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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Postbox update

Italian Postbox
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Sorry but I have only just realised that the update I promised was never blogged.

What a surprise we had just five days after my last post on the situation to get up one morning and find the postbox had gone. Moved back to its original position by the main owners of the land it is positioned on, early that morning before we were even awake.

The argument rumbles on though as the cousin was far from happy and had ignored the fact that action would be taken if he did not restore the postbox back to its original position himself!
Well he didn’t so it was done for him, so disgusted was he that he called the carabineri out, yes to complain about his own cousin! Anyway they were far from interested when they realised that the post office were involved and that they had stated emphatically that the postbox could not stay where the objecting cousin had placed it.

It seems to be stalemate at present.


  1. Hey, such goings on!!! And I thought all was serene and peaceful there!! xxxM

  2. Linda and David , nice to read about your activities and how things are progressing . I have been busy with pruning , and general tidying up, the fir trees drop branches and cones ,so that is time consuming , the other flower beds need attention too . the good thing is that the spring bulbs are blooming very early , and clematis Japonica across the front of the house is in bloom , too I enjoy reading the book reviews and make notes so i can look for them . Congratulations , it has been a labour of love you have spent on your renovations of the house , hard work ! best wishes , Joyce .

  3. Lovely to hear from you Joyce. I have sent you an e-mail this afternoon.


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