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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Song–Settembre–September


This weekend for my Sunday Song feature I have chosen the theme of Settembre – September.

My first choice is Sergio Cammariere  who has  been featured here twice previously already,  Buon Ferragosto and Sergio Cammariere

Sergio Cammariere was born in Crotone, Italy in November 1960 and is regarded as a talented singer pianist within the genre of jazz and pop.

Settembre is taken from his third album released in 2006 'Il Pane, Il Vino e La Visione'  'Bread, Wine and Vision'.  No words with this one just a relaxing instrumental accompanied by a beautiful video.

Courtesy of situationitaly

More biographical and career information can be found about Sergio Cammariere on both  Wikipedia and his Official Website it is from these sites and YouTube that I have found out all my information when researching this post

Fotografia di Sergio CammariereSergio Cammariere courtesy of Wikipedia.

For my second choice today I have chosen Antonella Vendetti who was born on 8 March 1949 and first became famous in the 1970s for the social themes of his songs. Here he is singing Settembre and once again more information about him can be found on both Wikipedia and his Official Website.

 Fotografia di Antonello VendittiAntonella Venditti courtesy of Wikipedia.

Courtesy of danielegta

Lyrics to Settembre :

Stai con me
com'è difficile
strimgerti a me
con tutta l'anima
restiamo insieme fina a quando gli occhi tuoi
ancora chiusi troveranno gli occhi miei.
Stai con me per ogni lacrima
che cade giù da questa nuvola
quando la notte piano piano finirà
chissà chi è il primo di noi due che parlerà.
Settembre poi ci prenderà,
coi suoi venti di pioggia vincerà.
Adesso no, ferma il tuo attimo,
stringiti a me per questo secolo
quando la musica pian piano finirà,
come un miracolo poi l'alba nascerà.
Restiamo insieme fina a quando gli occhi tuoi
ancora chiusi troveranno gli occhi miei.
Settembre non ci troverà,
coi suoi venti non può, non vincerà.
Adesso si tutto è possibile
farlo così con tutta l'anima
quando la musica pian piano finirà,
chissà chi è il primo di noi due che parlerà

Settembre Lyrics on http://www.lyricsmania.com/ ]


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Buono Domenica Tutti


  1. Hi,
    Sorry my song was not there - I am a novice and still working my way round.Hopefully you will now be able to hear it.Thanks for stopping by my blog.Happy Sunday x

  2. Hi
    Sorry I clicked post before I had finished ..... the novice again ! I loved your first choice of music by Sergio Cammariere - the video is amazing and makes me think about the time I spent living in Greece ... by the sea with wonderful beaches.What a talented pianist.Thank you for sharing this with me.

  3. Kathryn -Thankyou for calling by and commenting, I will go and listen to your choice now. I am pleased you enjoyed the video and Sergio's music.

  4. Hello,
    I really enjoyed today's songs- thank you for sharing! : )

  5. It should be: "Buona domenica a tutti", but don't worry, most probably my English is worse than your Italian... :)

  6. Optimal Optmist - Thanks for joining us.

    Donna - Whops the vital a. My Italian is brutto, I appreciate you pointing this out. I have made this mistake for months then!

  7. Ale said...
    I've never heard Sergio Cammariere, It's beautiful the music as well as the video.
    But I know very well Venditti, he has made the history of Italian Music, when I was young.
    I don't know why I prefer English music, may be because I'm not distracted by the meaning, and I feel more the music
    and rythm.

  8. Ale - I am pleased to introduce Sergio to you :)

  9. Oh my...that first piece of music is gorgeous! I am going to see if this is on itunes right after I log off from here. The second is lovely too but Settembre is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard! Thanks so much for sharing this for Sunday Song!

    best wishes always,

  10. Natasha - It seems Sergio is a hit with you then, hope you manage to find some of his music to download including of course this one. Do let me know what you manage to find as I have no idea where in the world his music is available.


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