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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Song – Eurovision Song Contest 2011 – Raphael Gualazzi


The Eurovision 2011 official logo.


The Italians chose their entrant well with Raphael Gualazzi to represent them. The following quote is taken from his Official Website

‘Try as we might, it is impossible to compare Raphael Gualazzi with anyone. He is ‘different’ from just about everything. He is, however, at the centre of music – of good music, that is, music that is composed and played like it should be. Especially jazz, but also all the rest, as seen through the lens of jazz and the stride piano.

Raphael Gualazzi is unique.

In February I featured him in my Sunday Song post on the 61st Festival della Canzone Italiano San Remo 2011 as he was the winner of the newcomers section this year with a song he wrote himself, “Follia d’amore” - ‘Madness of Love’. The twenty nine year old from Urbino was chosen to represent Italy at this years Eurovision Song Contest 2011, the final of which was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, last Saturday evening, May 14th 2011.

Whilst researching the earlier post I found out via Wikipedia that it was this Festival of Italian Music that was the original inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest which incidentally the Italians are entered this year for the first time since 1997! Out of the 43 entrants Italy did extremely well by taking second place. Congratulations to Azerbaijan for taking first place!

The Eurovision Song Contest has its own Website and Facebook Page if you are interested in listening to any of the other countries entries.

Italy represented by Raphael Gualazzi

Photo from Official Website




Lyrics for “Follia d’amore” (“Madness of Love”) in Italian then English (Listen carefully, as there are a few words of English amongst the Italian lyrics).

Dire si dire mai
non è facile sai
se tutti quanti siamo in orbita nella follia
io non so più chi sei
non mi importa chi sei
mi basta perdere l’incanto di una nostalgia
ma vedrai un altro me in un sogno fragile
riderai come se
non ti avessi amato mai
cercherai un altro me
oltre all’ombra di un caffc
troverai solo me
se mi fermo un attimo io non so più chi sei
qui si vive cose
day by day
night by night
e intanto il mondo si distoglie dalla sua poesia
non dipingermi mai non costringermi mai
abbandoniamoci alla soglia della mia pazzia
e vedrai un altro me disarmato fragile
perchè quello che sei
non lo cambierai mai
neanche se fossi tu
come il tempo a correr via
ma rimani con me
non mi perdo neanche un solo attimo di te
e vedrai un altra te
quasi invincibile come non mai
viva come non mai
ed è li che tu mi avrai
oltre false magie l’orizzonte sarai

Say you say never
is not easy to know
if all of us are in orbit in the madness
I do not know who you are
I do not care who you are
I just miss the charm of nostalgia
but you will see another me in a dream fragile
laugh as if
I had not ever loved
I will try another
beyond the shadow of a coffee
there is only me
if I stop for a moment I do not know who you are
Here you live things
Day by Day
night by night
and while the world turns away from his poetry
never paints do not make me ever
wallow to the the threshold of my madness
and you'll see me another unarmed fragile
because what you are
not ever going to change
even if I were you
as the time to run away
but stay with me
I do not miss a single moment you
and you will see another
almost invincible as ever
alive like never before
and it is them that you will have me
false spells over the horizon will be

A worthy comeback for Italy I think it is a great song, what do you think though?

More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting Sunday Session at Doireallywannablog an Australian blog that I link up with on Sundays.

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  1. Love it LLM - I'll chase up more of his you tubes - thanks for the introduction.

  2. Yes, I agree with you, it is a really good song. I'm afraid I didn't actually watch the contest this year, so I don't know how Italy fared. I know that Great Britain came 11th, which is a huge improvement of previous years. I'm afraid the voting is far too political these days and has been for many years. It doesn't seem to be about the music any more, which is a shame.

  3. What talent-lovely. Have a great day.

  4. That was a fun song. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I actually saw this on the TV and loved it. As usual my connection is not fast enough to play it on the computer!! Diane

  6. I didn't know this guy and didn't even watch the program, but I know I can always rely on your very informative blog! :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment! ;-)

  7. I think that I don't care what the words are when someone sings in Italian, it's just downright sexy! LOL

  8. Fun song! I love the mix of lyrics in Italian and English. Thanks for sharing this one :)

  9. Although I don't watch the Eurovision songfestival anymore it's always nice to read what has been going on. Have a good week,

  10. Welcome back Linda, sorry you've had so much reading to do. Hope you had a lovely break, love Linda x

  11. Thanks for the Eurovision song contest link. Hopefully, Italy will participate again after the success this year.

  12. They did well, considering they haven't entered for so long!

  13. Wonderful! A very sensual voice! Love it!
    Makes me think of Frank Sinatra!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  14. Magnificent...thanks so much for sharing this lovery post with us.
    xo bj

  15. I like that song! Thanks :)

  16. The Eurovision is always such great fun and I followed it from here in Florida. The Americans don't know what they're missing! :-D


  17. Thanks for your comments Lindy Lou. I hadn't heard of Viterbo but your last post about the flower festival gives a lovely glimpse of the town. Do you have any suggestions for possible day trips while in Rome? Your photos are beautiful. I will listen to your Sunday songs now.

  18. I enjoyed the Eurovision Song contest this year, it was very entertaining. Thanks for the translation of Italy's lyrics, it was good to see what they meant. Hope all is well with you.

  19. Wonderful song..Raphael has a very soothing voice and nice smile! Wishing him luck!

  20. I've heard so much about Eurovision this year - I really should check it out :) XOL

  21. Thank you so much for sharing this! You know how I love getting a fix of Italian music. Hope you are having a beautiful week and thank you for your very sweet comment. – g

  22. You won't believe me, but I'd never heard before of that artist... :)

  23. I just need a good bottle of wine, a friend and we could listen to Italian music all day/night.



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