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Monday, February 18, 2013

San Remo 2013 - Festival della Canzone Italiana

The final of the 63rd edition of the Festival was held yesterday evening and was broadcast live on Italian television as it is a very popular event with the Italians, a vast majority of whom seem to love music in some form or other.  The festival lasted for five days and this year the viewing figures were the highest since 2001 with an average nightly audience of more than eleven million viewers. Maybe viewers were looking to get away from the election campaign? The average share of the viewing audience never fell below 42% and on the closing night 66.6%.

Yesterday evening Marco Mengoni became the winner of  the Festival della Canzone Italiana San Remo 2013.

Marco Mengoni was born on Christmas Day in 1988 and rose to fame as a singer in 2009 after winning the third season of the Italian edition of the show 'The X Factor'. The following year he came third in the San Remo music festival and this year he won with L'Essenziale (The Essential). He has been selected to represent Italy in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo in May.

Marco Mengoni - L'essenziale

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With thanks also to the following sites for information used in this post Wikipedia - Festival di San Remo 2013,  ANSA News - San Remo   YouTube

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