you.

I do not want this blog to ever be more than fun to produce and read so I am not sure how it will develop this year.

I do also want to spend more time on some of my other interests including photography and reading, both of which I blog about elsewhere.  LindyLouMac's Book Reviews is where I indulge my love of books, I would love you to join me there if you are at all interested.  As for photography I am a contributor to a blog called Beautiful World which you are also welcome to follow.

I would also like to thank everyone for the support and friendship I have gained from so many different places around the world since I started producing News From Italy in this format nearly two years ago now.  I look forward to these relationships continuing to grow throughout the coming months, your comments and support really do make this a worthwhile venture.

Thankyou readers!  Family and Friends and Followers long established or those who have recently joined me you are all appreciated.

A selection of images that express my interest in blogging, photography and reading!



Beautiful World            Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ65 12x Optical Zoom HD Movie Camera  


       Profile Image 


In conclusion I think thanks to my loyal friends in the blogsphere I will continue to post, but please bear with me if it is not as often.

Maybe this is just the January blues but then maybe not as I definitely want to spend more time pursuing my other interests this year!

Thankyou readers!  Family and Friends and Followers long established or those who have recently joined me you are all appreciated.


  1. Are you kidding? We can't get enough of Italy! Besides, our perceptions change with time too. You'll find new things that fascinate you and in turn, in sharing, we'll be fascinated too.

    Now, about your previous post about sausage making the old fashioned way. Any recipes?

  2. Oh Linda , I am very sad to read this , but will continue to have your blogs in my Italian blog roll. I love reading about your life in Italy .. and all the festas and what goes on around you. But I do understand. You do have other interests which is great.

    I am struggling on how to keep my blog going too, I have not been away since last September and not sure when going away again. Think I might go and have another look around Oxford .. . yeah I wonder if it is January blues .. !!

  3. Just as I come on board, you are thinking of leaving!! Seriously, if you have been writing your Blog for quite a while, I can understand that you want to get involved with other things. I post every day, and I find that it does take up a lot of time, especially the checking of my friends' blogs . I have met some very special people in the three months that I have been blogging, including yourself. Please go on with your posts, albeit not on such a regular basis. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

  4. I am a fairly new reader of your blog so there will be no repetition for me. However, though the events or time of year may have been covered before, you will be experiencing it with new eyes. I hope you will continue to post here because I appreciate the fact that I can live in Italy vicariously through you!

  5. Life is a cycle indeed, but it's not boring for that reason. Your blog is fun and for us far away from Italy, it's a joy to see the daily life and your thoughts in the middle of everything.
    It feels like talking to a friend and catching up on each other's life.
    Enjoy your journey!

  6. Like Patricia, I'm a newer follower so all the events you post about are new to me. I doubt I would get bored to read about them again, though. I also enjoy reading your book reviews on your book blog. I have found that my blogging goes in cycles. Sometimes I blog more than others. Do what feels right and I, for one, will be here to read whenever you are ready to write.

  7. We all understand! Life has a way of taking more time...and we have less time to spend on the computer. I don't mind repetition either! I may have missed something! Enjoy your week! You are on my favorites list and I will get an update when you post...and I look forward to each and every one! ♥

  8. Linda, I posted a really long reply yesterday then my iPhone had a disagreement with blogger and all was lost! For what it's worth keep writing. During 2008-2010 I stopped blogging at Anglers Rest. Actually I stopped doing much at all due to a very poor work life balance. I stopped doing all the things I love doing. I leave my current job in Friday, but having made that decision I started doing the things I had stopped, reading, blogging and my family history. To me my blog is like a faithful old friend. There is something unusual about posting to a web world something that can be read by anyone yet at the same time feels private, I guess because we tend to blog alone but gather followers along the way. In someways the personal feels impersonal, if that makes sense. So don't feel that your blog needs to reflect just the exciting bits of your life, who are the readers to make the judgement of what is exciting? Loyal & faithful followers will read anyway. I hope I have recovered the general essence of what I posted and lost yesterday. I hope you keep blogging. Julie x

  9. I feel that as long as you continue sharing what means a lot to you, then keeping up the blog is not in vain! Of course you know that I adore sagras and festas, so if you could even manage to stretch your horizons a wee bit and go to those outside of Lazio, I believe readers would very much appreciate your efforts!

