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Monday, February 21, 2011

Dishwasher Saga Final Update




In July 2010 I first mentioned here about the problems we were having with the Dishwasher and I wrote about the experience here Dishwasher Saga and here Saga Update.

I promised that I would let you know the final outcome. It was at the end of September last year that it was suggested to us that the dishwasher would be replaced, what a surprise when it actually was on Saturday.

We have no real idea why it has taken so long as we have had regular discussions with the engineers, who were always waiting for the go ahead from the manufacturer's, or awaiting delivery of the replacement machine to their workshops. Then suddenly a few weeks ago when we were yet again monitoring progress they informed us that it was now in the hands of the kitchen suppliers.

We contacted them straight away and they were horrified to learn that it had not been dealt with yet, however no one had told them that they were supposed to be dealing with it. Frantic discussions were held and phone calls made with promises that the delivery would be made last Monday, of course it was no real surprise when it never arrived. When we made contact the next day we were told it could not have possibly been delivered yet as they had still not taken delivery of the machine form the manufacturer’s themselves!

When I took the telephone call on Friday afternoon to say it would be delivered on Saturday afternoon you can imagine how sceptical I was.

One thing you have to learn if you want to live in Italy is patience.

We will be trying the appliance for the first time later this evening so lets hope the new one does not blow the electricity or leak.


  1. Hope it works after all the dramas LOL. I thought that you had received it months ago!!! Diane

  2. Hope it works OK! You're so right about patinece.

  3. I thought the "simple life" did not include dishwashers?
    Don't get me wrong, I have one but I never use it. I live a "simple life" in the USA.

  4. Oh wow...

    Our water went out here at my parents (thankfully JUST upstairs this time and NOT the downstairs water)- from all the rain last night... the water comes from the river up on the mountain behind their house... We have to 'wait' for it to come back on again... I can understand not having what you need in a timely fashion.. Hey, on another note... I LOVEEEEEEEEE your kitchen... Hope all else is going well.. Leesa

  5. Happy Monday :)
    No entry about Sanremo Music Festival?
    Hope it works ok for you! You're quite right about needing a lot of patience in Italy ;) but alas it's not so different here in Scotland.
    Have a happy week!

  6. Hahaha! Oh God, I really hope the dishwasher works. Portugal is not very different from Italy in that sense, so I know exactly what you mean about having to be patient. :)

  7. Here's hoping that congrats are in good order - you have been wating so long.
    Your kitchen is wonderful; so spacious, and lots of cabinets and counter space. Really like the wood table.

  8. If you look at it as an opportunity for you to refine your "project management" skills, you benefit from all of this!! Obviously, you have to manage every aspect...pazienza is right!
    BTW...lovely kitchen! Window over the sink, I love it! Most Italian kitchens I have been in are the size of an American closet.

  9. First of all, you have a dream kitchen :)
    I know that the dishwasher can be pain...
    I really hope that your saga comes to the happy ending.

  10. Great kitchen!Greece is very much alike to Italy so I know what you mean about patience! I hope the dishwasher to works just fine!
    By the way I heard the Italian song for the Eurovision contest! I like it! Very Jazz:)
    Have a nice week!

  11. It is so true what you just commented, thanks for all your visits and I have to get back to read more posts that I have missed being away.
    Love your kitchen btw, so grand!
    Maureen x

  12. Oh good heavens, what a mess! I'm so glad it's finally been delivered and hope, hope, hope it works properly this time. :-)

  13. Congrats and good luck with the new dishwasher. I love the look of your kitchen and that wood table is fabulous!

  14. I'm relly sorry for your disadventure. If you allow me a suggestion, you shouldn't be patient with those people, but, if you are right, you should be hard on them. In Italy we have some different ways of life: the more you go towards the south and the more you'll find relaxed habits.
    I'm afraid so...

  15. Hi! Sounds like the time my dishwasher broke before Thanksgiving, and I didn't get it back until MARCH. A person can go bald from tearing out their hair when dealing with anything service related in Italy.

  16. Hope all will be ok. We work closely with Italians on business and both us and our customers are going bonkers during the holiday seasons. Eg., Christmas and summer, seems like the entire office is on leave for a very long time ;P

    When I first saw the picture, I was like OMG!! that is a beautiful kitchen. My husband and i plan to extend our kitchen for more space and yours is exactly how I'd like it. Happy week ahead.

  17. Yes, in Italy you must arm yourself with patience, patience and some more patience...

  18. I never have great expectations of things happening in Italy and when we try to get things done there from the UK we have no expectations at all. Having said that we've sometimes been delighted with a quick response. Still plenty of experiences out there are so good we forgive. Your kitchen looks great and now no washing up, hurray.

  19. All is well that ends well then! Sorry if it took such a long time though!

  20. Best of luck - it will be wonderful to have everything working once again.

  21. Hope it worked out for you! Enjoy

  22. Well, yes, I'm dying to know the final outcome. I don't believe I would have the patience that you have shown in this saga! But, hey, you LIVE in Italy, which a hundred people I could name right now would love to do. Including me :)

    Loving your webcam!! xo – g

  23. Diane@ I am not surprised you thought that!

    Pat@ My level of patience has improved tremendously since we moved here.

    Kia@ Service is the same everywhere now then, yes there will be a San Remo post but not till next Sunday.

    Joana@ Italy,Portugal,Scotland, seems patience needed wherever we live reading comments.

    Patricia@ Thankyou our lovely kitchen is the result of starting from scratch during our renovation.

    RamblingTart@ It is a brand new one so hopefully no further problems, fingers crossed.

    Dona@ The Italian way is fine, we all need to learn to relax and not get stressed out.

    Tammy@ Ah proof it is not just me then.

    Nuts@ Yes I have learnt to be much more patient.

    Jenny@ We have just learnt to relax and enjoy the different pace of life.

    Shelia@ Thankyou at last the kitchen feels

    IcyBC@ It did at last,thankyou.

  24. We Germans tend not to have much patience and would probably drive to the delivery place and not move till we left with the dishwasher AND a mechanic. But I suppose shrugging it off is the much better plan. Even though not having a dishwasher would make me feel very unhappy. I love to put my pots and greasy stuff in!

  25. Lovely kitchen. We put in a summer kitchen last year and I was glad I could choose a modern, white design. It's the Italian domestic electrical system that causes problems sometimes when there are too many appliances on. Pazienza!

  26. Angela@ I understand what you mean, the service we had from both the mechanics and the kitchen suppliers cannot be faulted. The former tried many times to repair the machine, the slowness was a result of the manufacturer taking so long to agree to replace. None in stock at the kitchen suppliers so wait we had to!
    LindaP@ Absolutely with only 3KW impossible to bake and wash clothes at the same time!

  27. No Linda, Italian way isn't always and everywhere fine. Also for many of us.

  28. Dona@ I think it is the same in many places. :)

  29. What a happy kitchen..the kitchen is the heart of the home..I am sure it is the same there..
    I laughed about learning patience..isn't it the truth..I always say to myself, is this really important to get so worked up over? We moved here with no heat, just two wood stoves..Lord, I was young and dumb..but I did learn patience..haha..xoRosebud/Carolyn

  30. I might have some trouble with that patience thing...but maybe not if my surroundings were that beautiful!


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