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Friday, December 4, 2009

Kiwi Harvest

Last  Sunday afternoon it was time to pick our Kiwi’s as we had been advised  by Annunciata that they were now ready.

They are now harvested and we have stored them in smaller crates than those shown in the picture so that hopefully they keep us supplied until early summer next year. 

Kiwi’s were one of the first gifts Annuciata and Bruno gave us in the spring. They were delicious, nothing like the ones you buy, certainly those in the UK, so really looking forward to enjoying our own crop.


  1. Your right there...certainly nothing like we have in the UK...!! No comparison in taste with a lot of fruits in Italy.

  2. That looks like quite a crop Linda. Enjoy! I bet they will taste delicious.

  3. Thanks for your comments, we have started eating them and they are delicious. We think we picked about 60kg so they should keep us going for a few months!

  4. Oh those kiwis look wonderful! You are so lucky to have them growing in your garden. And they are so pretty when cut open. If they taste even 25 percent better than shop ones, they must taste fabulous! Enjoy.

  5. Wow!! They look GREAT!!! How nice that you have them for so long!

  6. Hello. Just wondering how old your plants might be and how many you have. I want to put up a pergola and put in some kiwis to cover it. I love their flowers, and of course, their taste! I think I'll get more from them than say, a glicina (wisteria).

  7. Diane@ As I am unable to reply direct or on your blog this am, hoping you will see this! Our plants are very old. I would not recommend you sit under a kiwi pergola, the smell from the flowers is not that great and snakes are known to like the undergrowth they produce.


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