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Monday, January 18, 2010

Road Trip to UK Part Two

Lantern Procession Salisbury 17th December 2009

Market Square Salisbury

On 17th December 2009 the Annual Lantern Procession to Salisbury Cathedral from the other side of the town, through the market square and on to the cathedral took place.  It was a freezing cold evening, certainly much colder than we had expected it to be.

Plus myself, the photographer, these were the other hardy family members that braved the cold!

The procession was much larger than we had realized and it took a long time for the parade to pass by.  Very impressive were the efforts that had been put into the making of the lanterns. Our only surprise was that they were lit by torches presumably for health and safety reasons. We had rather expected to see real night light candles used!

 Although we were all well wrapped up we froze and after the procession were jolly grateful to dive into a nearby shop for hot chocolates all round.

The week that followed was a whirlwind of  Christmas shopping, general Christmas preparations and spending quality time with family and friends. The latter included a day trip up to Surrey to see the in laws and have lunch with friends. Unfortunately by this time both of us were suffering from a nasty cough and cold that seemed rampant in Salisbury and Surrey!


  1. Oh! It *does* look cold, but those lanterns are amazing!

  2. How wonderful this was, shame about the cold weather. I love the pics they are great.

    Hope you have now lost your colds, i think the whole of the UK had some form of a cold over the xmas period.

    Hope your both well
    Love allison xx

  3. What a wonderful procession - thanks!

  4. Are you from Salisbury originally? I'm a Somerset girl myself, and my brother lived in Salisbury for a few years. That pic of the lights in the market square is lovely - really pretty.

  5. Thanks everyone fro your comments, they are appreciated.

    No Katja, Surrey born and bred! My sister started the move to that area, followed by my parents, then an aunt and one of our daughters! It is a lovely city but these days I find the traffic on the ring road fairly intolerable!


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