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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Garden in February - Il Nostro Giardino in Febbraio



My first ever garden post on News From Italy was in March of last year. I stopped posting this series over the winter, the last one was in November Our Garden in November. I was planning to recommence the series at the end of this month when I thought some colour would have returned to the garden.

What a relief it is that February is now behind us and my least favourite time of the year is over for another ten months. Even if here in Italy March is known as ‘Marzo Pezzo’ ‘Mad March’ due to the variety of weather it can surprise us with I can still feel that Spring is close.

Looking through the photos I took during February I was surprised to discover there were actually enough to make it worthwhile producing a garden post for February after all.

I share with you just a selection of the shots I took around our garden in February and if you are interested the entire album can be viewed on Flickr.com in the album entitled Our Garden - February 2011

At the start of the month the Japonica - Japanese Flowering Quince was already well advanced.

Although we had Narcissi's in bloom before Christmas, it is the daffodils that I feel are a real sign of Spring, the first ones were in bud by early in the month and with a few days of sunshine we were soon enjoying displays like these.

Some of the plum and apricot trees have also started to show blossom during

February although they have been held back somewhat by the recent cold spell.

Everywhere you look now there are buds like this opening

I was especially pleased to see more than a hint of pink in some of the buds

on the Camellia bush.

I am linking to Outdoor Wednesday today to share these images with other lovers of the great “Outdoors”.

Outdoor Wednesday button[5]Welcome to ‘News From Italy’ to the other participants, thankyou for calling by.



  1. Wow that is pretty good for February. Our daffodils are still not out here in the UK but I see there are the few odd ones around that are close. I just wonder what is happening in our Charente garden. The bluebells should be up and budding very soon. I can expect to arrive to the very strong perfume of them if all is well. Diane

  2. Daffs already! I had jonquils in Positano. Is the Camellia in a pot? There are a few in our neighbouring gardens but the rain ruins the flowers.

  3. Lovely photos. Our blooms aren't quite there yet- The daffodils are peaking up their little heads but not far enough along yet to open.
    I enjoyed your comments about February. It is my least favorite time of the year as well. I think once I no longer have school aged children I'm going to have to plan my vacations for that month. I am so glad to be through it!

  4. The first signs of spring are life giving after a cold wet winter which we are now about to enter down under.
    Reading about Italy reminds me to tell you about a cafe near work owned by Antonio from Abuzzo. He's so proud of his food. A customer of mine also nearby has a coffee company, Espresso Vivo. Vincenzo is a very small customer but I do love his coffee but why does he always bargain foe a better price.

  5. Our flowers are still in winter slumber. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Beautiful photos of your garden Linda, and I so agree, isn't it wonderful to have February behind us. I was so pleased that you posted that photo of the Japonica, because I had taken a photo of mine to put on yesterday's post. BUT I didn't because it was the only shrub I couldn't remember the name of, so thank you for that! (I knew that the fruits were quinces). It's so lovely to have some colour in the garden after the dreary months of the winter.

  7. Wow!
    I've spotted some Daffodils, Crocuses and the Japonica in bloom too in my garden..oh and the heather bushes are at their best!
    I've read on FB that you had a sprinkle of snow this morning?! Well, we're flying in Venice, there's a gale blowing since yesterday!

  8. Beautiful Linda! I too am glad that February is behind us - I'm really ready for Spring this year. Your daffodil photos are my favorite. I love the term Marzo Pezzo.

  9. Spring is close or Spring has definitely SPRUNG!! Beautiful flowers Linda .. your garden is amazing .. Thank you for all your lovely comments too .. ♥

  10. Lindy - it's wonderful of you to share your spring daffodils and buds with us. I'm getting tired of the colour white and being so cold. It will be a long time til we see flowers here. It's -31 C this morning. Sunshine Always!

  11. Fantastic post! I like seeing variety of flowers when the weather is not so cheerful. So I am glad that you shared with us.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Gorgeous blooms and scenery!
    Such great outdoor.
    Ciao ciao.


  13. You have a gorgeous garden. I'm now following both of your blogs!

  14. I've just been out for a walk. For the second day running we've had sunshine here in NE England. What a difference now there's some better weather and all the crocuses and snowdrops are out. When the daffodils bloom we shall know Spring is on the way, although you can never tell... I hope your plum and apricot trees don't suffer from any sudden cold weather.
    (Thanks for confirming that the mimosa is in bloom and visit to my blog).

