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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notte Bianca a Marta



The evening of the sixth of August 2010 was the first white night to be celebrated in Marta.   What are White Nights?  According to Wikipedia in this particular format they are White Night Festivals, all-night arts festivals held in many cities worldwide in the summer and I also learnt there that the first one held in Roma was in mid September of 2005.

The crowded steps of the Campidoglio in Rome during the 2006 Notte Bianca

Other Italian cities have since joined in but as far as I was able to ascertain this is the first time a small town such as Marta has decided to hold a Notte Bianca. In my opinion it was a resounding success and I hope it will become a regular event.  The centre of town was closed to traffic and participating shops, restaurants and other businesses went to a lot of effort to decorate their premises provide food and or entertainment where appropriate.  There were also various market traders and a car club exhibit in the streets which added to the party atmosphere. Also in the squares and at various other locations there was live music varying from pop groups and discos to more traditional accordion music. Also the local band and majorettes marched through the streets. In fact while walking through the streets you hardly left the noise of one entertainer behind before you came across the next one.

I find it is difficult to explain events such as these with words, so I will let some of my photographs from that evening do the talking and show the atmosphere and for noise effects I found a short video on YouTube.



Courtesy of cortonotte | 06 August 2010

I took fifty photographs that evening and have not shared anything like that number here with you, but if you are interested in viewing the full album you will find them in My Flickr Album entitled  Notte Bianca A Marta 2010

I hope in fact that you will find time to look at the rest of the photos as all the businesses I took photos of had put in so much effort and there was no favouritism intended in the photos I selected to publish. I would have liked to share them all to be fair but it was not feasible so it was difficult choosing exactly which ones to include. I am also certain that I missed some good photo opportunities completely. 

A Great Prima Notte Bianca a Marta


  1. Good Morning Lindy LouMac Sweetie...
    Oh I will definitely be going to take a look at the other photos. I so enjoy the festivities and it is a culture that I will never see here in the US. I find it so interesting, such a mixture of faces and all having a wonderful time.

    I love all the shops and the lights, and the bands I could just hear them playing along in my head. Such a beautiful city and everything looks so well manicured. I love the bricked areas, it looks so homey and welcoming. I am SO in love with the buildings and the architecture.

    Oh thank you so much for sharing with me. I so enjoyed the festivities. Many thanks sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Looks like so much fun and the excitement of a festival is always inviting! Enjoy! Hugs!

  3. Hello Lindy,
    I am sorry about the problem with my blog updates. I have had that problem since Feb. and have questioned people at Blog world, have tried few different things that seems to work for different people with the same problem. But no luck for me!
    The only thing left now is start a new blog and transfer all the posts and followers, but I am so afraid of doing it and losing it all, as has happened to some people already. I am kind of stuck for now.
    About the White Night on your post, since it's so new, I think the main reason is to promote tourism and help with the sales. It's a great way, though for you to enjoy their culture, food, music, etc. before Summer is over!
    Take care.

  4. This looks like such a great time. I do hope (for your sake) they continue the festival. Such great photos. I'm anxious to view more.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting Mom-a-Logues and leaving your sweet comments. I truly enjoy them.

    Have a fantastic day!

    Your friend, Dawn

  5. These events have become quite popular in Italy recently! I've never heard of Marta before meeting you in Blogland, it looks like a very pretty village. Thank you for sharing!


  6. Linda , I enjoyed your blog once again, this time ab out the White Night events, what fun ! Gorgeous photos . We have that sort of thing , Midnight Madness, fun ,and games , amd music . Hope you soon have your dishwasher in service ! Best wishes to you ,and David . Joyce .

  7. No one knows how to throw a party like the Italians!!! What fun that must have been! The food looks incredible too.

  8. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

  9. Lindy, I keep getting "Service Error" - I have been having trouble with this annoying interloper.
    Have not heard of any participation in this here in America (which means very little). Sounds like a lot of fun. I think you have more festivities in Italy than anywhere else!

    Yes, I did here of "Our Year..." from you, but it was several months ago. I stopped there, liked what I saw, and told them I heard of their blog from you.
    Wonder if the men have to practice carrying the Macchina - it is so tall it must be difficult to balance. I do like the spirals in the design.

    [award - just for fun - thanks]

  10. This looks like such fun! I love street festivals (once I find a parking place)!

  11. My goodness, you have a lot of celebrations!! This one looks like it was amazing. As always, the time and care you put into your posts is very much appreciated. – g

  12. What a great event! More and more I think we will have to consider Marta when we have to move in 2012.

  13. hugs from italy by emanuele carioti

  14. Sherry - I am so pleased that you enjoyed the white night, that is exactly what I am trying to do just share a little bit of this life I am fortunate enough to be enjoying, with friends around the world.
    Pam - It was fun and for a first attempt very successful.
    Simony - What a pain I hope you do not resort to moving your blog. Have you tried the Blog help forum? Yes the white night is definitely to promote tourism and it seems for a first attempt to have been very successful.
    Dawn - We hope it will continue. Always a delight to visit your blog as well.
    Greenthumb - I am delighted to have introduced you to Marta.
    Joyce - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, happy you enjoy reading it.
    Jeannie - You have discovered that already then:)
    Daydream Living - It was fun :)
    Mya - What a pain it is playing up, no problems this end that I have noticed. Yes the Facchini train all year!
    Sue - Parking always a problem all over the world, but not here if you do not mind a short
    Georgianna - We certainly do especially in the summer months, so glad you are enjoying hearing about them.
    Martha - The Viterbo region is certainly worth your while considering, closer to Roma as well for international connections.
    Emanuele - Oh thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment.


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