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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sagra Del Lattarino – Marta 2011



                The Fishes                                                   The Programme                                 The Commemorative Platter

This annual event takes place in Marta the last weekend in May.

Marta is as those of you have been reading this blog for awhile now will know is a small Italian town on the shores of the Lago di Bolsena, where life is still very dependent on the harvests from the land and lake.

Thirty six years ago a group of Martani, as residents of Marta are known founded a cultural circle in memory of Alberto Lisoni. It is from this organisation that the Sagra del Latterino has grown to become a very popular event within the Viterbo region.

For the event more than eighteen tons of lattarini are floured, then fried in local olive oil, not ours, then served up on the commemorative platters.  A fun evening, tasty fish and a platter to take home, excellent value for a ten euro menu.

 Lattarini fritti su piatto di ceramica decorata (il piatto resta all'ospite)           

 lattarini marinati
 pizzetta fritta,
 pane e limone

 Lattarini fried on decorated ceramic plate (the plate is the host)
 lattarini marinated
 fried pizza,
 bread and lemon

I have also included a description of the fish for those of you that are curious.

Latin name: Atherina boyeri (Risso
Family: Aterenidi Atherinidae
Order: Mugiliformes
Morphology: Tall and small body with a green-grey and black-pointed rear; a lateral silver band, clear abdomen, two grey-silver pins on the back:the first one inserted behind the vertical joining the chest rear edge with the abdomen pin centre; a clear silver band is on the flanks, nearly the 4th and 5th scales row.
Size: 12 cm, rarely 15 cm ( at 5 years old)
Habitat: it lives in much numerous shoals in fresh and brackish water; it's present in some central Italy lakes, including Lago di Bolsena It's a very savaged species by other fishes and so it represents an important alimentary chain link .
Feeding: planctonic invertebrates
Reproduction: Is during spring-summer seasons, it deposits about 600 eggs per female over a few days. The eggs have a 2mm diameter and they have protuberances with which they stick to the stones.
Their meat is quite good, and for this they are included in the local professional fishing activity and they are available in the fish markets, both the fresh or pickled.

A collage of photographs of our evening from my album on Flickr.com entitled Sagra del Lattarino Marta 2011


The video I share with you here today of the Sagra, is another excellent one made by webtony1 a friend and also a YouTube contact of mine whose videos I have used on News From Italy before.

Sagra del Lattarino 2011.mov


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Link to My Flickr Album for this year Sagra del Latterino 2011 - Flickr


  1. Eighteen tons of fish? Yippee! Though that might be too much even for me - and I really like fish. I would love to be there, take in the atmosphere and of course sample the fish!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, I've passed it on ;-) xo

  2. I love fish Linda, and this is another Festival that I would love to participate in! I can almost imagine the smells from here. 600 eggs per female over a few days. Wow! That's really something. (I put that bit in, just so that you knew I was reading the technical stuff as well! Hee Hee!!).Have been thinking about you over the past few days, and do hope that you're doing okay my friend.

  3. I'm getting excited! My bags are almost packed, we will be in Venice on Tuesday.☺

  4. I love festivals! Of course, I am usually attending Colorado festivals, and this one sounds much more exciting.

  5. Lindy... YOU ARE MAKING ME VERY VERY VERY HOMESICK! We will leave for our house in Italy on July 18 and come back at the end of August. I can't wait!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better...


  6. We love to eat fish and really do not eat enough of it. This sounds like a lot of fun. Gosh most of the above folks are on the way to Italy. Sadly not me. Nevertheless I am happy. I am thinking of you. hugs♥O

  7. What a fun event!! Those little fish sound absolutely delicious. :-)

  8. wow,, amazing,, thats wonerful,,

  9. The Italians do know how to celebrate...wish I was there!

  10. I hate fish in fact I hate all seafood,loved the video though.........

  11. Well I love fish so I would of loved this meal, I can just imagine the aromas x

  12. I love fish, wish I could have joined you. Interesting post. Diane

  13. What an undertaking...I'm glad I didn't have to cook all that fish, but I would have enjoyed eating some! It sounds delicious and I would have liked a platter to take home afterwards ;)

    Thank you for adding my link to your blog, Lindy-Lou!

  14. That's a lot of fish. Looks like a great festival.

  15. I never heard them called lattarini - we call them "mangiatutto" :-) Or is it a different fish? Either way, yum :-P

  16. Looks like a great festival, wish we could have been there. Shows how important those little fish are to the town.


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