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Monday, September 20, 2010

Marta – Scenes From Late Summer Strolls – Lago di Bolsena–Part One



We had friends staying with us last week from England. They are not strangers to this area as they have been visiting us every year since we left the UK in 2004 and first came within months of our arrival, to stay with us in the apartment we rented in Tuscania while we were still deciding if this was the region that we wanted to live in. In fact before we even moved here they spent hours pouring over maps of Italy with us while we considered which area of Italy would meet all our requirements. International airport nearby, lakes, mountains, sea, beautiful countryside and towns with character, which lets face it meant almost anywhere in Italy would have met our criteria!

They have since flown here for a holiday every year while we lived in Vetralla, last year our move to Lago di Bolsena coincided with a new chapter in their lives when they purchased an impressive Volkswagen Camper Van. This has meant that last year and this time they have driven through northern Europe to visit us, combining the trip with exploring with their new found freedom. They are on their way home again now but will be spending ten days or so taking in some undiscovered for them regions of France. So far this year they have spent two months travelling this way and seem to be having great fun.

Having done the majority of the tourist musts for the region including staying in Roma, when they visit nowadays it is to ‘chill’ that is the expression I believe. We talk, eat, drink and take a little gentle exercise whilst exploring a little more the region they have grown to love along with us.

I always have my camera with me so I can now share with you, some of the scenes we saw on our strolls around three of the towns on the shores of Lago di Bolsena, Marta, Bolsena and Capodimonte.  Want to learn more about these places then just click on the place names, highlighted in blue, which will take you to Wikipedia links with information and other suggested links of interest about these towns.

Today we stroll around Marta.

Grotte Ave Maria

If you are interested the complete set of photos from our stroll can be viewed in My Flickr Album  Marta - Scenes from a stroll

For those of you following my Dishwasher Saga on September 10th I posted the following update.

No further news from the Engineer about the dishwasher, we have spoken to the office. They have no news and promise to ring back when they have some so we wait.   Dishwasher Saga

On Friday 17th we spoke to the office again and were told that it was now repaired and would be delivered back to us, sometime this week. Well guess what we had a phone call this evening and it is due to be delivered tomorrow morning, Tuesday 21st September.

I am quite excited as we have not had one for the last few months, so lets hope it all works this time.


  1. No, I am not jealous, but, how you make it difficult for me. I love small, quaint, lovely old towns, and what should be at the top of the list - by the water. It is just too beautiful, and I am glad that you are there and really appreciate it as much as I know I would.

    Your Sunday music selections were also lovely. So relaxing.

  2. It's really beautiful, you are lucky, have you already written how you ended up there?

  3. Beautiful weather you had there! I am glad we are having great weather, too. Sunny and warm during the day and nice and cool at night.
    We still have flowers in the garden but I started to see some trees changing color already!
    Fall is on its way! Enjoy last days of Summer before it's gone!

  4. Amazing pictures! Surely you have already visited "Il parco dei mostri" of Bomarzo...

  5. Beautiful sights! No wonder you moved there.

  6. Your friends are at a point in their lives where I'd like to be in 10 years or so. How wonderful to be able to see them every year!

  7. Mya- I am happy to share my experiences with you and maybe one day you will visit.

    Alessandra - A little in the sidebar and maybe very early on in the archives. Maybe I should write a post about it sometime?

    Love the Decor - It is we are so lucky to live here :)

    Simony - Yes making the most of it as I do not like winter.

    Dona - Yes but some years ago now, maybe a return visit is required for blogging purposes?

    Lakeviewer - It is lovely, but then that is the beauty of Italy.

    Rowena - Absolutely, we aim to move to a smaller house next time and travel more. We actually get to spend more quality time with some of our friends since we moved, both here and when we visit them in the UK. No longer stressed rushed visits :)

  8. Thanks for showing me a part of Italy I've never seen! Lovely.

  9. Looks a nice place.

    I hope it does arrive and works :D

  10. Jann - Welcome, it is a pleasure to share with you, thankyou for commenting.

    Travelingsuep - Guess what it arrived, it worked but it leaks so had to phone again today :(

  11. Just opened your Stroll around Marta email - lovely pictures, as always. And actually, I did think that - having been really critical earlier on - the works along the lake wall are not looking too bad. As the plants and trees are settling in and maturing, it's looking ok. (My problem is that I have a real thing about big, lovely trees being cut down, whatever the reason!!)

    As for the dishwasher - well, what can I say. Given the history behind it, you probably weren't holding your breath but I do hope that you are now equipped with a fully-functioning dishwasher and that there will be no more problems!!

  12. Maggie - It gets worse, the dishwasher saga that is! As for the lakeside I agree with you it will mature beautifully but I hated the old trees going although I know they were unsafe so it had to be.:(

  13. Oh, these photos are just beautiful. I feel so lucky to be seeing them. Just breathtaking!

  14. Leanne - You are welcome I enjoy sharing a little of our life here in Italy so you can travel virtually.

  15. Is there anything of interest to see in Marta? We are coming to Lake Bolsena in a week's time.


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