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Friday, October 30, 2009

Cold winters

Winters in Italy can be surprisingly cold and many Italians use a wood burning stove (stufa) to make their homes cosy during the chilly winter months.
Having had experience of the benefits of a  wood burning stove at our last house we decided to install one in the kitchen at Campo delle Rose.
Although the weather has been glorious during this last week we have already had a taste of the cold to come and were extremely pleased when our Nordica stufa was delivered on the 19th of October, it was installed and lit the very next day as it was decidingly chilly. We were very grateful as until the radiators are installed it is our only form of heating downstairs.
Thankfully the weather has returned to normal since then and we have been enjoying sunshine and 20C but at least we are now prepared!


  1. Ooh, I'd rather have one of them than the perilous gas bombola we use...but at least we cAn move it from room to room, which is vital!

  2. Nice! I think this is similar to the one P was looking at here; we liked the ash catcher on the bottom :)

  3. Certainly grateful that we put this in. As you all know this winter is turning out to be a particularly cold, wet and snowy one, depending on where you live!


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