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Friday, August 10, 2012

La Notte di San Lorenzo

This gorgeous photo of the moon over Marta was taken by the webcam of the Local Weather Station  courtesy of Luca Viviani  you can find out more about our weather on the Facebook Page or the website Meteo Marta

It seemed an appropriate choice to share today for La Notte di San Lorenzo, the night of the shooting stars.   By tradition on the night of  the Saints Day for San Lorenzo Italians will look to the night sky in the hope of seeing one of these elusive stars as each one seen means one wish will be granted. Due to this tradition you may also hear Italians referring to today as La Notte dei Desideri (The Night of Wishes).

Every year on this night many Italians will be seen scanning the skies in the hope of seeing a shooting star which they believe are to represent the tears shed for San Lorenzo on August 10th 258AD after he dies a martyr's death. I have written more about this night and the history behind San Lorenzo in previous years posts, so for those of you that feel so inclined to read more I have included some links below.

What are these falling stars?  Well around the 9th -13th of August every year is when the Perseids, meterioids enter the earth's atmosphere lighting up the sky. These fragments of stars are travelling at a speed of 60 km per second and it is their trails that we can see here on earth with the naked eye, if we are lucky enough to do so.

We will certainly be star watching this evening and also attending Marta's 3rd Notte Bianca

More information can be found found in my posts from previous years La Notte di San Lorenzo - Perseids Meteor Shower,  Notte di San Lorenzo 2010  and on Wikipedia - Perseids

This weekend where ever you are in the world and what ever you are doing, do take time to stand and stare at the night sky you may just get to Wish Upon A Star.

Happy Stargazing. 


  1. Hello:
    What a truly amazing photograph and one which is most appropriate to commemorate this particular saint's day [or night]. And the information which you give is most interesting.

    Kellemes hétvégét!

  2. Dear Lindy, I wish you a happy St. Lorence night! Let all your wishes come true!

  3. Interesting post and with promised blue skies over the next few day I will be looking for my star to wish upon :-) Great photo of the moon. Hope you see a falling star, take care Diane

  4. The Night of Wishes! How very romantic! I hope you see a shooting star and that your wish comes true.

  5. Beautiful picture. I haven't seen a shooting star in quite sometime. Living in the city, I imagine it would be difficult to see.. :(

  6. I always wondered who Saint Lorenzo was! Thanks for the information and now I'm definitely going to research more. That's so fascinating! Best of all, I had already planned a stargazing trip with the kids for tonight... so now I'll have something to wish for as well!!! :)

  7. Hi Linda. I love your new header photo, and the photo of the moon over Marta is really beautiful. I hope that you get to see some shooting stars this evening my friend! I love how there are always so many things going on in the area of Italy in which you live :) Have a good weekend.

  8. Beautiful photo. I will be looking skyward here as well. Thanks for sharing.
    xo Ginger

  9. The rich history of Italy continues to amaze. Thanks for sharing, Linda! You are so lucky to live there.

  10. I'm sure you're enjoying the festival and I hope you see some shooting stars this weekend.
    The Marta weather webcam is fascinating.

  11. hope you did manage to see a few stelle cadenti!


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