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Monday, December 7, 2009

Mushrooms, Toadstools, Funghi.

At last I have posted this blog that was intended for posting during November but somehow with no internet for four days, I forgot about it. I thought I had better post today before it became too irrelevant

Mushrooms, Toadstools, Funghi what ever you chose to call them we have an ample supply on our land but not one single edible variety, certainly not that we can ascertain with any certainty. We did not have an opportunity to ask for advice from Annunciata and Bruno, but next year we most certainly will.

When we lived in Vetralla this was the time of the year when we ate mushrooms from our own land with just about everything, harvesting them every morning. The lack of edible mushrooms here is actually therefore somewhat of a surprise and maybe even a little disappointment as they were delicious.

The photos here are just a selection of the funghi that our land had to offer this year during November.
What an interesting specimen!


  1. Definitely something to get advice on..such a shame for you, no edible ones :-(...the bottom picture looks interesting :-) but nasty!

  2. Bob gave me a book a few years ago about funghi because I used to try and identify them in the autumn when I took Jed for walks and pick what I thought were edible ones. Problem is that despite exceptionally detailed and excellent drawings and text, you do need to be absolutely certain that you're not about to eat something seriously noxious and I found it really difficult to be certain. We used to get lovely edible field mushrooms in our field but for reasons I don't understand, they haven't appeared for the last few years. Isn't it weird how the most beautiful - like the Fly Agaric for instance, all red and speckled - are the most poisonous!

  3. Interesting post. I have yet to see them sprout here in Cairo =(...

  4. fungi!
    love them
    love ordering them!
    such a fun name!

    these are beautiful.


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