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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Musica per Ottobre – Fabrizio Moro – Gianni Gandi - Patrizio Buanne + Think Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month



As promised in my earlier post while we are away I am leaving you with a selection of Music starting with a very appropriate song for the season, which I featured here last year but I am sure those of you who listened to it then will not mine doing so again. I have lots more lovely friendly followers than I had this time last year and I am grateful to each and every one of you for all your support.

Ottobre - Fabrizio Moro

Uploaded by PoliticalWarrior93 on Feb 19, 2010

La sera ormai è fresco
ma ogni tanto sento ancora una zanzara
maledette zanzare
sono più inutili dei democristiani
mio figlio inizia a parlare
e io amo quello che dice
anche se non lo capisco
ma d'altronde neanche lui capisce me
e in tv continuo a vedere le stesse identiche facce di sempre
come se avessero capito
che non li stiamo a sentire bene
tu sei sveglia da poco e apri la finestra
sorridi e dici amore ormai è arrivato è arrivato
con i suoi colori grigi che io amo
a ottobre mi sembra che inizi un nuovo anno
ma perchè non è a ottobre il capodanno
Mi guardo e vedo
che ho perso qualche kilo maledetti kili in meno
mi viene in mente la salute che va
tu sorridi e mi dici stai bene
non ti preoccupare devi solo stare più calmo
ma come faccio in questo mondo qua
e quando ti stringo sento
che i tuoi vestiti sanno già d'inverno
mi viene in mente l'inizio della scuola
e la festa della nostra borgata
e allora ti bacio ancora
e torna tutto qui
e tu ripeti si è proprio bello
è proprio bello
con i suoi colori grigi che io amo
a ottobre mi sembra che tutto sia più chiaro
è tutto dolce a ottobre anche l'amaro
con i suoi colori grigi che io amo
a ottobre mi sembra che inizi un nuovo anno
ma perchè non è a ottobre il capodanno
ma perchè non è ottobre tutto l'anno.

Translation of Lyrics to English is courtesy of Google and I apologise if there are glaring mistakes, I did not do a through check so please let me know if it is wrong. At least it gives those of you with no Italian the gist of the meaning. 

The evening is cool now
but sometimes I still feel a mosquito
damn mosquitoes
Democrats are the most useless
my son starts talking
and I love what it says
even if I do not understand
but then even he understands me
TV and still see the exact same faces as always
as if they had understood
that we do not hear well
you are awake and just open the window
smile and say now you got love has arrived
with its grey colour that I love
beginning in October seems to me that a new year
but why not to October, the New Year
I look and see
I lost a few kilos less cursed kilo
I am reminded of health that goes
you smile and tell me you are well
do not worry you just feel calmer
but as I do in this world here
and when you feel squeeze
already know that your clothes in winter
I remember the beginning of the school
and the feast of our village
and then kiss you again
and returns all here
and you repeat it is just beautiful
it is beautiful
with its grey colour that I love
in October it seems to me that everything is clearer
October is all too sweet to bitter
with its grey colour that I love
beginning in October seems to me that a new year
but why not to October, the New Year
but why is not throughout the year in October.

I also featured this instrumental by Gianni Gandi  last year, here, but like it so much that I just had to share with you again.

Autumn Leaves (Gianni Gandi)

Uploaded by mediterraneosproduct on Aug 9, 2010

My third choice is taken from an Autumn Album released on September 20th 2011 ‘Patrizio’ from Patrizio Buanne an Italian that sings beautifully in English. The first video is him talking about his new album and there is an interesting write up as well on YouTube, apparently he is already gaining a following in the UK and Australia, so some of you may already be fans. The second video is Patrizio performing ‘Solo Tu’ which he performs in a mixture of English and Italian. My final selection is Patrizio having great fun performing, ‘Mambo Italiano’, I hope you will enjoy his singing as much as I do.

Patrizio Buanne – Patrizio

Uploaded by concordrecords on Aug 2, 2011


Patrizio Buanne - "Solo Tu"

Uploaded by pgh2257 on Apr 4, 2011


Patrizio Buanne - Mambo Italiano Hey Hey It's Saturday LIVE Australia

Uploaded by vidiyeo on May 11, 2011

If you have called by today hoping for something new to read rather than listen to music please visit my last post, Our Garden in September, where you will discover I have linked to lots of other interesting blog parties to keep you busy blog hopping while I am away.  Maybe if you are a reader you will also consider calling by my other blog LindyLouMac's Book Reviews, where I have posted lots of new book reviews this week.

