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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buon Natale – Happy Christmas – Italian Christmas Music Selection

This will be my last post I think until well into the New Year as for the next four weeks I will be busy devoting myself to celebrating the Christmas and New Year holidays with family and friends as I imagine will most of you who visit ‘News From Italy’. One of the popular features here this year has been Sunday Song, so I decided that while I am away I will leave you with a selection of Italian Christmas music to listen to. Hopefully there will be something among my selection to every ones taste. I look forward to returning in 2011 and continuing to share our little piece of Italy with you all.
Along with my husband David I wish each and every one of you

Buon Natale – Happy Christmas
 Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

My first choice is

Corale Canepa - Astro del Ciel - Silent Night

The  Luigi Canepa Choir from Sassari in Italy sing Silent Night in Italian and Japanese accompanied by the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra of Tokyo. This video was  originally transmitted on Japanese television during Christmas 1989. I have included it as it is a beautiful version of a classic and favourite carol sung all over the world, to which I am sure you will all know the words, so no translation required.
Courtsey of CoraleCanepa

Natale - Christmas - Tu scendi dalle stelle – You come down from the stars

The lyrics appear on the screen in English for this video and although I was unable to find out who the singers are it is a beautifully presented video.
Courtesy of lorpre87

Irene Grandi – Bianco Natale – White Christmas

Another traditional favourite known around the world ‘ White Christmas’ is here sung in a mixture of Italian and English by an Italian singer that I have featured on the blog before Irene Grandi.  I have included the words to this one in case you feel like singing along.

Courtesy of romins1
Col bianco tuo candor, neve
sai dar la gioia ad ogni cuor,
è Natale ancora
la grande festa
che sa tutti conquistar.
Un canto vien dal ciel, lento
che con la neve dona a noi
un Natale pieno d'amor
un Natale di felicità.
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas,
Just like the ones I used to know,
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleighbells in the snow.
E viene giù dal ciel, lento
un dolce canto ammaliator,
che mi dice, spera anche tu
è Natale non soffrire più.
Mai più mai più, mai più,
Dreaming on Christmas Time,
Dreaming on a White Christmas,
Dreaming on Christmas Time,
Dreaming on a White Christmas,
Dreaming on Christmas Time,
Dreaming on a White Christmas,
Dalle stelle fino a quaggiù
E' Natale non soffrire più
più...più.. E' Natale non soffrire... più

white christmas jazz 2010 (Gianni Gandi & Orjana)

Next is a Jazz version of the same song by Gianni Gandi, also previously featured and Orjana, this time completely in English which I was unable to resist including as I liked the musical arrangement.

Andrea Bocelli - Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas (2009) - Gloria in Excelsis Deo

A traditional hymn next sung partly in English by another Sunday Song Italian artist here on News From Italy Andrea Bocelli. "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" (Latin for "Glory to God in the highest") from the album ‘My Christmas 2009’ by Andrea Bocelli and David Foster.

 Natale 2010 - Christmas - O Mio Signore - Cliff Richard

This final song I just had to add as dare I admit that as a little girl Cliff Richard was one of my first pop star crushes( I know I am showing my age)! Here he is singing beautifully in Italian ‘O Mio Signore’ which is from his new LP  ‘WHEN IN ROME - CLIFF RICHARD’ - with accompaniment by THE SHADOWS - AND NORRIE PARAMOR AND HIS ORCHESTRA and was originally made solely for the Italian market, where Cliff is popular. On some of the titles, Cliff is backed by his long time colleagues, The Shadows; on others by the Norrie Paramor Orchestra, who have backed Cliff for many years. All but two of the songs are Italian in origin.  I love this but do you, I hope so.

Lyrics to O Mio Signore : In Italian and I hope a reasonable English translation so you can follow.

O mio Signore                                           

In questo mondo
Io non ho avuto tanto
Eppure sono contento
Sono contento
O mio Signore
Io ti ringrazio
In ogni cose che ho avuto
Grazie per tutto quello
Che tu hai fatto per me
Però se questa sera
Posso farti una preghiera
Fa che domani
Fa che domani
Lei ritorni da me

Oh my Lord
In this world
I have not had much
Yet I am happy
I'm happy
Oh my Lord
I thank you
In all things I had
Thank you for everything
What you did for me
But if tonight
Can I ask you a prayer
Let tomorrow
Let tomorrow
You're coming back to me

Buon Natale – Happy Christmas


  1. Thank you for thinking of us LindyLou and leaving us with some lovely Christmas music to listen to. Likewise, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2011! x

  2. Hello Linda .. Thank you for such a warm, caring post .. Hope you, David and all your family have a fab Christmas and a very very happy new year.

