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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Photo – Marta in the November sunshine

As you know I sometimes have a few single photos to post here that are relevant to our life in Italy and therefore this blog and this has probably meant that most of you realise how keen I am on photography.  It would hardly go unnoticed as most of my posts do have rather a lot of photos!

What many of you probably do not know though is that for the last eighteen months I have contributed almost daily to a Photography Blog - Beautiful World but sadly it is closing down on December 8th. I have decided that I do not want to stop experimenting and learning, so I have transferred my work to a new blog and will continue to post my favourite photos there. The purpose of this new blog is to share the world I have learnt to appreciate so much more through the camera lens. A lot of the photos will be off subject for News From Italy, hence the separate blog where I can be more diverse in my posting.

I would love you to join me on this journey and am therefore hoping that some of you will be willing to give me some encouragement and support for this project by following me there.

Looking forward to seeing you there. LindyLouMac's World in Photos

No this is not the photo I published there today but one of Marta in the November sunshine. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  1. Very pretty, and I shall most certainly come along and follow your other blog. I have always loved taking photos but, I must admit, that swince I have been blogging, you really do look at the world through different eyes, always looking for a good photo opportunity! Hope you have a lovely weekend in your lovely corner of the world x

  2. Lovely Marta in the sunshine. Guess who, would probably like those boats? Have a great sunny weekend Linda! See you soon :)

  3. Hi LLM, thanks for stopping my my blog spot in this neck of the woods. What lovely blogs you have. It will be a joy to follow you as you travel. I have loved to travel but not able to tolerate long trips any more. I enjoy so many different things my blog is eclectic. That is the story of my life and style. blessings

  4. Beautiful shot - such a different day from what we're experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest today.

  5. Great marina picture. And I am following your new blog. Love your pictures. Always!!!

  6. Ah, such a tranquil photo. I'm in Rome for the weekend - such lovely weather!

  7. What a nice view ! It's strange that you love to live in Italy. My Italian husband doesn't want to return even now that he is retired and he comes from the Garda Lake. When we were freshly married we had the intention to move to Italy after our retirement and ... no, we prefer to stay here.
    But ! I would love to move to the English countryside, like Kent, Sussex, or Cornwall. I watch "Escape to the country" every day, lol !

  8. So peaceful. And there is something about docked boats, well all boats, that I just love.

    Thank you for your words of congratulations for my son's musical success this week! We were all pretty elated.

  9. HI LindyLou - so glad you are continuing with your photo blog - will check it out soon!

    Thanks for always sharing your beautiful photos of life in Italy - I need to visit there soon! In the meantime, your blog satisfies for vicarious living!!!!

    Stay well and Best Wishes for the holiday season!

    Sand and Sea

  10. Lovely photo! I have also enjoyed reading all about your olive harvest - what a lot of work! Looking forward to the update on the milling process, too..

    I'll go over and have a look at your photo blog, shortly!

  11. Hi Lindy -- I will put your photo blog on my Google reader -- sometimes I don't have time to read longer posts, so your new one will be perfect.

    But I am fascinated with your 'empty-nest' adventure and I will be back to visit here everytime I can. Thanks for sharing your life's adventures with us.

  12. How very lovely! I could teleport there in an instant were it possible. We have such an awfully strong wind blowing here, today.

  13. I can absolutely relate to that - photography has a way of making us look at things differently, doesn't it? Love that you aren't giving up just because the blog is closing down! Keep it up.

  14. It's a lovely place, Lindy! It's sunny here, but so windy! I couldn't get to sleep, last night!I hope it gets colder, soon. No long until Christmas and I still have roses in the garden!



  15. Beautiful pic and I am following your other blog which has awesome pics.

  16. I'm so enjoying our mild, sunny fall!! I know it can't last, so we are trying to make the most of it!!


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