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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Song – L'appuntamento – Ornella Vanoni or Andrea Bocelli


Fotografia di Andrea Bocelli

Ornella Vanoi              Wikipedia images         Andrea Bocelli

Two versions of the same song for this weeks choice sung by two different artists, Ornella Vanoi and Andrea Bocelli.

I like both of these versions and was unable to decide which I preferred so you get the opportunity to listen to them both.

The first version is sung by Ornella Vanoi from the movie Ocean's Twelve which is where I first heard it.  Her worldwide popularity increased in 2004 due to the song’s inclusion on the soundtrack of the film. She originally had a hit with this song in 1970.

Ornella Vanoi was born on September 22nd 1934 in Milan, Italy and has been active in the arts in Italy since the sixties. Although best known for her sophisticated pop style singing she has also starred in the theatre, TV shows, films and even posed nude for Italian Playboy.

More biographical and career information can be also be found about Ornella Vanoi on Wikipedia while more music videos can be found on YouTube.

The second version is sung by Andrea Bocelli at a 2006 open air performance in Las Vegas, USA.

Andrea Bocelli was born in Italy on 22nd September 1958 and having grown up with poor eyesight went totally blind at the age of twelve after a football accident.

More biographical and career information can be also be found about Andrea Bocelli on my earlier post here, or on Wikipedia and his Official Website, while more music videos can be found on YouTube.

Courtesy of supersander75


Courtesy of DREAMER100PRE


L'appuntamento Lyrics Courtesy of www.lyricstime.com

Ho sbagliato tante volte ormai che lo so già
Che oggi quasi certamente
Sto sbagliando su di te
Ma una volta in più che cosa può cambiare
Nella vita mia
Accettare questo strano appuntamento
È stata una pazzia
Sono triste tra la gente che mi sta
Passando accanto
Ma la nostalgia di rivedere te
È forte più del pianto
Questo sole accende sul mio volto
Un segno di speranza.
Sto aspettando quando ad un tratto ti vedrò
Spuntare in lontananza
Amore, fai presto, io non resisto
Se tu non arrivi non esisto
Non esisto, non esisto
È cambiato il tempo e sta piovendo
Ma resto ad aspettare
Non m'importa cosa il mondo può pensare
Io non me ne voglio andare.
Io mi guardo dentro e mi domando
Ma non sento niente
Sono solo un resto di speranza
Perduta tra la gente.amore è già tardi e non resisto
Se tu non arrivi non esisto
Non esisto, non esisto
Luci, macchine, vetrine, strade tutto quanto
Si confonde nella mente
La mia ombra si è stancata di seguirmi
Il giorno muore lentamente.
Non mi resta che tornare a casa mia
Alla mia triste vita
Questa vita che volevo dare a te
L'hai sbriciolata tra le dita.
Amore perdono ma non resisto
Adesso per sempre non esisto
Non esisto, non esisto


L'appuntamento – The Appointment (English) Lyrics Courtesy of www6lyrics.com

I've Been Mistaken So Many Times By Now That I Already Know
that Today Is Almost A Certainty
I’ve Been Wrong About You But Once More
That You Can Change My Life...
To Accept This Strange Appointment
Has Been A Madness!
I Am Sad Among The People
That You Are Passing By Me
But The Nostalgia Of Seeing You Again
It Is Stronger Than Weeping:
This Sun Shines On On My Face
A Sign Of Hope.
I Am Waiting When Suddenly
You Appear In A Distance!
Love, Make It Soon, I Don't Resist...
If You Don't Come, I Don't Exist
I Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
And The Time Has Passed And It's Raining
But Only To Wait
It Doesn't Concern Me What The World Thinks
I Don't Want To Go.
I Look Inside Myself And I Wonder
But I Don't Feel Anything;
I Only Have Is Hope
Lost Among The People.
Love Is You Already Late And I Don't Resist...
If You Don't Come I Don't Exist
I Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
Lights, Cars, Showcases, Roads
Everything Seems So Confusing
My Shadow Has Gotten Tired Of Following Me
The Day Dies Slowly.
It Doesn't Befit Me To Return To My House
To My Sad Life
This Life That I Wanted To Give To You
You Have Crumbled Between The Fingers.
Love Pardons But I Don't Resist...
Forever, I Don't Exist Now
I Don't Exist, I Don't Exist..

Did you have a favourite?

