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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Garden in March Nostri Giardino in Marzo

Spring or Primavera as it is known in Italian is well and truly here. Since returning from Hong Kong last week I have taken great pleasure in pottering about in the garden.
It is not surprising that Spring really advanced while we were away for three weeks. The daffodils that were just starting to bloom are now almost over, but there is plenty of colour arriving to take there place. As you can see from my selection of photographs today.

The beauty of Nature never ceases to amaze and delight me.


  1. Hi Linda, your photos are wonderful, I love the blossom. I haven't seen any here, it is really cold and wet.

    Did you know that Scotland as severe blizzards and lots of snow!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the blooming trees - still waiting for those here in Michigan!

  3. Everything is so cheerful! What are the flowers in the 2nd image? Do you know? This year I withheld from buying too many bulbs from the nursery, but I'm always curious to learn of new blossoms!

  4. beautiful. and i agree... nature never lets me down , EVER.

    thank God, it's free =)

  5. Finally finding my way over to your blog. My limited time online doesn't afford much Blog reading, but we're still new here and <I'm sure I'll find ways. Your garden is beautiful, by the way.

  6. Lovely photos, Linda! You are such a good photographer - I wish I was as good. Despite the benefits of moron-proof cameras, I never quite seem to do very well. I wish the weather and the blossoms were as good here as they are with you. Have a lovely Easter!

    With lots of love to both, Maggie xxx

  7. Anne and Alissa - I hope your Spring Blossoms are not long arriving, it has been a long winter.

    Rowena - They are a very old cottage garden flower that we knew in the UK as 'wallflowers'. I have yet to find out the name in Italian. My father used to grow them every autumn on his allotment ready for planting out in the garden the following spring.

    Gina - Carol - Maggie Thankyou :)


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