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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dishwasher Saga Update

Our Kitchen   Our House Renovations – Kitchen  Clicking on the link will take you to the start of this saga.

It is still not over!

For those of you following my Dishwasher Saga on September 20th I posted the following update.

September 17th We spoke to the office again and were told that it was now repaired and would be delivered back to us, sometime this week. Well guess what we had a phone call this evening and it is due to be delivered tomorrow morning, Tuesday 21st September.

I am quite excited as we have not had one for the last few months, so lets hope it all works this time.

September 10th No further news from the Engineer about the dishwasher, we have spoken to the office. They have no news and promise to ring back when they have some so we wait.   Dishwasher Saga


September 27th Well since the above reports there has been good news, bad news and now more bad news!  September 21st the dishwasher was delivered back to us as promised was tested in situ and all seemed ok, until we got up the next morning to find a large puddle of water on the kitchen floor. Last Friday morning two engineers were sent out to see the what they could do. They did not seem to believe it was leaking until they tested it themselves. After fiddling around and using copious amounts of silicone sealer they left with instructions not to use until the next day to allow it time to set.

As we always use the dishwasher overnight to take advantage of the lower electricity rates it was not tried until Saturday night. Guess what we woke to a wet floor again on Sunday. A phone call this morning elicited the response of ‘Mio Dio’, so now we await another appointment!

This saga has now been running since July 16th and there is nothing we can do about it. Ok we have learnt that Wega are maybe not a great make of Dishwasher, even the engineers have agreed this when we asked them.

We have never heard of this make before and would not recommend it either, however it came as an extra free gift with our beautiful kitchen!

We will certainly be letting the kitchen suppliers know we are unimpressed!

I will be back later with the post that I intended to publish today, but had to get this done first, as I needed to and some of you had been asking.

I do appreciate how lucky I am to have a dishwasher but am beginning to wonder if I need one after all, free gift or not.


  1. Your light hearted writing of the details leads me to believe that your ending sentence would truly be the way to go! How wonderful to be living in Italy is the thought running through my head while reading your blog - in any event, good luck and I hope the final outcome is to your liking...

  2. Either you have the patience of a saint or you're not willing to let on how arrabbiata you are.

    Mio dio....

  3. Lindy, these things are sent to try us but a joke is a joke....... Diane

  4. Some free gift! Hoping the end of this saga is near. I run mine overnight as well and would hate to wake to a puddle.

  5. Oh gosh, what a pain! Still, at least you have beautiful scenery to calm you down after all the stress of dealing with Italian mechanicals ...

  6. Oh my Gosh!!! I had to laugh!...
    At least it's just you and your husband, imagine if you had many kids and hundreds of dirty dishes!
    German brands are the best, that's what I hear always. Just in case if you are trying to find a new one.

  7. Mary - There is no point in being anything other than light hearted. We have never had problems with dishwashers in the past in the uk but then we have never had this make before.
    Rowena - I do not have the patience of a saint but I am way past angry, not good for the blood pressure anyway.
    Diane - Way beyond a joke :)
    Dana - Exactly and there was no option of cashback if you did not want it or chance to upgrade! Oh well if we move again we will not be using the same kitchen supplier will we?
    Katja - Yes quite after all what is a little stress, when we live in Italy.

  8. Mio Dio indeed!!! No wonder these dishwashers were being given as free gifts with the kitchen - they probably knew they were rubbish and were anxious to offload them without having to go to the trouble of getting rid of them themselves!!! (Cynical? Moi?) Well, what can I say - keep hoping but on no account be tempted to hold your breath.

  9. Maggie - We won't do not worry, the engineers have not returned yet as they are awaiting advice from Wega!

  10. Simony - Just realised I did not respond to you, sorry. It has of course been going on all summer the time we often have a houseful but there you go, no point in moaning:(

  11. Oh dear Linda...this really is turning into a disaster! I am so impressed that you are remaining so calm and in control. I think I would have gone quite insane by now!

    I am still doing a big catch up on my blogging and commenting so please bear with me! I am about to go and hear last week's Sunday Song! See you there!

    Best wishes,

  12. Natasha - As I have said somewhere before I am way past angry, no point in getting stressed it does not speed up things. The latest we have heard is that the engineers have no been in touch with the manufacturer Wega so we await further developments. Have a good weekend and I will be over to visit you on Sunday morning Italian time.


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