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Friday, October 22, 2010

Nespresso - Italian Advertising Series No 3 – Friday Feature


I think this particular commercial is probably popular all over the world as I found it was available in many languages on YouTube, this particular version is in English with French sub titles and this is the one showing currently here in Italy. I think it is rather amusing, but then I have enjoyed the Nespresso series of adverts ever since the first one was made in 2006.

You probably find it rather odd that I am so interested in the adverts. I never was when I had to view them in England but somehow in Italy they are so much more interesting. I suspect this is mainly because they help me with my Italian language skills!

Also with this series I get to see George Clooney and I have always had a soft spot for him. The actor playing God is John Malkovich  another famous actor, there certainly does not seem to be a stigma to appearing in adverts. Or maybe the remuneration is just so good they cannot resist.

Courtesy of cattias

Since enjoying a Nespresso coffee made with these capsules, while staying with family in Hong Kong earlier this year and experiencing the fantastic array of flavours I have decided that I definitely would not mind having one at home!

Nespresso is the brand name of Nestle Nespresso. S.A. part of the giant Nestle Group of companies and is based in Switzerland. The system works with single serving capsules that contain ground coffee and are available in an array of flavours. The capsules are inserted into special coffee machines to brew the  espresso.

Nespresso  are convinced that by combining this coffee capsule with high technology coffee makers that they have mastered the art of making the perfect espresso. I must say I am not sure that professional Barista’s would agree with this.   It does seem to have taken on a certain cult culture though as once you have one of these machines and become a Nespresso capsule user you become a member of a unique club ‘The Nespresso Club’ which is dedicated to helping you experience what they refer to as the ultimate coffee.

The Nespresso Club brings together coffee connoisseurs and offers you a wide range of exclusive services all with the objective of making every cup of coffee an exceptional moment and of course this is how you purchase your capsules,online or by telephone. I believe this is currently the only way of doing so? The sixteen (at the moment) different varieties available contain the worlds finest ground Grand Cru coffees.

Now available all over the world, to see a full list click here.

The Nespresso Story...

Began 23 years ago with a simple but revolutionary idea - to create the perfect cup of Espresso coffee with exquisite crema, tantalising aroma and full-bodied taste - just like skilled baristas.

As the worldwide pioneer, Nespresso redefined the way coffee lovers around the world enjoy their Espresso coffee through a unique combination of premium quality Grand Cru coffees, smart coffee machines and exceptional customer services.

The company's story, however, is not just about one remarkable idea. Above all, it is the continuous quest for innovation and pursuit of excellence that drives Nespresso.



I am interested to hear what you have to say about this system. I know it will never replace the Italian bar experience for me personally but if I had the chance to have one at home I would not say no.

However there is a big BUT and that is that this system is not currently ecologically friendly! 

1.  While coffee is increasingly sold through fair trade markets, Nespresso apparently does not propose buying coffee from this  sector, unfortunately the concept of Nespresso does not allow the customer to purchase coffee from any source other than Nestlé.

2.  The aluminium waste produced.

Something to think about!

Research for photos text and all information with thanks to Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Images and the Nespresso Websites


  1. Yay, I could watch the You Tube!!!! I am not sure that I have ever tasted this coffee. David our neighbour has a similar machine, but the coffee is in small bags, not aliminium, and it tastes terrific. Diane

  2. Haha, I love this ad (one of the few) and George is not that bad ;), so having a soft spot means 'avere un debole', thanks!

  3. Ciao! :)
    First of all, hope you are enjoying your Italian adventure. It seems so :) I am Italian but moved to Scotland two years ago. Anyway, I have found your blog while searching for a few info about Nespresso. One of my Scottish friends have Nespresso at home. My hubby and I are coffee lovers and we cannot find good coffee here, usually. Sure, we have a "caffettiera" at home, but sometimes we just miss a good espresso. We were skeptical about Nespresso, but then we tried it (our friend has soooo many different flavors) and we did like it. Would be consider having it in Italy? No. But since we are not in Italy... eh, I am considering it. You are right, it's not eco-friendly at all and it's also veeeery expensive.
    Have a nice day :)

  4. Diane - Yippee, I hope you will be able to enjoy the Sunday Song posts sometimes as well then. I think there are other companies producing similar but have only ever tasted Nespresso myself, which I must say is also excellent.
    Alessandra - Thanks for the Italian lesson, I have made a note, new phrase for me to try and remember.
    Kia- What a coincidence that while looking for info on Nespresso you should end up on my blog!
    Good coffee is not easy to find in the UK so this might well be a great option for you. Expensive yes but still much cheaper than buying in a cafe and such delicious flavours. Thankyou for taking the time to leave a comment.

