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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Persian Acacia


Today I want to share with you a tree in our our garden the Persian Acacia, link to information on Wikipedia.

Such a beautiful tree that I always feel it deserves a post all of its own when it comes into bloom. A little later than last years though, no surprise considering the unusually cold and wet weather we experienced earlier this year!

Persian Acacia post from last year on June 26th 2009.

I took this photograph of the buds on June 29th 2010


Known to the locals as Red Mimosa as the leaves look somewhat similar I can sort of understand this, however I think you will agree that the blossom is so much more beautiful than that of the yellow mimosa which also belongs to the acacia family.

By July 3rd 2010 these beautiful blossoms were starting emerge.

I am going to share this last photo with my collective blog friends over on Beautiful World.   Nature at it's best don't you think?

There a few more similar to these to be found in my Flickr album Our Garden in July 2010 that I have already started ready for sharing with you at the end of the month.


  1. Beautiful tree and photos. Diane

  2. Thank you so much for identifying this beautiful blossom. I've been wondering what it was. Is this where acacia honey comes from?

  3. This is beautiful, I'd love to add some trees to our garden.

    Thanks for your comment on my vegetables post, I don't actually hate veggies I'm just not very passionate about them. We do have some potatoes, onions and garlic growing though. I do love salads though and have some rocket, spinach, american land cress and mixed leaves growing in pots which I'm looking forward to sampling.

    I think growing our own veg will make us enjoy it more and really appreciate it.

  4. That's so lovely and delicate, I can see why you are fond of it. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of your garden in July. Down here in the heel of the boot, July is the season of dead grass more than anything else. It's just too hot!

  5. Diane - do these grow in your region?

    Carol - I think the honey comes from the tree from the same family with yellow bobble type flowers.

    Jade - If no room for trees some large shrubs maybe. Do you know the White viburnum or Snowball Tree? Good luck with the veggies, your own certainly have much more flavour I think.

    Saretta - It is still looking surprisingly green here!

  6. WOW Linda, it is an amazing tree, how wonderful m. Your photos are brilliant..absolutely love the last one :-) take care anne

  7. We have these here in Texas and I just love them. As a child seeing them for the 1st time in Virginia ( I grew up in the north in Michigan where mimosas do not grow) I thought they looked like fuzzy pink eyelashes.

  8. loved your photos , wish we do not have deer to eat so many plants , Best wishes , to you ,and David , Joyce .

  9. Great photos! What fun to see this here, Linda – we have one of these and there are a few other large and beautiful ones I've seen in the city but it's a pretty exotic tree for Seattle. And ours are no where near blooming yet. Isn't the fragrance wonderful?

  10. I know we have mimosas here in the northern part of Georgia, but I am not sure about the rest of the state. They look so soft. Ours are also pinkish-red looking. That last picture, the close up, looks like fireworks. Really pretty.

  11. How lovely. I don't believe I've ever seen one before.

  12. How exotic! I love the vivid green you capture in your images LindaLou. They are quite majestic trees! I'm off to see your garden blog! :)

  13. Lovely tree, I'm a bit jealous that you can grow such things. We had a mimosa in our Italian garden until our gardener decided to cut it down and charge us 100 euro for doing so. He said it was a danger to our garden wall but never consulted us, I was not best pleased. I am in a very bad mood as its been raining for the last two days here in Scotland.

  14. I had to peruse your News From Italy blog. A place that I dream about going to! The flowers are so gorgeous! I've never seen them before, wish we had it around here.
    Thanks for stopping by my site and following too!
    Natalie :0)

  15. Anne - Last one is my favourite as well :)
    Ladyhawthorne - Welcome and thankyou for commenting. I love your description of the flowers as fuzzy pink eyelashes.
    Joyce - Luckily no deer here!
    Georgianna - When they do bloom I hope you will share some photos with us, as a professional:)
    Unknown Mami - It is a gorgeous shade of pink.
    Mya - fireworks another great description.
    Susie - I certainly hadn't prior to moving here.
    Neil and Susan - Glad you enjoyed them, I would to hear what you thought of the garden photos.
    Jenny - Whoops an over zealous Italian gardener, things often seem pericoloso in their eyes!! Sorry about the weather, I wont upset you more and tell you just how hot it is here.
    Natalie - How lovely to see you here, I do hope you will drop by again. May your dreams come true :)

  16. That's so beautiful and really different, I'm glad you can name it for me, since I wouldn't have the first idea what I'm looking at... I still appreciate its beauty though ;-) Love from London x

  17. Mademoiselle P - We had no idea what these beautiful trees were when we first moved here, but with some research on the internet, looking in our tree books and asking the neighbours, we soon found out. Have a great weekend x

  18. My favorite tree ever! We have them here in Texas-we call them Mimosas too. Going your way in August, seeing Rome, Capri, Naples and everything else we can fit in. Any recommendations or warnings? It's my first trip.

  19. Mickey - Welcome to my blog and thankyou for commenting which is appreciated. I hope you will enjoy your first trip to Italy. I think you will as there is nothing to dislike in my opinion. How long are you here for? Tourists often make the mistake of trying to see too much and not really seeing anything if you know what I mean. Just skimming the surface of the tourist attractions and not lingering long enough to just enjoy being here. August is when all the Italians are on holiday and there is a bank holiday on the 15th, advisable to avoid travelling around then if you can.
    Anyway have a great trip and I hope you will continue to enjoy a little bit of Italy by visiting my blog.
    Yes, the Persian Acacia is a very special tree isn't it.


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