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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hong Kong Trip Part One

It has taken me a few days to work out exactly how I am going to format these posts and tell you all about the trip without boring you with an excessive number of photos, or in fact too many words, as I have decided that the photos will generally say it all.  I have written a personal diary of the trip which will provide us with memories for many years after we have started to forget the details, actually that can happen at times already!
This after all is a blog about Our life in Italy so I do not want to over whelm it with posts about our travels elsewhere, although of course they will always get a mention, as they are an important part of our lives. That after all is what our family and friends visit this Blog for, to read about our daily and usually mundane happenings. We are just fortunate to be living our daily life in Italy.
This trip was a big event for us and I therefore want to share it with you, please forgive me if you visit here solely for News From Italy, normal service will resume.
I have taken an incredible number of photos, which at the moment are divided into 12 separate albums. With over 100 photos in each album it is going to take me sometime to edit them all for viewing. I will deal with one album at a time, selecting a few photos to blog on subjects covering our sight-seeing and places of interest as well as other subjects that fascinate me such as markets, people, transport, streets, architecture and food.
I will be putting all the photos I have taken on my Flickr account so those really keen to view more photos will be able to do so there.   http://www.flickr.com/photos/mctumble/

So lets get started, with our first few hours in Hong Kong. Arriving early morning we had a few hours sleep then started the day feeling refreshed at lunchtime. We spent the afternoon getting our bearings in the Central and Western district the area closest to Selina and Chris's apartment  in Mid-Levels.  The apartment is on the 27th floor, a fact we had to keep from my husband as long as possible before the trip as he hates heights. He managed amazingly well as long as we did not expect him to get too close to the huge windows. In the master bedroom one wall is nearly all glass!
Amazing views from the apartment, so very different from the sort of views we are used to!
View from Casa Bella 002
View from Casa Bella 004
Our explorations that first afternoon took us through the antiques district of Hong Kong and down (literally downhill all the way)to Possession Street, also known as Shui Hang Ho which is where the British first landed in 1841, although it is now hundreds of metres inland due to multiple landfills over the years.
View from Casa Bella 009 View from Casa Bella 011 View from Casa Bella 010
We returned to the apartment by returning to mid-levels on the escalator. If you have a minute do read this article about it, although written in 2004, it is still relevant and interesting. Mid Levels Escalator/Dihn Tai

That evening we had our first experience of watching the high-rise skyline light up as dusk falls over Hong Kong.

A far more professional and beautiful shot than I managed to achieve with my camera that really manages to reproduce the magical atmosphere of Hong Kong.
Uploaded on March 9, 2010
by wickateers at www.flickr.com


  1. Hello Linda, you have lots of work to do with your photos.. !! Excellent idea to work on one album at a time too. You can save some for another month or so, I do.

    I could not imagine what it must be like, living 27 floors up ..yikes I think I would get vertigo..mind you I suppose you get used to it. And I just re-read the post, A whole wall of glass .. say no more!!

  2. Ah thanks for posting these. See we get to travel without even getting on a plane. What beautiful pictures. I especially liked the view from the 27th floor. And you are absolutely right, that it is nothing like the views we see from Italy. Right now I can hear kids out playing and wish I could capture the beautiful sound.

    Looking forward to your next picture update. It sounds amazing.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. What fabulous pictures! Can't wait for the next instalment!

  4. Thanks for your comments. I am just about to post the next instalment, working on editing the photos is giving me a chance to relive all the magical moments. I am enjoying sharing them with you all.

  5. That shot of the skyline at dusk.....fabulous! I think of all the incredible things that HK could possibly offer the visitor, a view like this has got to be at the top of the list!


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