  10. Ciao Lindy, I've started reading your blog since a few months and each time you post you surprise me, you have a lot of interests and as told you before, I love reading "foreigners'" point of view about my country..sometimes I think you know it far better than I do!
    Whatever will be your decision, let's stay in touch, you're such a nice lady!

  11. You know, blogging is a challenge..We hit highs and lows. It is always our moods and what we think is blog worthy..You know what? I think we make friendships and no matter what we write about, it is always interesting. We enjoy our travels around the world.
    Now, if I write about another snowstorm here, I might lose a few friends..haha..
    Always enjoy your blogs..take a little rest and you will be back in full force..

  12. I see I'm not the only one rethinking how I'm using my blogs.

    I don't think it will get repetitive if you focus on different aspects of events you've described before.

  13. I don't really mind reading about the same events each you, it's always interesting to read about how your olive harvest went for example and to see photos.

    I just found your other blogs recently and really like your book review one, I've found so many new books to read.

    You should blog about what you are passionate and what you enjoy.

  14. NO WAY, I love your blog...love living the life through you from Italy! Keep sharing stories, pictures, the life...love it :)

  15. Do what you feel is right. Everything goes round in a circle.

  16. Linda, I hear what you are saying. I have spent the past two days reading novels and might do a whole lot more of that until spring. ♥O

  17. Sorry love, but you couldn't be boring if you TRIED!!! I love to read your posts and your photos are stunning. Blog for you and the rest of us will continue to follow!

    Hey! The sun is out!! YAY!!!!!!!

  18. I know that I have learned so much from reading your blog. I think that we all have repeat elements in our lives, but I find myself thinking when I read about someone's birthday party or parade, "oh, I remember when they did that last year" and I marvel that we are still connected a year later. I'm not bored by it at all. Just my opinion!

  19. Oh, my friend! Isn't it amazing that we are worlds apart, but going through such similar feelings??? I know EXACTLY what you mean in all that you write - it's amazing!!!! It has GOT to be the January Blues!!!

    I absolutely adore my visits here . . . as I feel like I've hopped on a plane and traveled to a land I have only dreamed about. I love seeing how other countries look, how people live, and I am most facinated in all that you share with us!!! I've learned so much - and love your photography ... and am so glad to have met you!!!

  20. You have a very unique viewpoint and your own unique experiences which make it always a pleasure to visit here. I do understand about having so many interests and wanting to LIVE instead of just writing about it – but I do hope you can keep up the things you most care about here. We will certainly enjoy it! – g

  21. Thankyou so much everyone for your kind words of encouragement. I think the January Blues have a lot to do with how I have been feeling. I will persevere with trying to get the balance between blogging and other interests as I would miss you all if I stopped now.

  22. Well, Linda, I am late to the party but I sure do hope that I can echo the sentiments of your friends. I truly enjoy reading about your life in Italy but I also love reading about anything that interests you. This is your blog so have fun with it and do whatever makes you feel happy. I am so glad to see that you will still be joining in with Sunday Song when you can. If it weren't for you I would never have even contemplated posting a song each week-you inspired me and I hope that we can get even more people to join in with us this year!

    Well, February will be here soon so begone awful January Blues!

    Best wishes always,

  23. I've read a few of these comments...but thought I'd simply reply. I know exactly what you mean. at times, I feel far more of a commitment to my readers than a true desire to write. That comes out in my writing, too.

    So, I'm writing when I choose and have found a way to still be happy about it. I love my blog. But, I know I've lost a few readers along the way because I'm not as consistent as I should be.

    But, that goes back to why I write - it's just for me. Because I like it. So, I keep writing whenever I can and try to ignore the number of hits. If I post about the same thing over and over, that's okay, because I'm writing about what makes me happy.

    Buona fortuna mentre ti trovi un modo a continuare...

  24. Somebirds@ Grazie mille per buona fortuna.


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