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Monday, May 9, 2011

Musica per Maggio - Music for May


I have some family commitments to attend to which will mean little or no time for any computing, so I will not be publishing any posts during the forthcoming week. I am therefore leaving you with a selection of Italian music to listen to if you happen to call by, which I hope you will enjoy.

Do let me know if you particularly like any of the music I have chosen to share as maybe I can then feature it in a Sunday Song post sometime with lyrics and translations for these and other songs by these artists.  I have included some links so that you may discover more about these artists if you wish to do so, just click on the blue names to take you to the relevant singers Official Websites, Wikipedia or YouTube pages.

My first choice Le Notti di Maggio - The Nights of May or as we would more likely say May Nights which is sung by Fiorella Mannoia and was originally released in 1988.




My next choice is Franco Battiato  singing Era De Maggio – It Be May which was originally released by him in 2001. He is appearing in concert at the  ippodromo-le-capannelle in Rome on 15th June 2011.  He sings this song in a Neapolitan dialect.

 Franco Battiato


My third choice is Lina Sastri, a Neapolitan actress and singer performing Torna Maggio -  Back in May. It includes the words but bear in mind it is another Neapolitan song, performed in dialect rather than Italian. I was unable to discover when Lina originally recorded this number, but this particular video was added to YouTube just last year and is beautiful.



This next video has more beautiful scenery and flowers to accompany Fabio Concato singing Fiore di Maggio – Flowers of May originally released in 1984.


I think I have done well to find four songs that have Maggio – May in the title although I am a little disappointed that none of them are more recent so I decided to round the selection off with a couple of songs that were in the Italian charts in May 2010.

This first one was Number One in the Top Twenty Charts in Italy for May 2nd 2010, Ligabue performing Un Colpa All’ Anima - A Shot At 'Soul. According to the artist biography I read this artist is often called the Italian Bruce Springsteen due to the similar impact he has on his audiences.


By the end of May 2010 an artist I featured on Sunday Song earlier this year Cesare Cremonini was heading up the charts, at number four with Mondo – World which also featured another favourite artist of mine Lorenzo Jovanotti who has been a Sunday Song artist a number of times the latest on April 17th 2011


With thanks as always to my sources of information which were the artists Official Websites, Wikipedia, YouTube and Google and Graphics Fairy.  I also make sure that I inform all the people whose videos I use that I have done so by sending them a message with a link.  It just seems polite to thank them for making the videos available for embedding, after all I hope people would do the same if they were to use any of mine.  I know that is unlikely, but you never know my own video making efforts may one day improve.

A big thankyou then to all the YouTube video contributors who have helped me to compose my musical posts.

Happy Listening my friends.


  1. I hope your week is happy and productive,, see you next week,,

  2. Have a good week, and thank you for sharing these songs with us. See you next time! Oh! the book has been posted back to Italy (at last!).

  3. Hi Linda, I wish you have a great week, guess my favorite...Cremonini of course, but I have youth memories about Fiorella Mannoia and Concato, thanks for sharing.

  4. Hope you have a good week. Wish I could listen to your music but...... One day maybe we will get a better connection here :-) Diane

  5. A wonderful collection! Thank you for collecting and curating them here for us. It is a beautiful gift.

  6. Enjoy your time with loved ones. We'll be here when you return!!

  7. Such beautiful music. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a fabulous time away. Be safe. :)

  8. Love the music so beautiful hope you get everything done during the week that you need to......

  9. Thank you so much! You know I love Italian pop music, and even though it's old, I love the song by Fiorella. I hope your week goes well. – g

  10. Hope your week goes well. Thank you for the music, especially the Lina Sastri.

  11. Very nice set of Italian songs! The last one is my favourite!
    Thanks for visiting my place and taking the time to comment;o)

  12. I've been away myself, so I'm just catching up with blogs... I'll come back to check out the music later :)

  13. Thank you for the lovely musical selections. Looking forward to reading your beautiful blog. I hope everything is well with your family.

  14. What beautiful music..You know, it sounds so wonderful in a different language..I enjoyed the first and the one on Roses..some I had trouble getting..but will come back and try again..I do think my computer is still a little touchy..ha..
    Take care and enjoy your week..xoxoCArolyn

  15. Thank you for the tunes and catch you when you get back.

  16. Une surprise pour toi sur mon blog aujourd'hui, a presto !

  17. Welcome Back! And, I'll be back to listen to your feast of Italian music ;) Right now, there are puppies to feed!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Much appreciated :)

  18. I absolutely love Fiorella Mannoia, and like Franco Battiato and Ligabue. You have a great taste, dear Linda! :)


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