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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Garden In June - Il Nostro Giardino in Giugno



This time last year when I wrote the post Our Garden in June 2010 I started it with almost the same words as apart from a few differences that needed changing I wanted to say exactly the same!

How can it be the end of June already?  It is the time once again for me to share some of my favourite garden photos from the last month with you, selecting just a few from the many I have taken over the last few weeks. I think I went rather overboard this month as I have to select my favourites from a total of 298 in all!   

The interested gardeners and photographers amongst you will find the full album on Flickr.  Our Garden in June 2011

The photographs I have chosen from the month of June for you to enjoy are to try and give you an idea of the wide variety of plants in our garden. You know where to look if you want to see them in their full glory in a larger format.  When choosing I also avoided the macro flower shots this month as if I had included them there would be twelve of those, as I find macro photography such fun to experiment with. I post many of these on Beautiful World a site where I have been posting photos for just over a year now. I have not included any photos of the plum harvest either as I thought I would save those for another post.


Poppies Californian and Wild

This photo was also posted today for Beautiful World’s Themed Thursday which this week was ‘sizzling’

Ornamental Leeks

A Favourite Corner

Yucca Plants




Bears Breeches

Small Orto from roof terrace


Persian Acacia and in front of it Magnolia.

To appreciate the beauty that these two trees provide you need to see the flowers in close up.

Persian Acacia Flowers


Finally in the last day or so the Agapanthus is coming into bloom.

Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection

I hope you have enjoyed sharing this peep at our garden plants this month and remember if you would like to see more photographs of the garden taken during 2011 please visit the collection of albums at Flickr.com Our Garden 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Italy in Books Reading Challenge – June 2011


Ask Me If I’m Happy by Kimberly Menozzi

Italy in Books - Reading Challenge 2011


  • Paperback: 492 pages
  • Genre: Romantic Fiction
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services 2010 and Good to go Press 2011
  • Source: eBook provided by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
  • Review Quote: "A wonderful debut novel by a talented writer. Nell Dixon, author of "Animal Instincts"
  • A Favourite Quote: “The role that ancient mythology has in modern fiction is little appreciated, but nonetheless undeniable. All modern themes are merely re-workings of ancient tales and have been told around the fire since time immemorial…”
  • My Opinion: I doubt I would have chosen to read this if left to my own devices. However I am so glad I had the opportunity to do so.


The June post with a list of books that the other people taking part are reading this month has already been posted. June Reviews

Ask Me If I’m Happy is a strong romantic novel strengthened by the setting and the use of the Italian language, which make this novel a perfect read, not only for fans of romantic novels but those who love all things Italian. The Italian presence is very evident and the author shares her flaws not just her beauty.

The two protagonists are Emily Miller and Davide Magnani they fall in love at first sight! I am not sure I believe in this actually being love when there is an instant chemistry between two people. I think love and true friendship is something that grows from those first attractions. It is not a simple relationship though as these feelings strike on the day Emily is leaving Italy to return to her native America, she thinks for ever after having had her heart broken by another Italian male. We all know that the path of true love is never simple and these two certainly have a rollercoaster of a relationship with coincidences, lies and hidden truths all getting in the way before Davide is able to convince Emily that Italy is where she should be.

Kimberley's writing is very realistic and her characters all feel very believable while her descriptions will make you feel you are in Italy. As I am not a great fan of too good to be true romance I was at times a little frustrated with their behaviour but I got caught up in the dream. I was a little surprised that I enjoyed this as much as I did. I think it was because of the talent of this young lady in her portrayal of a modern love affair.

A very enjoyable choice for my Italy in Books - Reading Challenge 2011 this month.

Kimberly MenozziKimberly Menozzi – Facebook Photo.

An aspiring writer from the age of eight, American born Kimberly Menozzi began writing her first stories instead of paying attention in school. In 2003, she met, fell in love and married a year later an Italian accountant named Alessandro. She has lived in Italy ever since and in 2007, inspired by her love/hate relationship with Italy the novel Ask Me if I'm Happy was completed in 2009.

