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Monday, November 1, 2010

All Saints Day + Top Ten Posts From The Bloggers In Italy


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These dates are celebrated primarily by Catholics, but not just by Italians. There are also Church of England dioceses that honour these dates with special services, although I believe not so often recognised these days as it was many years ago.

November 1st is a public holiday in Italy for All Saints Day where it is known as Tutti i Santi Ognissnati.  All Saints Day is the Catholic holiday, commemorating the Saint Martyrs and the following day is All Souls Day, which is set aside to honour loved ones who are deceased. Italians celebrate the two days together and traditionally they visit the graves of  their loved ones and leave some flowers normally chrysanthemums.

This is why you must never take chrysanthemums as a gift to an Italian household, as it is considered unlucky to have them indoors.

I am very happy and feel honoured to be included in the italytutto – the blog about the blogs and bloggers in italy  listing for the second time this month, this week for Our Garden In October

Another interesting selection of posts from Sicily, Lazio, Umbria, Le Marche and Piedmont.

Oct31: Top 10 posts from the bloggers in Italy

This weeks of the top 10 posts from the bloggers in Italy (in alphabetical order):

An American in Rome: The Problem with Italian Plugs
Round, flat, thick, thin …

Baroque Sicily: Like Melted Butter
“So terribly physically all over one another”

Bella Baita View: Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto and Terre Madre
A market place for wondrous products

Brigolante: Seven Perfect Days: A One Week Itinerary for Umbria
The best of absolutely everything

Dim Sum, Bagels & Crawfish: Palermo
Don’t miss it

Italian Reflections from Casa Dolcetta:Bugatti Kitchen Scales
To match your Bugatti toaster

News from Italy: Our Garden in October
The apples and grapes are now all harvested

Parla Food: Paolo Parisi’s Eggs Fetch a Pretty Penny
Are they worth the price?

Sicily Scene: The Olive Pickers’ Lunch that wasn’t
Even if rain delays picking, there is always a fabulous lunch

Valle Nuova: Peperoncini ripieni
Family recipe for this traditional Piemontese delicacy

italytutto is maintained by a freelance writer with wide experience who first started writing this blog at the beginning of 2009 to keep track of all her favourite bloggers in Italy.

At the beginning of 2010, she made a lifestyle choice and gave up full-time corporate life to spend more time at her home in Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany, she now divides her time between Italy and the UK.

I enjoy reading this feature on a regular basis and through italytutto have discovered lots of great blogs on Italy which I hope some of you will now maybe discover for yourselves.

News From Italy has had the honour of being featured previously for the following posts Our Garden in July on August 4th 2010, Montefiascone Fiera del Vino 2010 on August 30th 2010 and most recently in October for Grape Harvest and Winemaking

Thankyou italytutto for the inclusion in this weeks listing.

To all my Italian friends who are celebrating All Saints Day with family my best wishes and lets hope the weather brightens up. It is looking very miserable, grey and windy at the moment. Typical Bank Holiday weather.


  1. Not a public holiday here.... I have never celebrated this day , not as far as I can remember, and I was brought up a Catholic.

    Mainland Europe celebrates .. :-)

  2. I am with Anne, no holiday here, but it is in France so I am in the wrong country!! Congrats on being in the top 10 once again. Diane

  3. The only way it is celebrated here..we go to Mass. Considered a Holy Day..What a great blog and it is wonderful to be appreciated..Good for you, you deserve it..A very interesting and informative blog, which I really enjoy..and may I say you have the patience of a "Saint"..for finding me the words to that song..ha, ha..

  4. The Church of England Churches in my area all still celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day (where the names of all those have have passed away during the previous year are read out). It is not a Bank Holiday here in England either, but it is in France where my daughter lives. It is funny to think of a Bank Holiday being miserable, grey and windy, in sunny Italy! I thought that only happened to Bank Holidays in this country! Incidentally, I love the song "We No Speak Americano" - it really cheers me up, and I have it as the ring tone on my mobile phone. Hope the sun shines again in Italy for you soon!

  5. It is a pity it is such an awful wet day on this public holiday of ours! Congratulations on making italy tutto's list of featured posts again. Well done Linda.

  6. I grew up celebrating All Saint Day instead of Halloween because my mother was opposed to Halloween. I personally really like this holiday. I might be biased due to the fact that my husband works for the Catholic church and gets the day off! lol!

  7. Thank you for your kind comments. I do so enjoy reading your blog and wish I could put you in my Top 10 most weeks! It is always such a difficult choice with so many great blogs around.

  8. Yayness! Lovely for you to make italy tutto's top ten list. ♥O

  9. I had no idea about the chrysanthemums Linda-you learn something new every day!

    I hope your weather improved for your holiday.

    Best wishes,
    PS Congratulations on being such a fabulous blogger!

  10. I am Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school. Mass for All Saint's Day is something that I will always remember.

    Congrats on your top ten listing Linda! You deserve it.

  11. In North Germany, we are Protestants (Lutherans), so we envy the Catholics for their many extra holidays! All Saints Day is celebrated in all Catholic areas, mainly South Germany (the separation came after the 30-years-war. Europe is so full of history!
    I wish I had the time to read all the blogs you mentioned. Congratulations to yours, though!

  12. Anne - It is taken very seriously here, our local cemetery was so busy yesterday morning.

    Diane - It seems to be a BH in many of the Catholic countries, thanks :)

    Rosebud - Thankyou for your kind words :)

    Thisisme - As for the weather it must be something about Bank holidays!

    Cathy - It was appalling weather wasn't it, thanks :)

    Hannah - Thankyou for calling by and commenting, much appreciated.

    Shelia italy tutto - I appreciate the work you do for all the italyblogs out there and it is such a compliment when you include my blog in the lists. Keep up the good work :)

    Olive - It is a compliment that I really appreciate, as there are so many excellent Italy blogs out there :)

    Natasha - Neither did I until after I moved here, as in the Uk we always had potted chrysanthemums indoors for the Autumn. I was about to do it here and was told it was considered unlucky. Nope the weather did not improve it was a truly foul day, lots of flooding in northern Italy, which I know you will sympathise with. Thanks also for your kind words about the blog.

    Alissa - Thankyou so much :)

    Angela - Catholic countries do seem to take celebrating seriously don't they. I know we will ever have enough time to keep up with all the wonderful blogs that are out there. Thanks :)

  13. Congrats for being on the top ten list ;)

  14. Again, I am here to thank you for the great site on photos..Will try and send a picture there..
    Hope all is well there..getting chilly here..but I say this every year..what do I expect in Maine?
    Ha, ha..Have a great week..Rosebud/Carolyn

  15. Alessandra - Thanks so much :)

    Rosebud/Carolyn - Oh I am so glad you like BW and are thinking of joining, please mention it was me that introduced you. :)

  16. Oh, I love the list...with links! I can't wait to visit these and enjoy them! You blog is wonderful! I love Italy...it's my dream to visit some day! ♥

  17. Lavender Dreamer - Welcome to my blog as my latest follower, it is much appreciated. I hope you will enjoy the little piece of Italy that I share here. It will maybe keep your dream alive until you are able to visit for yourself.


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