I have featured Andrea Bocelli in the Sunday Song post before singing a duet with Hayley Westerna.

More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me

Buono Domenica a Tutti


  1. Buona domenica Lindy!
    You know,I've always considered this lady unpleasant, but I have recently changed my mind, after having listened to some of her songs and interviews in tv shows. As you said she's very sophisticated both in her voice and manners..ah charm is something that you can't pay for.
    As for Mr Bocelli, sorry, but nobody will never give us back big Luciano (Pavarotti :)
    Hope you have some sunshine? Nothing than rain, rain and rain here :(

  2. Thanks for sharing both versions of this song Linda. Although I think I prefer Ornella's version. Buona domenica cara.

  3. I have to say I prefer Andrea Bocelli's version, but then I prefer listening to men singing in general. I have to agree with Green Thumb, Italy will not find another Pavraotti in a hurry but it will be great when they do. Diane

  4. I love Andrea Bocelli but I think I like Ornella Vanoi's version better. It has a nice smooth jazz feeling. I really need to check her out. Thanks.

    (How cool is it that I apparently share the same birthday with both of these talented people?)

  5. Good Sunday morning to you!
    {in Italy it is already afternoon!}

    Both versions are wonderful... although I could listen to Andrea all day ...
    God bless you and have a wonderful Sunday and lovely week!
    Happy Thanksgiving from America!

  6. The song is beautiful in both version, but it's too sad.
    You know what? if you don't come I'll find someone better, LOL!

  7. Lindy, you transported me to Italy today!
    Even though the lady has a soft sweet voice, my vote goes to Andrea, which in my mind and heart is one of the best singers. His voice is just too romantic and deep, takes me away...
    Thanks for sharing this song with us today.

  8. No doubt, I prefer Ornella Vanoni.
    Bocelli has a quite old fashioned Italian way of singing, currently much more appreciated abroad than here in Italy.

  9. I have to say, I enjoyed all..Each one has their own style and I thought they were wonderful..the young woman singing with A.Bocelli was wonderful too.
    I seem to remember reading about A.Bocelli's life..it was quite interesting..
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful music..a good way to start Sunday..Rosebud/Carolyn

  10. I really enjoyed both versions! I have heard of Ornella before because she recorded a most beautiful duet with Eros Ramazzotti and I loved the blend of their voices together.

  11. Both versions are nice...it would be hard to decide between the two.
    I have been a Bocelli appreciater for a very long time. I love his easy style even when he sings classical numbers.

  12. I love Bocelli's version. I am actually familiar with his music and like it. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Yay for Sunday Songs! Thanks for sharing both versions of this one..not sure which I like best yet.
    Hope you're having a great Sunday! :)

  14. There is nothing like listening to Andrea on a lovely Sunday afternoon. Thank you! :)

  15. You're right – they are both terrific. I have to lean towards Andrea, having been a fan since the beginning of his career. In fact, I'm a big fan of Zucchero, who gave Andrea his big break, as I understand it. Thank you for this and have a wonderful week. xo – g

  16. OMG!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE her! Beautiful voice- sounds Brasilian to me! Italian and Brasilian are my two fav. types of music...
    Thanks for sharing ... I'll have to listen to more.. Sooo lovely!
    I also LOVE Andrea B. ...
    Take care and have a lovely week..

  17. I was just wondering and i got here, I really gt amazed by the blog. Very informaive and very helpfull thanks for providing the post. Hope that we will get more in future.

  18. Cathy - I just cannot make up my mind between the two!

    Diane - I am just happy you can enjoy SS over the winter months. :)

    Maria - Thankyou for your wishes, glad you enjoyed listening.

    Cheap Hotels in Paris - Thankyou for your interest in Sunday Songs, there will certainly be more.

    Dona - I was interested to hear from an Italian that Andrea is more popular outside of Italy. I still like both versions.

    Julia Writer - I have heard the duet you mention and was thinking of featuring it on SS sometime which as an extra special fan of Eros I know you would enjoy.

    Amiko - I am pleased you enjoyed them.

    Neil and Susan - Thankyou for listening on a lovely Sunday afternoon, it was far from that here, rained all day.

  19. What a great song. Both artists are very talented. I think I prefer Andrea Bocelli though. I liked the richness of his voice.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

    I hope your day is sweet,

  20. Maddy - Good to see you here as I know how busy you are with your studies, but I know you enjoy your music so am pleased you had time to listen to this weeks choices.


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