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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Linea Verde - Elenora Daniela and Fabrizio Gatta Filming in Marta.

On March 1st and 2nd  Elenora Daniele and  Fabrizio Gatta  came to Marta with the film crew from Linea Verde

 I was really pleased that we just happened to be in town on the morning of March 1st and being a beautiful sunny morning we decided to stay and watch some of the filming.  Having my camera with me how could I resist not taking some photos.

 Photos in the above mosaics are my own and can be viewed in larger individual format by visiting my complete album at Flickr.com entitled  Marta Filming

The video is of the television programme aired on Rai Uno on March 11th 2012 of which Marta is just one of the places covered The video may be watched on Rai Uno, just click on this link,  Alto Lazio - Linea Verde

The programme is nearly an hour long and is about the agriculture in the region in which we live, Alto Lazio. If you have the time to view sometime it is very interesting as it covers many interesting topics, in Italian, but I think you will get the gist of it, even if you do not understand all that is being said.

What will you see growing and where, firstly the growing of cauliflowers in the region and how they are prepared for market. From Civita Castellana, you will see the cattle used in the making of mozarella, from Capranica, the hazelnut groves. The stars of the show use a helicopter to get from place to place and fly over the region to show you more, Lago di Bracciano, Lago di Vico, Viterbo and finally our own, metaphorically as in where we live Lago di Bolsena.

It is in the latter part of the programme that businesses very local to us are visited, including Goats at the Cheese Shop on the road to Viterbo at  Monte Jugo and Marta's Fish Farm where they breed the Corregone to keep the lake stocked and of course the fishermen themselves out on the lake.

Also of course in the film are all the local businesses that we saw being filmed in the town centre the day Linea Verde came to town.

It was very interesting to watch the filming and even more so to watch the programme when it was aired on Rai Uno on Sunday March 11th. Especially when we were able to spot not only places but people we knew and if you know where to look, which you don't, you may even spot us in the film!

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  1. How fantastic! Sounds quite exciting actually. From your pictures, I first thought they were filming some period drama :-) I will take a look when I have a quiet moment... Wishing you a lovely beginning of Spring, Love from London xo

  2. Great job friend blogger!
    I will try to share this on my blog!
    have a nice day / buona giornata

  3. I think I saw you! just after they were at the cake stall and the camera panned around.

  4. There is so much to see and learn on such a scene. You were very lucky, quite fascinating I have to say!

  5. Ciao,

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. I enjoyed seeing yours. It must be wonderful to have such an adventure in Italia!

    Ciao, ciao,

  6. Loved the photos and seeing the costumes. It is fun to watch filming. I used to watch them film TV shows on the streets and in Stanley Park in Vancouver.

  7. How neat that you happened to be there and got to see it. I was in Pittsburgh when they were filming a Batman movie. It was so cool to see all the people and equipment that go into tv/movie productions.

  8. It was fantastic for you to be in the midst of all that action.

  9. Ooo, lovely!!!
    Your photos are very interesting !!!
    I wish to be there!!!
    I'm sorry but the video does not work, is black and something in the center TURNING endlessly.
    Tanti saluti

    1. I am sorry it did not work for you Magda.Unfortunately I think it is rather a lot of information and a number of people have mentioned to me that their internet connection is not up to them viewing this. I think I will be removing it from the post but leave the link for people to view via instead.

  10. wow!! how exciting!!! your pictures are great!

  11. Great photos today Linda. Gosh, that must have been really exciting to be right there in the middle of the filming, and that you were then able to watch the film afterwards!

  12. How exciting, Linda! I'm going to watch it!

  13. How exciting this must have been Linda!
    Thank you for sharing it here!

  14. Must be very interesting to see how a film is made ! Mr. G. never watches the Italian channels although we have 4, he says it gets on his nerves, too many games and blonds, lol ! One at home apparently is enough !

  15. Hi Lindy, thanks for stopping by...how wonderful to have a film crew in your town...it must have caused some excitement. I hope you showed your 'best' side when filmed in the background...for posterity. Robx

  16. March 11th?! We usually tune in every Sunday but we must've been out that day. Lucky of you to be in the right place at the right time and with your camera.

  17. Great post! How exciting to see a film shooting!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics!

    Have a wonderful Spring season, Lindy****

  18. A wonderful mosaic of pictures as usual Linda. I am very interested in the agriculture of Alta Tuscia. I wish I could have seen the show.

  19. What an interesting meeting. Beautiful photos from this event !
    Have a nice day. Kind regards, Synnöve

  20. That must have been an exciting afternoon - and you got some lovely shots. I look forward to watching the video tonight, as I am immersed in all things Italian, sunny and warm in order to get through this very cold and damp March!

  21. How interesting, Lindy! I would have been just as excited as you, as I am a great fan of Linea Verde! It's such an interesting show! I love the way in which they kind of manage to cover many aspects of life in different parts of Italy... and I love the food "bit" of course!

    Off to Italy next week!



  22. What fun - and such a great subject for a photo shoot.

  23. Very interesting, Lindy. I'm glad you had your camera there documenting the proceedings. You have some excellent shots here.
    I shall watch the program, thank you for the link.

  24. Yeah, pretty pictures, it's always interesting to see the filming of a movie, I saw him once. Greetings.

  25. Fascinating. I am always interested to see your photographs.

  26. It must be very interesting to visit a movie set and get a glimpse of the process.

  27. What an exciting time it must have been for the town to be featured in this tv special. It looks like some of the traditional costumes were worn. It looks like you were part of the film crew. You got such great photos!

  28. I love Linea Verde, I'll take the time to watch and learn about Marta!

  29. I just love the way you've put the images together in mosaics it captures the hectic sense of the day and the multitude of things going on at once!

    ciao lisa


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