    Take care and enjoy your break .. xoxo

  3. I hope you have a lovely festive season, a fantastic christmas and wonderful new year. xxxxx

  4. Great choices Linda, even though I prefer the actuality of Irene Grandi, I appreciated all of them.
    And of course I'll follow you in 2011.

  5. So many wonderful songs to listen too!

  6. Cara Linda,
    thank you so much for this love-filled post and comprehensive musical selection!
    Wishing you, David and family happy Christmas and a blissful 2011.

    Ele xx

  7. Hi, found you through nuts about food. Just wanted to say thanks for posting some italian xmas songs, I always focus on the ones in English!
    Catcha in the new year, happy holidays! Moomser

  8. Grazie Linda, happy Christmas to you and family as well!

  9. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful songs! I am so excited to listen to them all!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
    Buon Natale :)

  10. Thank you so much, for this, and all the wonderful posts this year. Very Happy Holidays and see you after New Year. – g

  11. Hello Lindy, hope you have a lovely break and enjoy the run up to Christmas.
    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!
    Michela xxx

  12. Thanks for this post Lindy, I hope that you have a great Christmas and a healthy 2011, see you in the New Year. Take care and safe travel. Diane

  13. Have a lovely Christmas Linda. Are you staying in Italy for the holidays?
    Stay cosy
    Sarah Elizabeth x x

  14. Very nice selections! You might also enjoy Sarah Brightman & Fernando Lima's version of Ave Maria. (Not quite a Christmas song, but it works.)

    Happy Christmas!

  15. What a lovely festive post! Our all time fave Christmas carol in Italian is "Tu scendi dalle stelle", while in English it's "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!". Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo to you and your family!

  16. Nice post. Celebrate lovely Christmas Linda.I hope that you have a great Christmas festival.

  17. That's great to share the spirit of peace and joy of the season with a fine selection of music. Isn't it the best way connecting emotions and nations as well. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your Family, Linda:)

  18. Thank you for the wonderful selection of Christmas music. Nothing like music to get in the mood.

  19. Have a great time with your loved ones as the year comes to an end. And I hope you also have a white xmas!

  20. Have an absolutely WONDERFUL holiday with your dear ones! :-) I'm so glad you're taking this break - though I will miss your posts! I leave for Europe on Friday to be with my family and I can't wait. It will be such a good break. :-) Holiday hugs to you! :-)

  21. Enjoy your break, having a very happy Christmas and I look forward to hearing all about your glorious part of the world next year.

  22. Enjoying your Christmas music very much - having hot chocolate while I listen. When I finish I will be out the door for what I hope is close to the end of shopping.
    There are a couple of places I want to go next week that will be just for fun - two small towns that Atlanta has practically grown up around. They still maintain a few of the 'old stores' so it still has a small town feel for a couple of blocks. I am just not a big city gal.

    Linda, I do wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas. Good health and best of wishes for the New Year.

  23. Firstly, an early Merry Christmas greeting and also a very good Happy New Year. I've linked you so I can visit often and its nice to know more about this beautiful Italy. I love all the songs, christmas is a good mushy feeling for me. Particularly love Andrea Bocelli though I have no idea what's he singing about :) Happy week and enjoy the festivities. Hugs...M

  24. Love your music choices. Buon Natale anche a te. Love from Sicily. xx

  25. Had to get here to wish you and yours a "Merry Christmas"..Sending you much love and blessings from Maine..Rosebud/Carolyn

    Every piece of music you chose, was wonderful..
    It doesn't matter what language it is sung in, you can always feel the happiness.

  26. Lindy,
    Have a wonderful 2011 with lots of good music and good health!

  27. Have a great Christmas and a blogging great new year.

  28. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the great music selection for Christmas...
    A very Merry Christmas to you and all of your loved ones..


  29. Buon Natale!!

    And I hope you have the happiest of New Year's too!

  30. Lovely music! Simply lovely! I hope you are having a wonderful hoilday! I want to wish you a very happy New Year filled with love, laughter and great health! Have a fun and exciting New Year's Eve!

    Mama Hen

  31. Happy New Year Linda, I miss you! :D

  32. Salut Linda, I wish you a very happy new year filled with health, love, laughter and more great news from Italy ;-) I hope you're well and enjoying your "blog-free" time. Lots of Love from London xo

  33. Wonderful post.Every piece of music you chose, was wonderful..
    It doesn't matter what language it is sung in, you can always feel the happiness.

  34. Happy new year!
    Lots of love from Lisbon.

  35. Thankyou to all my wonderful blogging friends for your Christmas greetings and kind words of appreciation. I look forward to catching up with you all soon now I am home in Italy.


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