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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Song - Emma Marrone - San Remo 2012 Winner

Yesterday evening Emma Marrone  became the winner of  the Festival della Canzone Italiana San Remo 2012 

I have often mentioned the Italian Song Festival San Remo, Festival della Canzone Italiana San Remo 2011, in Sunday Song posts as many of the artists I feature have appeared at and won various categories of the festival. The final of the 62nd edition of the Festival was held yesterday evening and was broadcast live on Italian television as it is a very popular event with the Italians, a vast majority of whom seem to love music in some form or other.  

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Lyrics in Italian - "Non e L'Inferno"
Ho... dato la vita e il sangue per il mio paese e mi ritrovo a non tirare a fine mese, in mano a Dio le sue preghiere Ho... giurato fede mentre diventavo padre due guerre senza garanzia di ritornare, solo medaglie per l'onore Se qualcuno sente queste semplici parole, parlo per tutte quelle povere persone che ancora credono nel bene... Se tu hai coscienza guidi e credi nel paese dimmi cosa devo fare per pagarmi da mangiare, per pagarmi dove stare, dimmi che cosa devo fare. No, questo no, non è l'inferno ma non comprendo com'è possibile pensare che sia più facile morire No, non lo pretendo ma ho ancora il sogno che tu mi ascolti e non rimangano parole Ho... pensato a questo invito non per compassione ma per guardarla in faccia e farle assaporare un po' di vino e un poco di mangiare Se sapesse che fatica ho fatto per parlare con mio figlio che a 30 anni teme il sogno di sposarsi e la natura di diventare padre Se sapesse quanto sia difficile il pensiero che per un giorno di lavoro c'è chi ha ancora più diritti di chi ha creduto nel paese del futuro No questo no, non è l'inferno ma non comprendo com'è possibile pensare che sia più facile morire Io no, non lo pretendo ma ho ancora il sogno che tu mi ascolti e non rimangano parole, Non rimangano parole... Com'è possbile pensare che sia più facile morire Io no, non lo pretendo ma ho ancora il sogno che non rimangano parole Non rimangano parole, non rimangano parole.

Lyrics in English - A very rough translation by Google Translate

I ... given life and blood for my country and I find myself not to pull at the end of the month, holding her prayers to God I ... I becamefather swore faith while two wars with no guarantee of return, only medals for honor if someone hears these simple words, I speakfor all those poor people who still believe in good ... If you believe you have conscience and drive in the country tell me what to do to pay me to eat, to pay me to stay, tell me what to do. No, no, not hell, but I do not understand how you think it is easier to die No,do not pretend but I still dream that you hear me and I have no words remain ... thought to this call for compassion, but not to face her and make her a taste 'of wine and a little hard to eat if he knew that I had to talk with my son who fears the 30-year dream to marry and the nature of becoming If his father knew how difficult it is thought that for a day of work some people have more rights than those who believed in this country of the future no, no, not hell, but I do not understand how can you believe that it is I do notdie easily, but do not pretend I still dream that you hear me and do not remain words, no words remain ... How is it possbile to think that it is easier to die I do not, do not pretend but I still dream that there are no words no words remain, do not remain words.

Emmanuela Marrone was born in Florence, Italy on May 25th 1984. A young lady whose rise to fame on the Italian music scene I followed whilst watching the Italian reality talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi, which she won in March 2010.  During the semi final of this show she sung  "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" with Craig David

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Emma Marrone was placed second at last years 61st Festival della Canzone Italiana San Remo 2011 when she accompanied Italian rock band Moda  singing “Arriverà”   “Will Come”.

You can listen to 'Arrivera'  here on my post where you will also find the words in Italian and English.

To find out more about Emma you may want to visit her Official Website.


  1. Hi Linda! I watched it every evening! When I was a little girl, it was a massive event... no longer so, though, apparently, viewing figures were fantastic!

    Not my kind of music (I love Pino Daniele- saw him at the Apollo in Harlem, NY, not too long ago)

    I liked the way Loredana Berte` sang. She looks a right mess, with all that cosmetic surgery she's had done, but... what an artist she is!

    I was happy to notice how my native Puglia is producing a generation of fine artist (including Emma herself!) At long last! I find Emma a bit too aggressive, though, but what voice! Nina Zilli gets first Prize for most beautiful woman.

    Ivana, who tried to "present" with Morandi resembled a horse (she should try not to laugh) She tried hard to look sexy, but... no way, she just couldn't! I find showbizz women, in Italy very shallow. Don't you? Lots of good voices, at Sanremo, but rubbish songs. I liked watching it, though. Morandi is very, very sweet!

    I bet you wish I hadn;t commented, now! Good job I'm not a TV critic! They would all be out of a job!




  2. I actually watched the competition in the U.S., and did so last year as well. Emma gave a very heartfelt performance, and I can see why she won. While her song was not my favorite in the competition, I did like it. I really liked Arriverà from last year.

  3. bonjour
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  4. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh how happy I was to hear from you. I haven't had a dashboard for a very long time, so couldn't find my blogger friends. By you stopping by I was able to find you once again.

    Oh I sat and listened to Emma and how exciting she is to listen to. I can see why she won. Thank you for the words in English as I knew then what she was saying. The Italian language is so beautiful and romantic to hear. I love it. Thank you for sharing with me this morning.

    I hope you are well sweet friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  5. Just calling in to see if you've managed the problem of the new word verication system imposed by blogger!

  6. Fortunately no word verication for this blog. Perhaps you need to check the settings for EACH blog? I was under the impression that the settings for one will apply to any other blog that you may have in one account, but I could be wrong.

  7. Absolutely loved it! Thanks for sharing this Lindy.

  8. A little disappointed, non è una Laura Pausini !

    We never watch the San Remo Festival. Mr. G. is still "in love" with Celentano, lol ! Our son is always teasing him for that !
    I have seen Eros Ramazotti here in Brussels it was great !

  9. I could listen to Italian pop music endlessly. Thank you for the new name.

  10. I love it, beautiful song. I wish you a good night.

  11. Great video and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the translation and sharing this very good singer.

  12. Congratulations to Emma Marrone!!!!
    Wonderful song and lyricks!!!
    Many thanks from Greece to Andriano Tselentano for his SUPPORT to the Greek people!!!
    Thank you Italia!!!
    Tanti baci
    Ciao amica mia

  13. We don't watch Sanremo festival and it's really the very first time I listen to the 2012 winner song. Though this is not my taste, I thank you for bringing me up to date. ;)

  14. Ciao Linda! I haven't still heard her song! *blush*
    Hope you're having a good week and enjoying some sunshine!
    Michela x

  15. Hi Linda,
    I really enjoyed reading and looking at your snow mosaic, we didn't have that much since we are near the lake, but I can not wait till spring really is here, thanks for sharing, Maureen

  16. also, the post about lucky and unlucky nr's, I never knew that people felt this way about nr. 17, learned something again, thanks! Mx

  17. What a wonderful woman and beautiful photos and informations. Your new header is fantastic ! Kind regards, Synnöve

  18. Emma looks like a beautiful girl, and has quite a talented voice!

    The icicles in your blog header shows how unseasonably cold it has been in Italy this winter--hope it warms up soon!

  19. She has a very powerful voice. I enjoyed "Non e L'Inferno" sung with such passion and conviction.

  20. Just like Olga, I could listen to Italian music endlessly so I appreciate a "new" name to download, thank you.

    I always watch this show when I am in Amalfi, with my friends, when it is on during my annual visit. I think she has a wonderful voice this young woman, so full of expression.


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