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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Garden in November - Il Nostro Giardino in Novembre


I have been featuring Our Garden in a regular monthly post since March 2010, now as the year draws to a close this will be my last post  for this series until the Spring I think.  I was actually surprised at how many photos I have taken this month, there are actually more to choose from than I expected, so I have just published a small selection here. As in previous months the full album can be viewed on Flickr, if you are interested in the album entitled Our Garden in November 2010

The most important harvests during the last couple of months have been the Apples Grapes, Winemaking 1Winemaking 2. and of course the olives Che Disastro, Olive Oil  all of which have been well documented in other posts, so not much in the way of productive gardening featured here today. We have a few Persimmon remaining on the tree, a few more Walnuts to fall and the Kiwi’s ready to harvest very soon, then that will be all our crops gathered in for the year.

The amount of rain we have had this past month has meant that the garden is rather soggy and damp to say the least which has also meant plenty of mushrooms. If you are interested in the weather statistics for Marta they can be found on Marta’s very own weather station website  Marta Weather.


These were the only ones that were 100% safe to eat what we know as field/horse mushrooms ( Agaricus campestris ) and they were delicious.

Kiwi’s ready for harvesting.

Last few Persimmon hanging on the tree yesterday!

This is how the same Persimmon tree looked just a few weeks ago on November 6th.

Persimmon close up of leaves on the same day.

Nespoli Tree coming into bloom

Close up of Nespoli flower.

Close up of Yucca Flower

Garden view

Snowball Tree – Viburnum Opulous

Providing winter colour in the garden we have pansies, roses, and narcissus.

Finally yesterday in the garden I photographed these beautiful Hazel Catkins - Corylus avellana

More photos can be found in my Flickr album Our Garden in November 2010

I will link this post to Outdoor Wednesday again this week.

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  1. Gorgeous garden you have! :)
    I sure miss mine, I don't like living in a flat with no garden or balcony.
    Have a happy day!

  2. You don't have just a garden, you have an Eden! I am always delighted to see what's growing in your paradise in Italy (flowers on your nespola!), but now this with the mushrooms...incredible. I'm trying to grow some but I'm sure the ones cultivated in a kit are less tastier than those found growing in the wild.

  3. Wow! Your garden is fantastic! What are you going to do with kiwis?

  4. Beautiful garden. What do the flowers smell like?

  5. Yes, indeed, beautiful garden. All the photoes were wonderful, but I particularly liked the one of the catkins. I'm afraid it's been much too cold here in England over the past few days to even think of going out into the garden. Bitterly cold winds, and I don't like it!!!!

  6. what a beautiful garden you have there...fabulous to look and see that each day :)

  7. You really have a beautiful garden! Lucky girl.

  8. Persimmons and kiwis and mushrooms, wow! There is plenty of color and fruit to enjoy for another month, at least. Do you get snow and cold temps where you are?

  9. I am so jealous of the kiwi fruit, I think I must have alook and see if I can buy one. Problem is we have not much spare space! I love Yucca, we had many in our garden in S.Africa. Wish I was taking photos of my garden but I will have to wait until April :-( Diane

  10. Wonderful photos...looks like you have a nice expanse of area. :-)

  11. Wow! WHat a garden. I am so envious of the kiwi tree...must get one of those in my garden one day!

  12. You have your own Kiwi Tree! That is wonderful. It does not look wintery yet to me. Great post.

  13. Nice garden and nice photos: brava Linda!

  14. WOW! Absolutely stunning photos! LOVE your gorgeous garden. The kiwi tree delights me as I've never seen one before. :-)

  15. You have a wonderful garden...I have never seen a kiwi tree, but I love to eat them! Your climate must be pretty warm where you are to have everything still producing.

  16. Amazing to see how much you still have going on in your garden at this time of the year!
    Here we only have bare trees, all brown and sad!

  17. Italy is a beautiful country, I spent 16 days touring it city to city.
    Seeing your pictures give me so much of joy.
    Great post.

  18. Thank you for commenting on my entry.
    Your garden appears to be so fertile. The weather in Italy looks lovely and I am sure that you have a lot of things/places to photograph.
    I am a big fan of mushrooms, yum yum.

  19. Your garden is so lovely - what a great idea to photograph it every month. time flies and we forget what was there just a few weeks ago!

  20. Kia - I understand how you feel as we lived in a flat for three months when we first moved to Italy.

    Alessandra - Thankyou :)

  21. Your photos are lovely as always and were a real tonic on a cold, miserable day with snow clouds grey and gloomy. I find it amazing that you have blue skies and kiwis ready for harvesting in November! I am in the wrong country. And narcissus out in November too - I hadn't realised they flowered so early there.

