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Friday, November 5, 2010

Italian Green Glass Demi-Johns - Photos - Friday Feature


When we moved into our new home last year it came with a cellar containing a huge selection of green glass demi-john bottles that are used for wine-making. 

At that time we never had any intention of making our own wine, so I decided to claim some, clean them up and use in other ways.

I thought you might be interested to see a couple of ways that I have used a few of them as decorative items in our new home.

As those of you who have read  Wine Making A Continuation  will know we also ended up using demi-johns for wine, I am just glad my husband did not claim these back!





Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. They look great. I'm glad he didn't reclaim them too, mind as a man he probably hadn't noticed them until this post ;D

  2. Just lovely Linda.

  3. Thay look fantastic, I am surprised that they did not get zapped back down to the cellar for more wine!! Diane

  4. They look wonderful .. :-) especially the ones with lights :-)

  5. They certainly cleaned up really well LindyLou and look lovely. I bet your house has a lot of character. I agree that the ones on the shelf with the lights look stunning.

  6. Love them! The make the best vases don't they!

  7. Wow...great find! Those are beautiful...I love what you've done with them!

  8. Yours are much prettier than ours! Fabulous green.

    PS I'm getting some pop-up adverts when I visit your site, have you added something recently...?

  9. Very nice, they match well with your home. First location is the best, in my opinion... :)

  10. They look very pretty with the sunflowers in them.

  11. Hi Lindy, lovely photos here. You asked about having to pay for photo storage. I had no idea that I was storing photos when i put them on my blogs so it was a shock. I have no idea about size so can't tell you how much 1G is but for US$5 I have bought 20G of space which my husband tells me is huge. I used my free 1G up with 6 months of photos on My Magpie Collection blog plus my Old Forest blog (www.oldforest.blogspot.com) which I have had since 2005 - I only add to this one after our annual holiday though - but it does have a mountain of photos on it. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  12. Beautiful. I do not know if you have seen the Pottery Barn catalog but they sell them for a very large sum of money.

  13. Travelingsuep - Me too, I think he realised he would have had a battle, so spent time cleaning out more from the cellar instead.

    Leon and Sue - :) Thanks.

    Cathy - Thankyou.

    Diane - So was I, but he would have had a battle, so cleaned out some others instead fortunately.

    Anne - Thanks I am pleased with the effect.

    Alessandra - Thankyou, I am not terribly creative but I do try.

    Thisisme - Thanks for your comments, The house is quite old in parts so yes does have character which we like. Not sure if you knew we have been renovating it.

    Leanne - Yes, great vases as do old bottles :)

    Linda - Thankyou for your comments, always appreciated.

    lakeviewer - I admit I am happy with the results.

  14. Rachel - Have you got green ones? Pop up adverts, what an earth are they? No one else has mentioned this! Is it possible to tell where they originate, as I cannot think what I have on the blog that might cause them! The only widget I have added is the weather from Yahoo, would that have ads? I do not think I have ever come across this problem on other blogs either :(

    Dona - Thankyou, glad you like where I have used them.

    Welshcakes - It would be even better if they were real :)

    Marilyn - Thanks for calling by and answering my question. I checked Picasa, which I do not use very often for posting photos to my blog,very few blog photos appear in the Online Album. I usually post direct from Flickr to the post before publishing not using Picasa. So hopefully this will not become a problem for me, still have to wait and see I suppose.

    Unknown Mami - Thankyou.

    Olive - I have never heard of Pottery Barn, do tell how much?

  15. What lovely green glass! The first picture is absolutely beautiful.

  16. Hello Lindy, I loved the bottles on display, they look great with the light behind them. Yes I have seen them on PotteryBarn.com, and they were very expensive, but I don't know how much. Check the store on line, they have a fine decor with hints of Italian and French country.

  17. How lucky to have found something so beautiful in your cellar. The only thing left in our cellar when we moved in was a laundry basket on wheels - which I love, but I like those bottles more!

  18. We have picked up all of ours from trash bins. The baskets are so good for keeping wood. I will probably only move a few in 2012 so if you want more let me know. Today I got a pop up ad too.

  19. We found some of those jars in our house too and I have the same sunflower arrangement, great minds. I really like them back lit, must try to work that in somewhere, thanks for the idea.

  20. SomeBirds - I am very pleased with the effect the lights have on the glass.

    Simony - I must go and take a look at Pottery Barn.com, the lights just finish the display don't they.

    Pam - Yes it was worth the effort clearing away all the old undrinkable wine and bottles and bottles of tomato sauce. Our neighbours said it is years since either had been made here. :(

    Martha - So that is 2 of you that have mentioned pop up ads. I have not been able to find out what causes this. Even visited the blog not signed in to blogger no ads! It is a coincidence but the other person and yourself are not blogspot, could it be that, no silly thought, but it does bother me. I do not want to put readers off!! Thanks for the offer of more demi johns but we have plenty thanks :)

    Jenny - Indeed! Do let me know if you find somewhere and share a photo with us.


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