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Sunday, February 14, 2010

St Valentines Day San Valentino

Valentine's Day
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According to my research the Saints Day for San Valentino used to be celebrated as an early Spring festival, where young people listened to music and read poetry in the open air. I have certainly never seen evidence of this going on these days. For one thing it is far too cold!

In Italy now just like the rest of the world Valentines Day is seen as another commercial opportunity. If advertising is to be believed the youngsters express love to their sweethearts with gifts ranging from jewellery and perfume to flowers, chocolates and cards.
One chocolate that is heavily promoted here at this time of the year is the Baci Perugina ( Baci translates as a kisses), this small chocolate covered hazelnut, contains a romantic quote inside its wrapper. If the advertising is to be believed very popular with young lovers.
An occasion to be celebrated by lovers, this evening the local restaurants will probably be full of young romantics.  They certainly were last year when we joined them, however this year we have nothing planned so will probably stay home. A burning log fire, a bottle of wine and each other, what more can we want.
Meanwhile my lovely husband  treats me as his Valentine every single day of his life. I know that he does so much more to take care of me than I  ever seem to do for him, but he knows I love him dearly.
After all
knots of love


  1. I can't wait to enjoy this holiday in the most romantic country on earth!!!! Is it August YET???

  2. everyday, exactly!

    happy everydayvalentinesday O_o


  3. Queenie Jeanie, not long till August and I am sure you have loads to organise, so the time should pass quickly?

    Gina :)

  4. We went out for a Valentine meal with friends, and the restaurant was full of children singing and screaming and yelling! Normally I don't set foot out the door when it is Valentine's Day, but this year we thought...why not...but now I think - never again!!!!!

  5. Valentine's day is really for the young. Once you are married the meaning changes, only slightly.

  6. Your romantic evening by the fire sounds lovely! Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

  7. What a lovely piece! And what a lovely husband you have. We also stayed home with a log fire, some drinks and a lovely piece of roast lamb!! Still cold here and it poured with rain yesterday but today is mercifully dry.

  8. Leanne, lakeviewer, cheshire wife, Emily and Maggie. Thanks to you all for commenting and sharing your thoughts on Valentine's Day.

  9. Edith Joyce MathesonFebruary 21, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    Imagine , here I am again . my Grandaughter sent an friend invitation , so I saw your Valentine remarks , I agree with your thoughts , but a heartfelt tribute to David so beautifully expressed . xoxoxoJoyce

  10. Thankyou Joyce, I am lucky to have such a lovely man as my husband.

    I expect your granddaughter will soon have you whizzing around Facebook!

  11. Love is for every day! Your celebrations sounds better to me than going out.

    Thank you for stopping by on my SITs day and making me feel special.

  12. The end of March, the cool, rainy weather continues, but the spring flowers are blooming, doing their best . I battle on trying to keep the moss in check . We have so many fir trees the needles are a problem . The family are all well , and busy. It is a pleasure to read your blogs , best wishes to you both . Joyce .


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