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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Road Trip to UK Part Three


After a busy week of pre-Christmas preparations, on Christmas Eve morning we drove up to Surrey to spend a couple of nights at Bookham Grange Country House Hotel a small intimate hotel on the edge of Bookham Common. We know the hotel well as historically as David and I often spent time there before we were married, not staying but at YC meetings. Yes I know what you are saying but there were not many other clubs/organisations to meet and socialise with others in those long ago days!  In fact we first met there and went on to hold our wedding reception there, 38 years ago later this year.

Having stayed there last February whilst attending a niece’s wedding locally. We decided it would be a suitable venue for us to spend Christmas, along with youngest daughter and boyfriend yet be within a few minutes from the parents.
Arriving in Surrey mid morning on Christmas Eve we spent sometime with them, before heading over to Dorking to have lunch with close friends. Our daughter and boyfriend drove up that afternoon from Salisbury and after visiting the grandparents later met up with us at the hotel. 

The hotel was comfortable enough though possible a little quiet, especially for the youngsters, as although there were plenty of guests, none of them were exactly young. The plus side was the excellent food we were served during our stay.  Christmas Eve Supper, Christmas Day Luncheon, a very well attended affair, not just residents and a Buffet Supper that evening for residents were all delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by us all. We were also very impressed with the plated lunches that the chef kindly prepared for the parents, as they were unable to join us, lunch went to them and was very much appreciated.   

On Christmas Day morning the four of us along with four members of David’s sister’s family all met up at their parents home for Champagne and Canapés.  It meant a lot to them both to able to have so many of the family together, even if it was only for a short time so as not to exhaust them completely. We toasted the absent grandchildren our daughter in Hong Kong and a grandson in Australia.
A long and leisurely lunch back at the hotel followed and later for my husband another visit to his parents. That evening we exchanged presents with the youngsters and as they would say chilled out  in the lounge area, a few drinks, a buffet supper, then ending the evening playing The Game of Knowledge.  Maybe not the liveliest of days but it was for the parents and it was appreciated.

Christmas Pudding served with brandy custard

Pears in red wine syrup served with clotted cream.

On Boxing Day after a full English Breakfast (what a treat that was) Aimee and Martin headed off to the New Forest to spend a couple of days with his parents, while we went to spend a few more hours with David’s parents. Early that afternoon we returned to Salisbury and spent the rest of the day at my sister’s house, with her family plus our Mum.
We were only in Salisbury until New Years Eve and those last few days were spent spending as much time with family as possible. On Tuesday evening Aimee and Martin took us out for a meal at Cactus Jacks a Mexican restaurant in town, a good evening. On the Wednesday we had a family gathering at my sister’s house and were joined by one of our Mum’s sisters and her daughter. Not often we all get the chance to get together! 

That evening we were out again with Aimee and Martin this time we met up with his parents, grandmother and sister for a meal at The Fighting Cocks Public House where I would recommend highly the food.

 A pleasant evening rounding off  a busy but enjoyable last few days in Salisbury.


  1. I just tried to leave a comment here and something strange happened. I don't think it actually sent. So, let me say again, those pears look amazing!

    Glad you had such a great holiday!

  2. This is so magical.

  3. Emily, just the one comment reached me! As I do not like cChristmas Pudding much the pears were my dessert and they were delicious.

    Thanks Allison.

  4. Pleased to read that you had a better experience at the Bookham Grange Hotel than we did when we stayed there a few years ago. Never again!

  5. What a small world Cheshire wife! The Bookham Grange is a hotel that has had a very up and down reputation over the years. You might be interested to know though that is is once again under new ownership, just about a year. There are still many more improvements to be made but they are trying and the chef they have at the moment is excellent.


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