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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fastweb and George Clooney – Italian Advertising Series No 7


Fastweb is an Italian based broadband telecommunications company, internet and television on demand company that was founded in 1999 in Milan, though is now 82% owned by Swisscom. 

George Clooney who already stars in a series of television commercials in Italy has now expanded his repertoire and in these latest adverts we even have the treat of him speaking, albeit very few lines, but they are in Italian.

He is popular with the Italian public not just for his love of Italy but his Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, these facts make him an ideal spokesman for advertising products here.  No doubt the success of his latest advertising campaign  for  Nespresso Italian Advertising Series No 3  and Nespresso - Italian Advertising Series No 4, encouraged Fastweb to hire him for their own.


The first commercial appeared in January and I have been planning to share it here, but already a second one has appeared so I decided it was time to share them while they are still relevant, it seems this may be just the start of the series.

First commercial.

Courtesy of EnricoDTL

Fastweb Man “ Benvenuti in Fastweb Mr. Clooney”  (Welcome to Fastweb Mr. Clooney.)

George  “E' un piacere “  (It's a pleasure.)

Lady  “Oh che carino! Lei sembra proprio George Clooney”.  (Oh how nice! You look just like George Clooney.)                                                                                                      

“Potrebbe fare la sua controfigura, sa? “ (  You could be his stand-in, you know? )

George  “ Certo “ ( “True” )


Second Commercial.

Courtesy of mikmarcotube

This second commercial was first aired just a few days ago on February 6th just two days after Fastweb launched a new fibre optics TV service in Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Naples and Bari to surf the Internet with the highest levels of reliability and performance according to their press release.

This time George complete with yellow helmet goes underground to run the cables underneath the city streets. He of course does not go unnoticed, a young woman who sees him can not believe her eyes!  His response is “Sono io” ( “It is I” ).  She is lead quietly away by the disbelieving officer who on asking her if all is OK “Tutto Bene” thinks that she must be disturbed thinking she has seen George Clooney popping up out of a manhole!

Good fun and I look forward to the next one. Yes as some of you already know I enjoy the adverts here in Italy more than the programmes!


  1. This time the commercials played for me. You know he does not do them in the United States. I would totally be in Italy too if I had the money.

  2. George Clooney speaking Italian....it doesn't get any better than that!

  3. And a very happy way to start my morning! Thank you for sharing these as we'd never see them otherwise here in the States. :)

  4. These clips were great, Linda. Thanks for sharing. I loved the woman "of a certain age" saying to him "che carino!" Reminded me of an elderly cousin who everytime she saw my husband, would pinch his cheek and say..."Che bel ragazzo!"

  5. Finally I can get to your blog again! And with such a handsome surprise! What I like the most about our Giorgio is that he spends his money and time on travels to Africa and looks where he can help. Not only handsome, but a role model, that man!

  6. Yes they are very funny, and George, well...;)

  7. Do you mean that the Italian programmes are bad (that's true), or that English adverts are bad? :D

  8. I agree, love the ads on Italian tv but generally the programmes are rubbish. We watch them sometimes in the hope our language might improve .. if George can do it so can we.

  9. I might just have to bookmark this post...the sexiest man in the world speaking one of the sexiest languages in the world...my my my!

    Thank you thank you thank you Lindy Lou!

    Best wishes,

  10. As much as I love George, I must admit I'm getting a bit fed up of seeing him on TV - he's everywhere!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Have a great weekend x x

  11. Lindy, please don't subscribe to Fastweb because of George's charm! :D
    My dad worked for a life for the Italian Telecom and keeps me telling how crappy is Fastweb!
    It's just a clever marketing strategy!
    Anyway, I echo the lady above, he's really everywhere, even on magazines!
    I've missed so many posts lately! OMG, even the Nutella Day! :)
    Have a good weekend!

  12. Julia@ It certainly doesn't! By the way I was unable to leave a comment on your blog earlier as Disqus not loading!
    Patricia@ Fun aren't they and the 'che carino' is just the sort one would expect of an Italian. British reserve would not allow this, as one would not have the nerve to get so close to start with!
    Angela@ good to see you here, pleased you appreciated George.
    Dona@ I enjoy the ads here more than the programmes, probably more due to my level of Italian! English Ads well never really took that much notice.
    Jenny@ Exactly, I think watching the ads helps my Italian a little :)
    Sarah@ I do not think I will get fed up with him!

  13. Those were great! I especially liked the second one. Of course, any view of George is good -even I can't understand the language!


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