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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book Review - La Bella Lingua by Dianne Hales


La Bella Lingua pb

Praise from the first word, if you have a love of Italy and or the Italian language whether you are able to speak it or not, this book is definitely not just a must read but a title destined for your private collection.

I have owned a copy of this book since the end of last year and I have enjoyed dipping into it frequently. I have not until now though read it in depth enough so that I felt able to write a review.

Dianne Hales is an American journalist and published author. She wrote this book as a result or because, in her own words she never expected to fall ‘ madly, gladly, giddily in love with the world's most luscious language.’  but fall she did head over heels. For over twenty years now Italian has become her way of immersing herself into Italy's culture, history, lifestyle and traditions. She shares this love with us in such an engaging manner you will be captivated.

Just take a peep at this list of Chapter headings.
Introduction: My Italian Brain and How It Grew
1. Confessions of an Innamorata
2. The Unlikely Rise of a Vulgar Tongue
3. To Hell and Back with Dante Alighieri
4. Italian's Literary Lions
5. The Baking of a Masterpiece
6. How Italian Civilized the West
7. La Storia dell'ArteA
8. On Golden Wings
9. Eating Italian
10. So Many Ways to Say "I Love You"
11. Marcello and Me
11. Irreverent Italian
12. Mother Tongue

I hope that just reading that list will have tempted you enough, it is the story of how the Italian language came into existence using art, history, music, literature, cooking, films and last but not least amore or love to teach us. It will not matter if you do not know or understand a word of Italian, a love of Italy and all things Italian is all you need. Or maybe if you do not already have that love reading this will will convert you. Learning Italian or want to learn then this is also the book for you as it takes you way beyond vocabulary and all that complicated Italian grammar. As a traveller to Italy whether in reality or virtually, it will also make a great introduction to the places and the people.

In truth I believe that everyone who reads my Blog 'News From Italy' will enjoy this in one way or another. What more can I say really but to recommend highly that you get hold of a copy to dip into yourself. As once you have done that you will definitely I think want a copy on your own bookshelves whether you are a novice or an expert on all things Italian.

Dianne HalesDianne Hales photograph from her website.

Continuing on from this book Dianne Hales launched a Blog Becoming Italian Word By Word where she celebrates the art of living via the Italian language with each interesting and informative post covering a different aspect.

You can also find out more about her by visiting her website  Dianne Hales

Still not convinced you will enjoy this, then please take just three minutes and listen to what Dianne has to say herself here.

crownbooks | 30 March 2010 Author Dianne Hales tells an audience how she came to write "La Bella Li...


  1. I bought this last year for my sister as part of her Christmas gift. I need to "borrow" it from her so I can read it too! I thought it looked like a great read for Italy lovers.

  2. Thanks for sharing! This book has been on my Amazon wish list for a while now so I will certainly be reading it in the near future.

  3. Funny, the world is so small, I follow her blog and find it great.
    Besides it can used also by Italians, to learn some English, you see it's a two way road ;)

  4. Awesome. What a great little book. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful! I see a movie developing!

  6. I love chapter heading #2.

    Thank you so much for your kind support.

  7. Alissa - Oh yes you must borrow it, but if you are an Italy lover i bet you will want your own copy.
    O.O. - Great let me know what you think.
    Alessandra - Yes her blog is great and it is funny that it teaches both of us :)
    Velva - It is great and really useful as well.
    Lakeviewer - Um I wonder, Dianne would be thrilled to know you think that it might work as a film.
    Unknown Mami - Ha, ha you will have to get hold of a copy now to find out more. As for support you are welcome that is what friends are for :)

  8. You make it sound like a wonderful experience! I have to be honest...I don't really know a thing about Italy. That is one of the reasons I'm so glad to read the things I do on your blog. I know a little about the food, none of the language and very little about the actual country itself. The book sounds great

  9. Sue - Maybe one for your Christmas list then? I am so glad you enjoy sharing my little bit of Italy here with me.

  10. Dear Lindy, I am tempted to go get this book, sounds more interesting than the one about the dog.
    I didn't get the one about the dog because I've been reading other book. By the way, when I visited your "book shelf" I noticed how speedy fast you read each book! Amazing!
    For me, I have to say "So many books, so little time!"
    Thanks for sharing this one today. Have a great Sunday.

  11. Simony - Way more interesting and once read you will want to keep dipping into it again and again. One for the Christmas present list? Yes I am an avid reader have been for many years and now read 1-2 books a week, you might be interested in my book blog.


  12. Just came across these. Grazie! I don't see a movie in the cards, but if Diane Ladd or Julia Roberts is interested in playing another American Italophile....

  13. Dianne - It was a pleasure to review and hopefully it has been added to a few more Christmas lists.


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