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Friday, December 3, 2010

Lavazza – ‘ A Modo Mio’ – Italian Advertising Series No 5 – Friday Feature




It appears that famous film stars are more than happy to appear in Italian television commercials for coffee as this one for Lavazza features none other than Julia Roberts.

Lavazza are another company that produce coffee in capsules for their own machines similar to another company I have featured recently but they are an Italian company.



The Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of coffee products. Founded in Turin in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, it was initially run from a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso 10.The business of Lavazza S.p.A. is currently administered by the third and fourth generation of the Lavazza family.

To find out all about the real Italian Espresso Experience visit the Lavazza Website, or the Facebook page, there is also an On Line Store for the purchase of the special capsules.

I have used Lavazza ground coffee at home and I like it, but I have no experience of their capsule coffee machines.

I think you will find that you will understand this advert without the need to speak Italian. I think the similarity with the other companies commercials is also obvious do you? God and the residents of heaven all seem surprisingly fussy about their coffee choices.

I have absolutely no idea who came up with the theme first but both companies have now produced a whole series of commercials in a similar vein. You can view some of the older commercials in the Lavazza series on YouTube and here is the latest one to appear on our screens in Italy where Julia Roberts says not a word as Botticelli’s Venus!  She appears with Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti in heaven where she is in the process of having her portrait painted, but needs something to put a smile on her face.


During my research I learnt that the two Italian actors mentioned here have been appearing in these commercials since 2000.

With thanks to the following web sites for the information for this post, YouTube, Lavazza, Facebook and Wikipedia


  1. Oh, Paolo and Luca are so funny!
    They have worked together in many tv shows, so why not selling more coffee thanks to their great sense of humour?!
    I'd love the pink coffee machine in my office, even if I do not drink any coffee...sorry Lindy, I must go now and try to convince my boss, LOL!

  2. Ah, this is just adorable! I'm going to check out the other commercials in the series now...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Delightful! Wish my ears could understand the Italian as fast as they speak it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. We loved Italian coffee when we were there. The commercial is very cute and Julia is a favorite of mine. I am not a fan of the individual packages...seems wasteful. Thanks for this feature of your blog:D

  5. Lavazza rossa is my favorite brand of coffee, and being Italian and all, I can testify ;) that they've been making this kind of ad for twenty years or something (with different actors).

  6. I love Lavazza coffe (it's very popular here in Greece Lavazza andy Illy) and I like Julia Roberts but I believe they could use an Italian actress. They said that they paid Julia Roberts
    a million dollars, I don't know if that is true.
    Anyway I want now a capuccino please:)
    Have a great weekend..

  7. I don't know the coffee, but the machines look really nice. I love the colors! I just saw Eat, Pray, Love last night with Julia Roberts and I can see why she would be used in the commercial. I hope you are doing great! Have a good day!

    Mama Hen

  8. We have a Lavazza machine (ordered it for our anniversary last January and it arrived from Italy in June...patience). We love it and the pods make really good and predictable coffee. It is kind of LARGE on the kitchen counter, but we are pleased to have it. Ours isn't as pretty as the ones you show here - I think we got the industrial model.

  9. Thank you for this post. It has everything that I love - coffee, humor and hot Italian men :)

  10. That is such a cool machine! Love the colors. :-) I have a Senseo my friends gave me that is great, but I love this colorful one. :-)

  11. Great ad, now can you find one with Johnny Depp and Italian coffee please, it would make me so happy. Lavazza is our favourite and strangely we can buy the red packs cheaper in Scotland than we can in Lazio.

  12. Hi LLM,
    We have Lavazza here in Australia - well of course we do with so many Italians in Melbourne.
    One of my clients started his own coffee blending company - Expresso Vivo. He worked for Lavazza before moving on.
    He has so much passion for his coffee.

  13. I love the design of these machines! They are modern and clean. Do you have a espresso machine already? Which one did you pick?

  14. Ciao! Hubby and I love this series of "pubblicita`" from Lavazza with Bonolis and Laurenti. They are so funny! We do not like Lavazza coffee much, though. It's so interesting reading your point of view on Italian coffee and advertisements :)
    Happy weekend.

  15. Mmm, my favourite cafe uses Lavazza, I do like it :)

  16. Patricia - It is fun, imagine though Julia Roberts was paid $1.5million!

    Mama Hen - Yes, but so much money for not a word! I am reading Eat Pray Love at the moment.

    Laura - Lucky lady, but you did have to wait rather a long time for delivery!

    Rambling Tarts - They do look rather attractive, I agree.

    Jenny - I will look for Johnny Depp in Italian ads especially for you.

    Kia - Do you get to watch Italian TV in the UK? Interesting you are not keen on Lavazza especially as you can buy it cheaper where you are according to another commenter here :)

  17. Me again :) Er... we do not have a TV ;) when we moved to Scotland we decided to "give it a try". We are only watching DVDs. Sometimes, some TV shows at a friend's house.
    I think hubby and I are not keen on Lavazza coz we had it for a long time (both our families buy it) and at some point we were "stufi" of the taste. We can find Illy at a great price here (cheaper than in Trieste, unbelievable!), but most of the time we come back form Italy with a couple of different brand of coffee.

    Ah, I was looking at your old posts, trying to find something about your view on the quality of tea in Italy :) Our neighbors just got back from Roma and said they were surprised that the tea was so good there (they do not drink coffee).

    Ciao! :)

  18. Kia - So you can keep up to date with the Italian commercials via these posts then. We do not drink tea when we are out so cannot comment, but find the tea bags we buy here are not as strong as those we can buy in the UK.


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