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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hong Kong Trip Part Two


The next morning March 3rd we started to properly explore the amazing city of Hong Kong. We were to walk many miles during our stay and we started our tour using a useful little book 'Hong Kong Walks', a useful addition to our own Eyewitness and Lonely Planet guides.

Today's cacophony of sights and sounds took us to the Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok districts, a non stop experience of local urban Chinese lifestyles in the heart of the Kowloon peninsula.

We visited the Flower Market, Bird Garden, Goldfish Market, Jade Market, Ladies Market (misnamed as not just for ladies but selling a vast array of items at bargain prices). Also Shanghai Street one of the city's oldest where kitchenware shops mingle with those selling Chinese style wedding clothes(more of weddings another time) and a Tin Hau Temple.

I will leave the photos to say the rest and remember if you want to see more take a look at LindyLouMac Flickr Photos

View from Casa Bella 021 View from Casa Bella 022

View from Casa Bella 024

View from Casa Bella 025 View from Casa Bella 028 View from Casa Bella 035

The Bird Garden

View from Casa Bella 039

Owners take their birds with them to the Bird Garden for an outing, it is also a market for all bird related purchases.

View from Casa Bella 043

View from Casa Bella 046

View from Casa Bella 050

Even live food!

View from Casa Bella 051


The Goldfish Market

View from Casa Bella 076

View from Casa Bella 080

The Ladies Market

View from Casa Bella 104

View from Casa Bella 103

View from Casa Bella 106

View from Casa Bella 111 


View from Casa Bella 112

View from Casa Bella 115

The Jade Market, where yes I did buy a little something from this lady.

View from Casa Bella 126


Tin Hau Temple

View from Casa Bella 136

No photography allowed inside but to finish off, are a couple of the ones I took in the garden.

View from Casa Bella 132 

View from Casa Bella 131

These trees are amazing and we were to see many of them during our visit.


  1. Hello Linda.. Amazing photos.. the flowers are so wonderful :-)

    Brought lots of memories back , I can remember stalls like these when I lived in Singapore as a child. I certainly remember the birds . Not sure about the Goldfish though.

    Culturally it is a whole new world, especially on the food side of things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photos are fantastic. I particularly like your comment about how you did buy something from the lady selling jade things...

  3. It looks like shoppers paradise! I also wouldn't have been able to resist buying something jade.

  4. Love seeing these. I have the same shot of cages from the bird market. At the time I visted I also kept birds and brought back to the states for each of them beautiful blue and white porcelin bowls.

  5. i was looking through all the hong kong sets and wow, what color. I PUT IT ON MY LIST OF PLACES TO GO =D

  6. What an incredible trip you had!!! Those photos are simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Anne - Thanks and hope they are happy memories.

    Cathy - How could I resist!

    Cheshire wife - Hong Kong is a Shoppers Paradise from the market trader right up to the top of the range designer labels.

    Martha - I loved the fact that people take their birds to the market for an outing.

    Gina - High on your list I hope Gina.

    Queenie Jeanie - It was incredible and I enjoy sharing with you all.


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