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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Song - Lucio Dalla Tribute.

Popular singer and songwriter Lucio Dalla died in Switzerland of a heart attack, on the morning of March 1st just at the beginning of his latest tour. Today would have been his 69th birthday so this post is my tribute to him.
His funeral is to be held in private this afternoon in Bologna after many thousands have paid their last respects to this much admired Italian singer. There is an article in this mornings issue of  La Stampa  that shows just how much respect this singer held as over thirty thousand people have made a visit to the funeral home, with many more expected to do so this morning.   La Stampa  
Lucia Dalla was born this day in 1943 in Bologna, a date that many came to know very well as it was also the title of his first hit song. 

Lucio Dalla - 4 marzo 1943 (1971)

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He has been active in the genres of soul, rock and pop since 1962, a career spanning fifty years.  Lucia, as well as singing was a musician, he played both clarinet and keyboard and he was a renowned songwriter.  One of his most famous compositions was Caruso written in 1986 which has been covered by many international artists including, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Grobhan. The song was a tribute to the great opera singer Enrico Caruso.
Music video by Lucio Dalla performing Caruso.
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His last album Questo e Amore was released in November 2011 I have included a track from the album and an interview with Lucio Dalla promoting the album.

Lucio Dalla "Anche se il tempo passa (Amore)"

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Lucio Dalla presenta "Questo è amore" -  a radio  interview with R101 

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This post is just about listening to the music and the interview so no lyrics or translations this time.
If you are interested in learning more about Lucio Dalla just visit any of the links listed in this post.
Sources:  Lucio Dalla - Official Website  YouTube - Lucio Dalla  Wikipedia    La Stampa 


  1. Dolcissimo tributo ad un grande poeta della musica.Le sue musiche, le sue poesie hanno accompagnato parte della mia vita.
    Ciao Monica

  2. Thanks Lindy for this post!!
    We'll miss him!

  3. What a wonderful music .... I'm enjoying this post.
    With warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  4. Heaven has one hell of a band up there and he just joined the jam session! Very nice tribute!

  5. He will be greatly missed,such a gentle soul and good person,an enormous talent.
    May he rest in peace and be happy in God's Kingdom.
    Ciao Lucio!

  6. Linda, he was my favourite male singer. I loved his poetry, more than enything, and his music... I grew up listening to them! You may have noticed that my email address contains the words "Stella di mare"- that's the title of just one of his fabulous songs!

    I'm just really cross with RAI TV. I sat down to watch the funeral, ready with my box of tissues (all Italians love him. He's one of us)and... no funeral, just the usual continuous "BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLAAAAAA" I don't think I was the only Italian who wanted to join in the celebration of a great artist. What a waste of time, as usual!


    I am very angry about this, Lindy. May LUCIO rest in peace. He is forever in our hearts.


  7. Ciao Linda :)
    I'm so sad, he was a great artist.
    I thought I had missed his funeral, because I felt asleep on the sofa this afternoon, but I'm quite pleased to read Anna's comment above.
    Have a good week x

  8. I was so sad to hear of Lucio's death. He was a great artist who gave the world much beauty.
    Vale, Lucio!

  9. What a wonderful post I am sure he will be missed

  10. What I like about Italian songs and music in general is the fact that it's usually about eternal values.

  11. Such sad news, but what a wonderful tribute.

  12. Very touching tribute to the artist, songwriter, singer, musician Lucio Dalla!
    Shame he left so young ...
    Good week my good friend

  13. Lucio simply wrote the soundtrack of our life, and "Caruso" was his masterpiece.

  14. Wonderful post - The first song gave me goose bumps! Thank you for your sweet comments on my spring vignette :) Cheers!

  15. Yes, certainly a great loss, I know his music from the 70's, a great musician and poet. Greetings.

  16. I have not heard of him and am glad you took the the time to pay tribute to him and his music. I recognize the music Caruso...such a passionate piece. Thank you for the introduction! I love music and love learning about new artists. I am sad he's gone.

  17. I heard about this on the news yesterday. Before that I had not heard of him but I see he was well loved and well respected for his beautiful voice which I listened to on the youtube video.

  18. I really enjoyed listening to this music today. I have to be honest and say I've never heard of Lucio Dalla so I am glad you posted this, especially since Josh Groban sang one of his songs!

    I'm going to listen to the other songs as I catch up on some blog reading!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha In Oz

  19. What a wonderful singer. I did not know him and it is sad that his wonderful music is over. Thank you for sharing his life and music.

  20. Oh LindyLou I had not heard that Lucio had died. Sometimes living over here in Ireland, I seem to miss hearing things at times.

    I feel so sad, to me, he IS Italia. Listening to Caruso again above, made me nostaligic and melancholy at the same time, and I can feel the warm breeze off the Bay of Naples in my heart.

    You have written a wonderful tribute so a very special singer. May he rest in Eternal Peace.


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