Information for this post is with thanks to the following websites.

Amazon - Kimberly Menozzi

Authors Official Website

Facebook - Kimberly Menozzi


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LindyLouMac's Book Reviews

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Cherry Harvest - La Raccolta delle Ciliegie - 2011


We are back in Italy after our third trip to the UK within the last six weeks, all for completely different occasions both happy and sad. Although it is always a delight to see family and friends the most recent visit was a very emotional one and we are glad to be home for a period of quiet reflection.

These trips have meant that my promised post about the Cherry Harvest for this year which took place at the end of May is only just being shared with you here today.

We had a dilemma at the end of May because our cherries were already ripe and ready for harvesting. There is a local tradition that cherries should never be harvested before the first of June, this was a problem for two reasons. Firstly they were ready early due to the weather and secondly the bank holiday at the start of June when locals traditionally harvest, was the weekend we were in England for a wedding. If we had postponed the harvest until our return the birds might well have had them all!  In fact it turned out to be the rain while we were away that ruined the cherries we left on the trees, although we did harvest a few more on our return, it was mainly to enjoy instantly while pottering in the garden!

We have a number of smaller cherry trees plus the two mature trees which yielded us twenty kilos each tree, picked on the 29th and 30th of May.

As you can see from the photos, two different varieties but names unknown I am sorry to say.  I think cherries are at there most delicious fresh so we eat as many as we can that way, it is surprising how long they stay fresh if left in plastic trays in the fridge. We are fortunate enough to have a large second fridge which is useful for such occasions and we are still eating fresh cherries a month after the harvest. The rest we mainly freeze with a few stored in jars both with and without alcohol, which will see us right through until the next cherry season hopefully.

All the photos I have shared here were taken by myself between May 8th and May 30th 2011.

Cherry Harvest Collages

I have also included a slide show of my Cherry Harvest photos which I hope you will enjoy and feel that it transports you to Italy for a few minutes. These photos were all taken in our garden between the 8th and the 30th of May 2011.

Cherry Harvest 2011 by LindyLouMac

If you would prefer to view this video either as stills or in a larger format please visit My Flickr Album Cherry Harvest 2011

My post about last years Cherry Harvest can be found here Cherry Harvest 2010 where it is interesting to compare how much later we harvested.

I am linking this post to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House where you will find lots of other beautiful Mosaics.

Little Red House

Welcome to ‘News From Italy’ to the other participants from Mosaic Monday, thankyou for calling by, I hope you have enjoyed your visit here today.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Memories of Italy.



…………… after Mum’s funeral which we are spending a few days in the UK for.   Meanwhile I am leaving you with a few old photographs of some of the places we took my parents on their visits to us in Italy. Happy Memories.


The Roman Viaduct just outside Tarquinia.

Tarquinia in the distance.

There are a number of stretches of viaduct that can be seen in this area.

Tarquinia Museum.

Basilica of San Pietro  in Tuscania.

The Etruscan necropolis at Sutri with many of rock-cut tombs, there is also a Roman amphitheatre cut from the tufa rock.

Vetralla as seen from the surrounding countryside.

Outside one of our favourite places in Viterbo the Gran Caffe Schenardi, which  has been a cafe since 1818!

Enjoying our Garden

My Sister and Mum in Marta, this one and the remaining photos were taken a few years later.

Partial view of the Lago di Bolsena taken from Montefiascone.

Capodimonte, the town on the left in the photo above.

Finally Mum loved the wild cyclamen that grow here in carpets in the woods in the late summer early Autumn. Simply glorious I will now always think of her when I see them.


If you want to learn more about any of the places I have mentioned just click on the blue links within the text.

See you all next week.

Copyright All rights reserved by LindyLouMac Photo Collection

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Snapshots - Sunbathing Lizard

Photos taken in our garden last Saturday afternoon!

Anyone else besides Louise from  A View From Carmine Superiore  spot the other reptile?
Have a lovely weekend my friends wherever you are in the world and what ever you are doing.