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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hazelnuts - Nocciole

Photo taken in Our Garden in Italy on August 14th 2012
                                     The first of our Hazelnuts - Nocciole are starting to drop. 

I do not often duplicate posts here and on my photography blog, lindyloumacsworldinphotos but today I have decided to do so. Firstly because I was rather pleased with this photo and secondly as I am looking for more followers to encourage me to keep the photography blog going. I would really like to do so as it gives me the opportunity to share a lot more of the world around me than I am able to do so here on News From Italy. Also as the summer season draws to a close, once I have caught up with sharing our recent activities I do not intend to be posting so often here. At least that is the plan unless I feel something is worthwhile sharing and I have not mentioned it in previous years. Maybe just a link and a photo to the previous post on News From Italy and My Facebook Page will suffice, if it is repeat news, as I really do not feel it is a benefit to me or my followers to keep repeating the same events again and again. I hope to spend more time on my photography which is why I am urging my lovely followers here to please come and share the experience with me. Your support as always will be very much appreciated.

I hope to see you there. lindyloumacsworldinphotos


  1. Hello:
    This is indeed a most spectacular photograph and one of which we can well appreciate you are exceptionally pleased.

    At the moment it would seem, in our experience, that a great many people are not doing anything at the moment. But perhaps it is just the time of year.

  2. I wish hazelnuts were easier to get here in the stores. I have to go to specialty store to get them. No worries about repeating stuff. I think as you have new followers they benefit from seeing stuff they wouldn't otherwise see because they do not take the time to go back into the archives. Hope you are having a great week!

  3. I do not want to lose touch with you so will definitely go and see your photos on the other posts. The photo of the hazelnuts is very good. Will you still be following blogs?

  4. We drink hazelnut coffee all the time. I never knew what one looked like until now! Thanks for sharing. I'm following so many blogs now I can hardly keep up, but I will follow that one instead of this one if you think you'll post more on the photography one. Let me know!

  5. Fantastic photo, love it! I so envy you for having a hazelnut tree around!

  6. That's a very beautiful picture ! I'll follow your photo blog, because I hate Facebook, I still not learned how it works ! I became member to see the pictures my son had put on Facebook ! But I very seldom use it.

  7. A fantastic picture and photo !!! I love hazelnuts. So warm.
    Have a nice weekend, Linda. Best regards, Synnöve

  8. I just love hazelnuts - wonderful image.
    Have a nice weekend, Lindy!

    :-) Dorthe

  9. I love hazelnuts so much but have never seen them au naturel before. :-) Great shot!


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