For those of you that were not following News From Italy this time last year, here are some links to seasonal posts for Breast Cancer Awareness, Chestnuts and Wine making that may be of interest. Whilst they may be rather diverse subjects they are both part of October here in Italy.  We will miss these events while we are visiting our daughter but will be home in time for the Olive Harvest, which we are hoping will be better than last year Che disastro.

Think Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness    Another Pink Post   Italian Pink Ribbon Campaign for 2011    Grape Harvest and Winemaking 

Chestnuts  and finally  Wine Making Continuation

 the imageMy reminder with this beautiful rose from my garden to you all to Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a charity I support as my Mum was a Breast Cancer Survivor for many years, until her death in June 2011, not from cancer.  For more Think Pink Info please visit Breast Cancer Info and  Susan Komen

We Fight Back – Tim Halperin

Uploaded by fineartvideo on Jan 8, 2011


Have a lovely October everyone and do let me know if you enjoyed any of my choices for Autumn listening.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Italy in Books Reading Challenge October 2011 + Tribute to Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

I have decided to post this today instead of on my return from our travels, as a tribute to Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 as by coincidence he is quoted in the book as you will see if you read on. An amazing and erudite man that will be sorely missed but leaves us a lot to remember him by.

Recipe For Life by Nicky Pellegrino

  • Paperback: 340 pages
  • Genre: Women’s Fiction
  • Publisher: Orion Books 2010
  • Source: Sent to me by another blogger Maggie of Normandy Life
  • First Sentence : ‘At Villa Rosa there was an old dog barking in the garden, running between the straggle of artichokes, chasing a bird as though he was still a puppy.’
  • Quote that Starts Part One: “Your time is limited so don’t waste it leading someone else’s life” Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Inc.
  • Review Quote : ‘Set against a backdrop of love, life and friendship, the description of Italian food will make your mouth water.’ Cosmopolitan.
  • My Opinion: A pleasure to lose myself in for a few hours.

  • Photobucket
    The October post for the list of books that the other people taking part are reading this month has already been posted. October Reviews

  • A blogging friend of mine Maggie from Normandy Life joined this challenge after reading about it on my blog. I enjoyed her review of Recipe For Life which you can read here and in response she kindly sent her copy to me.
    This is the first title by this author that I have read and I doubt it will be the last as I believe they are all set in Italy. Although I am already here living the dream it was a pleasure to lose myself in the setting for this delightful novel for a few hours. A very relaxing read and the sights and smells felt almost real, it is obvious that the author knows those sights and smells for herself and is passionate about Italy.
    The story is told by the two main female characters, Alice and Babetta in alternating chapters. Alice a young British girl has had a traumatic incident in her life which has caused her to drop out of university and for her whole life to change direction. She wants to make the most of her life but seems somewhat confused as to how to go about this. The other protagonist is Babetta the typical Italian mama figure who has spent her life tending to her family’s needs. Babetta is feeling lost as her husband seems to have lost his zest for life. leaving her feeling useless. One summer these vastly different women are brought together, thanks to the beautiful Villa Rosa. Despite not being able to communicate easily, cooking and growing fresh food enables these two women to build a special relationship.
    If you are passionate about Italy then there is no doubt you will enjoy this story. There is a lot of romance but there is also so much more as our protagonist discovers that life’s lessons are certainly not learnt easily.

  • Nicky Pellegrino - New Zealand AuthorImage credit: New Zealand Woman's Weekly.

  • Biographical Information
    Nicky Pellegrino was born in Liverpool on January 01 1964 but spent childhood summers staying with her family in southern Italy. A shy, tall, gingery child she never really fitted in with her exuberant Italian cousins and had a tendency to stay quiet and observe things.
    When Nicky started writing fiction it was her memories of those summers in Italy that came flooding back and flavoured her stories: the passions, the feuds but most of all the food.
    Nicky now lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband Carne (and yes she does find it slightly odd being married to a man whose name means “meat” in Italian), her large poodles and her even larger chestnut horse.
    She works as a freelance journalist, has weekly columns in the Herald on Sunday newspaper and the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly and her novels are distributed in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and have been translated into 12 languages.
    She loves cooking for friends, drinking red wine, walking on New Zealand’s amazing beaches, riding her horse through the forest and lying in bed reading other people’s novels. 

  • The TV advert played in New Zealand to promote ‘Recipe for Life’

    Uploaded by AlisonHachette on May 4, 2010

    Nicky Pellegrino discusses her novel ‘Recipe for Life.’

    Uploaded by orionbooks on Mar 18, 2010

    Information, photo and video used in this post is with thanks to the following websites.
    Nicky Pellegrino - Official Author Website
    Goodreads Profile
    YouTube - Nicky Pellegrino

    I also post these ‘Italy in Books’ reviews on my other blog
    LindyLouMac's Book Reviews