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Friday, November 19, 2010

Nespresso - Cab Driver – Italian Advertising Series No 4 – Friday Feature



The latest Nespresso television commercial with George Clooney, playing himself and John Malkovich playing God has very recently been released in Italy.  As so many of you have enjoyed the last one I posted here Nespresso - Italian Advertising Series No 3 I decided to share this new one with you as well. Also since writing that last post I have discovered that Nespresso has a fan page on Facebook and it was via a link there that I discovered the very good news that they are expanding their recycling programme with the AluCycle Initiative. They use aluminium for the capsules because it protects the coffee aromas and is recyclable without any loss of quality, this is an interesting project which is already operating in many countries.

They plan to create a nationwide collection system in Italy for used capsules based on what they learn from their pilot projects, through which they are testing and comparing their own collection and recycling with existing national packaging waste recovery schemes. By 2013 Nespresso will have put systems in place to triple their capacity to recycle used capsules to 75%.

If you would like to watch the full screen version of the commercial in English with Italian subtitles here is the link from the Facebook page.

Nespresso It's official, it's live! Discover now the new Nespresso film "Cab Driver" by clicking here http://bit.ly/nespresso-cab-driver


Courtesy of Nespresso

I hope you enjoy this latest commercial from Nespresso and as an added bonus you can also have a quick Italian lesson as this time I  have been able to post a version with subtitles in Italian.

A presto!  See you soon!


  1. I have yet to taste nespresso as we we drink so little coffee. I did enjoy the commercial though. I can even play it here! Diane

  2. Ciao Lindy!
    I have such a thing for Mr Clooney..such a shame that he's in love with that damned Elisabetta..he he
    Have a good weekend!

  3. That's really weird. I might even say really bad. There's no idea that he bought the capsules in the first place. In fact, its Clooney who is bad. He's not even cute. Surprising.

  4. Diane - I am just happy that you are to watch videos at the moment.

  5. Good Morning! Drats, I am being blocked from viewing the commercial. Just add that to the list of challenges I have going this week. Limited blogging still happening here! Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I didn't know this commercial, so thanks for the tip! It was funny! Have a good weekend,

  7. Good commercial! Have a lovely weekend LindyLou.

  8. Interesting commercial Linda. I like the fact that they are trying to recycle the capsules. Recycling here in Italy is not the easiest thing to do.

  9. I love viewing these on Youtube...never see them in the US. But at the moment I am in Mexico and this one played on the local TV last night.

  10. I couldn't get the video..it said it was blocked..I have been having trouble with my server again..changing it on Tuesday..hope that will help me..couldn't even get in my own blog..now that is upsetting..Finally got there today..I realize Thanksgiving is only celebrated here, but wishing you a happy Thursday..Our children will be here to celebrate..we use to have many students from around the world, when our daughters were in college..Was fun..The more the merrier..Take care and enjoy the weekend..

  11. Love it...

    We have this in France, too!

    Take care and have a great weekend...

  12. There was a message blocking US from viewing the commercial! I don't know why?!

  13. I saw this one a bit ago...such a strange series but I love the quirkiness of them! My students were proud to tell me that they recognized John Malkovich (we read 'Of Mice and Men' last year and they loved watching the movie).

  14. Cathy - I have a soft spot for George Clooney so maybe that is why I have enjoyed the series. It is good news that they hope to increase recycling possibilities for this product.

    Patricia - I am pleased you were able to view as I think they are blocked in the USA from comments left here.

    Somebirds - George Clooney adds to the interest of course. What a good idea to let your students watch the film of a book you have studied with them.

  15. I'm glad to hear about the recycling scheme - I do like their coffees, but have been put off buying a machine due to how wasteful it seemed.

  16. We love Nespresso - we love George, we love John although he's a bit dark and scary at times.
    Have to go now - Sue needs Nespresso.

  17. I can't watch it because it's been blocked for copyright issues.

    Strangely enough I just had a dream about George Clooney. I dreamt we were seated next to each other at the Academy Awards. He was very nice.

  18. I simply cannot get myself to buy coffee in a throwaway capsule for each cup...it just seems so very wrong when we're already "drowning" in rubbish... Maybe I'll change my mind when their recycling scheme really takes off, after all I do like my coffee ;-) Have a great week, thanks so much for all your lovely comments (how are the cakes and loafs?), Love from London xo

  19. Hi Linda, Yes, normally I think George Clooney is pretty hot, but this ad just made me wince...

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