  5. Wow, I had never heard of this before – loved seeing the ad (George Clooney in anything is just great). I can't imagine this product would replace barista espresso but it's an eye catching gimmick for sure. Thanks as always for a glimpse into something new. – g

  6. Love the ad, hate the idea of a machine that produces so much waste or taints the pure coffee taste with flavours. Nothing beats the anticipation of watching the barista banging the coffee holder to get rid of the grounds and measuring out a new portion. At home we use a Bialetti stove top and a milk frother for our morning brew, the grounds go onto the compost heap.

  7. Reading other comments...at home I have an espresso maker that grinds coffee, and I use some good coffee in grains (my fav is lavazza red), hence no waste and the espresso is great.

  8. I still use an old fashioned expresso maker for the stove and that's for special occasions (smile). I have a great Kitchen Aid, professional automatic drip coffee( brews coffee at 200 degrees F) maker that I use everyday.

    When I need a fix of expresso coffee, I drive through the window at Starbucks ( should I say that?)

    Btw, I would drink any kind of coffee with George Clooney.

  9. For offices (and film sets) where folks consume constant quantities of caffé, the pod method is more convenient.
    I would never use this at home, because the convenience lies in the bulk quantities. That's despite what George says ;)

  10. PS: in July he shot a new Nespresso ad in Milan, can't wait to see it...

  11. I think that this ad with George will never be played in the US. The same with the John Travolta phone company ads. Yes, the money is very good and it is written in that it will not be shown in the US. So that way they don't have the stigma of 'having to do ads'. Of course with you tube many fans see it anyway.

  12. Delightful post...I appreciate the little glimpses of Italy (and Europe!) that you share with us. I cannot see us using a Nespresso, though it sure seems easy! I have an Italian Moka, purchased in Sicily, that sits on my stove...looking quite a bit worse for wear but it serves us fine! Now George Clooney...that is a different matter altogether!

  13. Georgianna - I have only learnt today from responses here, that these ads are not shown in the USA!
    Jenny - Like you it is the ecological bit that bothers me the most and I agree you cannot beat watching the barista, however unlike you I did enjoy the novelty of the flavours.
    Alessandra - We swap brands that we use, so will try the one you suggest sometime.
    Velva - Yes like you got different sorts of coffee makers, but cannot beat the espresso from our local bars. I will admit to instant coffee at home in a large mug sometimes but never ever to Starbucks, shame on you, none here anyway :)
    Eleonora - Oh great cannot wait to see the new advert.
    Martha - Until reading your comment I had no idea these ads were not aired in the USA, so thanks for the info.
    Patricia - The old traditional ways are often the best any way aren't they!
    Thanks ladies for your interesting feedback, it seems that most of us have that 'soft spot' for George :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  14. I am a coffee lover but I don't think I would spend all the extra money to feed a machine that only takes little aluminum cups and then you through away all that material. It seems very expensive! I prefer my espresso machine!

  15. I had no idea that instant coffee could look so sexy on TV! That being said, I am a huge proponent of fair trade and I don't think I could bring myself to produce extra packaging waste every time I wanted a coffee (which is quite often)!

  16. I'm a real coffee lover and up until recently there was no way I could bring myself to get a Nespresso machine. However... we got one at work and it makes beautiful coffee, every time. Plus, I'm tired of spending half my time in the kitchen with a moka stove top whenever friends come round for dinner. So, we've just bought one. I'm concerned about the waste though. Is there anyway to send all the empty pods back to them for recycling?

    Oh, and George doesn't really do anything for me, but the advert is quite funny ;-)

  17. This is great! I haven't seen this ad before. I have seen these machines around the place but am more of a tea drinker so have never actually looked into them.

    Thanks for stopping by the other day and for your kind words about our flooded home! We have had our roof fixed now and the plumber and landscaper are coming this week to fix pipes and waterproof the house. Hopefully this will solve our problems...fingers crossed!

    Best wishes and have a great week,

  18. Simony - I think the waste is an issue, I thought Eleonora's comments about the convenience for commercial use, interesting.

    Natalie - I know, can't wait for the next one :)

    Lazio Explorer - I am actually pleased to read that George does not do it for you! As for the recycling I am sure I read something about that being available in a few limited places, not sure UK was one, on the Nespresso club website,which presumably you will now be a member of.

    Natasha - Maybe not shown in Australia then, or you are out of the room making tea when the ads come on :) Hope your house is all waterproof again by now.

  19. I have a similar sort of thing - a Senseo - that uses pods and I LOVE it!! The coffee is really good. :-) My friends in Germany use it too and it seems to be quite popular in Europe, though not so much over here. I'd like to try this one, though. :-)

  20. Rambling Tart - Ah the competition I suppose, I would imagine it is a very similar concept then?


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