  15. Ciao Linda,
    il tuo giardino deve essere meraviglioso, chissà
    verso l'estate che splendore.
    Qui nel veneto siamo moooolto indietro e c'è
    ancora freddo, tira un vento!
    Ti ringrazio per i tuoi frequenti commenti, mi fanno tanto piacere, ma non hai voglia di tornare
    nella tua meraviglios splendida, incantevole Inghilterra? Io ci vado il mese prossimo per una ventina di giorni, ma se potessi mi stabilirei là per sempre!!!!
    Un abbraccio

  16. Thanks for sharing all your pretty touches of Spring.

  17. Thank you for the hope that these photos offer. Beautiful, and a visual sigh for me today.

  18. I just love that you picked up and moved to the place of your dreams!! I would love to do that!

    Your photos are great....=)

  19. Is this real? I can't believe springtime has already arrived in Italy. You live in paradise.

    Meanwhile, in my blog, there will probably still be a bunch of reports about snowstorms.

  20. You were definitely able to capture some beautiful signs of spring. Lovely.

  21. How beautiful! You certainly have more spring color than we do right now. I just love it when the flowering trees are in bloom...there really is nothing prettier.

  22. Oh, my goodness! How wonderful! You're so far ahead of us. I mean, we have a lot of daffodils just about to open but no quince yet. Should be any moment! – g

  23. The first flowers of the year are absolutely my favourites and you are particularly blessed by a mild climate. Hope that yesterday's late snow didn't cause any damage to new buds.
    I enjoyed so much your photos!

  24. Oh Linda, how gloriously beautiful!!! My heart gave a lurch looking at these lovely things. :-) I'm longing for spring and taking heart that I didn't have to scrape ice off my windshield this morning. :-)

  25. Fantastic photos! Here in London the cherry blossoms are out and the daffs beginning to make their way! I can't wait.

  26. Thanks for the flowers! I can not wait till warm weather arrives!

  27. Lovely Linda. The daffodils are probably my favourite :)

  28. You photo's are super, thank you for your stopping by me, Maureen x

  29. Wow, beautiful blooms, in the north we are still in full winter.

  30. I'm sooo jealous! Spring still seems like an eternity away here and it still feels so cold... Your photos really give the feel of a warm Spring day and the colours are lovely.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments, I'm feeling bad for not managing to visit more often, but somehow life seems to have an annoying habit of getting in the way.

    Lots of Love from a slightly sunny but still very cold London xo

  31. Looks so beautiful!


  32. such a beautiful garden!!!
    greetings from Spain

  33. Absolutely stunning garden! Only in Italy...

  34. Shelia@ Your temperatures are mind bogglingly cold! The golden yellow of the daffodils is such a cheery sight.

    Yoshi@ Welcome and I am pleased my flowers brightened your day.

    Laura@ I hope it is a sigh of pleasure that you are able to share these signs of Spring with me virtually.

    Dona@ I am pleased you enjoyed the photos, the cold weather does not seem to have done damage just slowed the emerging blossom and other buds.

    Rambling Tart@ They are a cheery sight I agree and just think Spring will be officially here now in just a few more weeks.

    Cathy@ Daffodils always herald the end of winter and cheer me up.

  35. Joana@ Thanks for calling by and commenting :)

  36. Hi Lindy Lou! What a beautiful garden you have! Oh, how I would love to have something more than brown leaves at this time of year and cold! I am visiting you back and now following your blog and tweets! Stop by a moderate life on tuesday for the hearth and soul hop if you have a recipe to link up! all the best, Alex

  37. OMG, what a beautiful garden, so jealous.

  38. Bookquoter@ Please do not be jealous but continue to share with me virtually as I post more garden photos throughout the year :)

  39. Gorgeous post, and so many pretty things to see. We have more snow, so there is nothing blossom yet..

  40. Hi Lindy, I posted your comment on my Great Expectations post, in an indirect way as I accidentally deleted your post. I sometimes do that if I forget to enlarge the print on my I -pad, and the publish and delete buttons are so close together. So sorry. But, your message stayed in my mailbox, so I was able to copy it. Just so you know.
    Anyways, you know I meant jealous in a good way. I will definitely follow your garden posts (among all your other posts). Your flickr garden photos are spectacular! Flowers and fruits, (yummy persimmon and figs) galore, a little piece of paradise!

  41. Icy BC@ I am pleased you enjoyed the post, more snow you certainly seem to have had a lot this winter!

    Bookquoter@ Whoops sounds like the sort of thing I might do. I did realise you meant it in a good way of course and I am so pleased that you have had a chance to take a look at my Flickr photos.

  42. How beautiful!!! Truly!!! I find it so hard to believe that these beauties are growing anywhere in the world - when I have been surrounded by cold, damp, grey skies, and one of the hardest winters we've seen in Chicago in years! But this gives me hope that spring is around the corner for us! Love these photos, my friend. Bravo!


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