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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food for the Birds

The Persimmon tree has certainly proved very popular with the birds and since the beginning of this year they have enjoyed feasting on the remaining fruit .

I am hoping that the birdwatchers amongst my readers may be able to confirm identification, as we are still not sure if the visitor I have photographed is a member of the warbler family?     

Please let me know if you can identify this pretty little bird as pouring over our bird books we have been unable to come to a conclusion ourselves.                     

Although this was the only decent close up photo that I managed to capture this year we have had plenty of other visitors to the Persimmon, amongst them, Blue-tits, Coal-tits, Tree Creepers and Chiff-Chaffs.


  1. Thanks so much for dropping by my SITS day blog; hope you visit often!

  2. Hi Linda....

    Your bird looks a bit like this one...


  3. I can't help you with the identification of the bird; I'm truly at a loss with the many birds that come and go. What do you do with your persimmon?

  4. I love persimmons, and the tree looks so strange, with no foliage and those orange orbs like Christmas ornaments.
    Lucky birds...

    Ele xx

  5. oh my.
    you have a persimmon tree? !!!

  6. What a sweet little bird - that is a great close up.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments which I always appreciate.

    lakeviewer, We ate quite a few of them, but there were so many this year, we left the ones that did not fall off the tree for the birds to enjoy!

    Anne: Thanks for the link, can you check it for me please, as it will not work! Just get a page not found message.

  8. Thank you for all the updating - it's lovely to read it all. One of these days I hope I will find time to learn how to do these things. Anyway, just to say that Bob (without having read your words) immediately said that the bird was a warbler but he didn't know which one. He looked up in our bird book but drew a blank because it's not one that we have here and not even a visiting one from your part of the world (which is what he thought he might find). So I'm afraid we can't throw any light on it - sorry! Very pretty bird though.


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