  22. hallo Italy. How nice to see something that is not white. :)
    I learned soemthing new, I did not know you grow Kivis in Italy. :)

  23. Everything still looks so pretty. The pictures of the kiwi and the persimmon fruit look like ornaments hanging in the tree.
    The pansy has always astonished me. It looks so delicate, and yet it will grow right up through the snow. The area just behind the spot where I usually plant them is being dug up for new bushes, so I can not plant them just yet. However, I need to go buy some because very soon they will have run out of them at the store. I have a few daffodils that an earlier owner had planted, but I, myself have not had much luck with bulbs. I think perhaps I am not preparing the soil enough. I will enjoy your pictures though.

  24. Marissa - we are extremely lucky especially as where we live most gardens are considered for productive purposes only and not beauty.

    Diane - you need a male plant and the max number of females is 1-3 for these you would need an area smaller than a single car port for the vines to grow on. I hope you are not too cold in the snowy UK.

    Patricia - yes we have a few acres but fairly easily manageable, at the moment :)

    Dona - Grazie mille :)

    Rambling Tart - They are vines, see my comment to Diane above. Thanks for the compliments.

    Indrani - Thankyou for calling by and commenting, I hope my blog will bring back happy memories for you.

    Y.Ikeda - Welcome to my Outdoor Wednesday post and thankyou for your comments. It is very fertile we are lucky.

    Karen - Blog writing has increased my photo habit as well but I do enjoy keeping a photographic record. :)

    Maggie - Thanks lovely to hear from you, we were surprised by the Narcissus as well.

  25. Your garden still looks stunning. How will you resist the frost on those leaves if/when it arrives?

  26. Beautiful as always. Your garden must bring you great joy.

  27. I love the photos. Just lovely. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  28. Beautiful garden! Great photos...
    I love gardens but I don't think I am the right person to take care them...
    Enjoy your garden!!!

  29. Ciao Lindy!
    Wonderful pictures of your garden! Mmh..from where should I begin?! Surely I'm not showing your Kiwi to my dad..he's trying from many years to grow some Kiwi plants (3/4 females+1 male, etc) and last year he got 7 fruits, but they were not edible..another failure to report, like his olives ;-)
    We got a lot of Persimmons, which were given to friends..do you make jam with them?!
    Is this the season for Yucca's flowers?! I've not noticed it flowering in my garden yet..

  30. since not from!
    My English grammar..what a disaster :)

  31. Always a fun trip going through your garden..It is lovely..The mushrooms are wonderful..My mom use to go mushrooming and like you..only one kind she would eat..My father use to tell her..Rose, the poisonous ones look very much like the good ones..But she was sure of herself.
    So she would cook them up with onions and when it was time to eat..Dad would tell her.."Oh you better give me some, if they are bad, we will be sick together"..Mom use to take me with her..but you know mushrooms are different in each state..so I don't dare touch them here in Maine.
    Have a great week..xoxoRosebud/Carolyn
    Hoping this new internet server will keep me going..

  32. Fantastic photo from Italy! I love persimmon and kiwi, and they look so delicious..

  33. Welshcakes - It does, I love wandering around with my camera, thinking about what aspects to share with you.

    Icy BC - I agree that Kiwi are delicious, but I find the persimmmon an acquired taste prefer then used for cooking. we have experimented this year and made jam, chutney, bread and cake.

  34. Great pictures! I don't think I have ever seen a kiwi tree before and I am very jealous that you have them growing right in your backyard! Must be wonderful. Happy Friday!

  35. How beautiful! It's like a picture from a book! I would SO love to visit Italy...I dream about it! Hope you're enjoying a nice day! It's a little cool for Florida right now but it's sunny! ♥

  36. Oh my God, what an incredible place!
    It must be wonderful to wake up, surrounded by all this beauty. :0)

  37. Joana Faria - It is special we are very grateful for our garden.

  38. Your adventure and the life you have composed is inspiring - and you are not only a good gardener but a good forager. We are learning to farm and forage in Italy. Where in Lazio are you? We are near Magliano Sabina! Best for the holidays,

  39. Lisa@ Welcome from http://www.yourgardenshow.com/
    Thankyou for calling by and commenting here it is much appreciated. We live not far from the shores of Lago di Bolsena.

  40. Your photos are lovely as always and were a real tonic on a cold, miserable day with snow clouds grey and gloomy. I find it amazing that you have blue skies and kiwis ready for harvesting in November! I am in the wrong country. And narcissus out in November too - I hadn't realised they flowered so early there.


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