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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Song - Vivo Per Lei - Andrea Bocelli & Hayley Westenra


Hayley Westenra (23 anni)

Courtesy of Wikipedia                                               Courtesy of Allthegigs.com

Hayley Westerna was born on 10th April 1987 in Christchurch, New Zealand and is of Dutch and Irish heritage. Her first album to be published outside of Australasia was in 2003.


2003 Pure
2005 Odyssey
2005 Live From New Zealand
2007 Celtic Woman: A New Journey
2007 Treasure
2008 River of Dreams: The Very Best of Hayley Westenra
2009 Winter Magic

More biographical and career information can be found about Hayley Westerna on both Wikipedia and her Official Website it is from these sites and YouTube that I have found out all my information when researching this post.

Andrea Bocelli  was born in Italy on 22nd September 1958 and having grown up with poor eyesight went totally blind at the age of twelve after a football accident.

Since winning the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Music Festival, in 1994, he has recorded fourteen albums, of both pop and classical music, two greatest hits albums, and eight complete operas, selling over 70 million copies worldwide.   These figures make him the  biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music.


More biographical and career information can be also be found about Andrea Bocelli on Wikipedia and his Official Website, more music videos can be found on YouTube.

When this performance was recorded four years ago Hayley was a rising star and only eighteen years old.  I have a couple of CD’s by this young singer from New Zealand, she has a beautiful voice.  So when I found this video recently on YouTube of her performing with the great Andrea Bocelli I wanted to share it on Sunday Song.

Courtesy of billy1983yes

Lyrics Courtesy of http://www.sing365.com

Vivo per lei da quando sai
la prima volta l'ho incontrata,
non mi ricordo come mai
mi è entrata dentro e c'è restata.
Vivo per lei perché mi fa
vibrare forte l'anima,
vivo per lei e non è un peso.
Vivo per lei anch'io lo sai
e tu non esserne geloso,
lei è di tutti quelli che
hanno un bisogno sempre acceso,
come uno stereo in camera,
di chi è da solo e adesso sa,
che è anche per lui, per questo
io vivo per lei.
E' una musa che ci invita
a sfiorarla con le dita,
attraverso un pianoforte
la morte è lontana,
io vivo per lei.
Vivo per lei che spesso sa
essere dolce e sensuale,
a volte picchia in testa ma
è un pugno che non fa mai male.
Vivo per lei lo so mi fa
girare di città in città,
soffrire un po' ma almeno io vivo.
E' un dolore quando parte.
Vivo per lei dentro gli hotels.
Con piacere estremo cresce.
Vivo per lei nel vortice.
Attraverso la mia voce
si espande e amore produce.
Vivo per lei nient'altro ho
e quanti altri incontrerò
che come me hanno scritto in viso:
io vivo per lei.
Io vivo per lei
sopra un palco o contro ad un muro...
Vivo per lei al limite.
... anche in un domani duro.
Vivo per lei al margine.
Ogni giorno
una conquista,
la protagonista
sarà sempre lei.
Vivo per lei perché ora mai
io non ho altra via d'uscita,
perché la musica lo sai
davvero non l'ho mai tradita.
Vivo per lei perché mi dà
pause e note in libertà
Ci fosse un'altra vita la vivo,
la vivo per lei.
Vivo per lei la musica.
Io vivo per lei.
Vivo per lei è unica.
Io vivo per lei.
Io vivo per lei.
Io vivo
per lei.



More Sunday Songs can be found by visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me

Buono Domenica a Tutti



  1. In one word, BEAUTIFUL!
    I love this song and I didn't know her, she has a beautiful voice and together with Andrea and the iceskaters, it's lovely to watch this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Lindy Mac,

    What a beautiful duet and video you've shared today! Thank you so much for your post. I appreciate your research as I enjoy reading about the backgrounds of the artists and the histories of the songs; I did not know that Andrea was blind until today!

    I also like your Italian word of the day on your sidebar and have signed up to follow your blog!


  3. I adore this song! And you're right, she has a lovely voice. It's pouring rain here this morning, grim and uninspiring, but you've already given me a lift with this beautiful video! Thank you so much and wishing you a terrific week ahead. xo g – g

  4. Lindy, I really love Andrea Bocelli, his voice is so strong that touches the soul.
    Besides, I think he has a neat personality.
    Have a good week!

  5. This song is amazing, and so the video, thanks for sharing, great choice!
    I hope this time my comment will last.
    (it's the third)

  6. Daydream Living - Maureen I am so pleased that you enjoyed this week's Sunday Song.
    Paper Princess - Welcome to my blog and thankyou for not only commenting but becoming a follower. I am happy you found it of interest. I will visit your blog :)
    Georgianna - After a sunny weekend we have rain now as well. I an pleased you enjoyed the Sunday Song choice this week.
    Simony - He seems to have been a popular choice I must feature him again.
    Alessandra - Third time lucky, glad you enjoyed my choice.

  7. Its a beautiful song. I love Hayley Westenra.She has a lovely voice.

  8. Misha - Is Hayley Westerna very popular in India?

  9. I just love Andrea Bocelli's voice too and was going to feature him on my Christmas Blog soon. Have you heard him singing "God Bless us Everyone"? Here is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ixnBQkU5sU&feature=related

    Thanks for linking up this gorgeous song. Thanks also for you kind words about my kitchen. I would have been here earlier but the weather over here has been terrible and our house flooded this week. Terrible winds arrived last night and pot plants are all over the place! It is never a dull moment as they say!

    Best wishes always,

  10. Natasha - Thanks for the link it is great and the video, I will use it here in Italian around Christmas time. Not a pleasant experience to be flooded, I hope that beautiful kitchen was not damaged. The weather certainly provides us with plenty of surprises.


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