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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Foto–Fruit Anyone? + Go Overseas Top Blog Italy!



Pears, Figs, Apples and Peaches all harvested from our garden this week!   I wish I was able to share some with you, as most of the people around here have more than enough produce of their own to deal with. This year we have certainly had an abundant fruit harvest.

No further news from the Engineer about the dishwasher, we have spoken to the office. They have no news and promise to ring back when they have some so we wait.   Dishwasher Saga

Featured Italy Blog on GO! Overseas

I had some exciting news yesterday in that this little button displayed here and now appearing on my side bar is because I am entitled to display it as a Top Blog Italy!

I am honoured that my modest blog has been put on this list and I hope I will prove worthy of the honour as I am aware of just how good and professional the other blogs that appear on this list are.  I will continue to post about our life as we live it here in Lazio and hope it will continue to be of interest.  Thankyou to all my lovely readers for helping to make this possible through showing an interest.

Top Blogs in Italy  


Here are the links to the Go Overseas website and to the section on Italy Blogs. Lots of interesting information so I hope you will take the opportunity to call by when you have some time.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Those figs!! I would love to have some figs like that. I don't think I can grow figs in Aberdeen, maybe one day when we get a conservatory we can.

    One of my favourite memories from Italy are eating figs, it's where I discovered my obsession for them. I was in Matera with some friends from the University and we ate them from the trees there. So delicious.

    I can't believe the cost of them here, but they're still worth it!

    I hope you find some way to enjoy them all, can you preserve any of them or make some fig jam?

    Congratulations on being in the Top Blogs in Italy - very well deserved!

  2. Congratulations on the Top Blog Italy.

    We have masses of figs and I have been making fig jam as fast as I can. Our apples are only young trees but we have a few. No peach or pear trees.

    It really is time that dishwasher was back and working by now!!!!! Diane

  3. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Your fruit is amazing ..lucky you to have all that .. You certainly will be busy, making jam etc ..

    Congratulations on your HUGE AWARD... so well deserved, your blog as certainly come a long way, I think it is amazing.

    I am back from France now, with very little motivation :-( .. but my photos will get on my blog sometime soon!! i have certainly come down to earth with a huge bump.. !

  4. Good morning!! Congrats on making the list!!!!!! That is fantastic!! Thank you so much for letting me know my linky list is closed. What had happened was that when I set up the linky list instead of putting today's date I put yesterdays but I didn't realize until I published it. After I realized then I changed it & put today's date but I put this linky on top of the other one, because I didn't have time to do the post over. On my blog it says open but maybe it's an error. I really appreciate you telling me,otherwise I wouldn't known. lol It does seem quiet, I was wondering about that myself. I'll go fix it.

  5. I tried getting another linky to link up, no luck. It has an error. I'll just delete the post. Sorry about the confusion there. I'll try again for next friday lol. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Congratulations on the Top Blog Italy award! Well-deserved..your photos in this post are absolutely gorgeous; I feel like I can reach right through my screen and grab one!

    Thanks for commenting with your link to my post today. You wrote a wonderful review of the Charlie St. Cloud book and now I just have to go out and get myself a copy! You must let me know what you think of the movie in comparison to the book when it becomes available in Italy : )

  7. Congratulations on the award. It is well deserved..I haven't been a vistor long..but enjoy your blog so much.
    What wonderful fruit..Isn't it wonderful? Everything I get from our garden..I am thanking God..Will say, the zucchini almost took me over the top, but still thankful.
    I was thinking about you this morning..saw a flood in Italy and was hoping you were safe..I didn't know where it happened..but hoping you were not near it..
    Have a Good Weekend..Rosebud/Carolyn

  8. Jade - Not one fig will be wasted I can assure you! Eating loads at the moment, we have also dried lots and are going to make some jam.
    Diane - Absolutely about the D/W, especially with friends arriving in the next couple of days :(
    Anne - You were away quite awhile this time weren't you, getting a taste for the European lifestyle by the sounds of it. Thanks for your compliments :)
    Sweetlife - That is ok and Thanks :)
    Optimal Optimist - Do let me know what you think of it once you have read and of course re the film,if and when I get to see:)
    Cosmic - Very:)
    Rosebud Collection - The flood was on the Amalfi coast,much further south, in a village we know well called Atrani, it is a dreadful disaster. Thankyou for your kind words and for thinking of us.
    EVERYONE - Thankyou all for helping to make this blog a pleasure for me to produce, appreciation helps so much. I am chuffed to have been given this honour.

  9. oh, how i miss italy .. cant wait to go back!
    no worries about comments on my site. im not a "commenty" kinda person myself :)

  10. but i do see your site weekly from my google reader :)

  11. Congrats indeed! And oh those figs...I mean I can get them no problem and the photo still entices ;)

  12. Congratulations on the award! And the fruit looks good!

  13. Gina - Thanks, I see Warm Pears in google reader also, when do you get back here?

    Michelle - I was rather surprised actually :) The figs have been so good this year, must have been all that rain we had in the spring.

    Caroline - Thankyou :)

  14. Wow - lovely fruit. Not so good here - figs good, apples ok, plums awful (no water to swell them), pears so so, greengages: lots of them but they went brown and dropped off before harvesting and one half of the tree suddenly upped and died - great! As for the Top Blog Italy - well!!! Congratulations - I guess it will now cost money to talk to you!!! I'm not surprised though - you go to such a lot of trouble and put together a really good blog. I don't know how you find the time - I'm sure I wouldn't be able to, and that's if I could figure out how to blog in the first place..... (in line for Luddite of the decade award, I am!).

    Have a good weekend. Lots of love Maggie xxx

  15. Oh those figs, love them, and congrats for being a Top Blog Italy.
    Thank you for visiting me on a Saturday night ;)

  16. Wow, quite a week of results for you. Not just a prolific fruit producer but a top blogger. Congratulations, well deserved, I'm sure you've worked hard for both.

  17. How many trees of each fruit do you have? That's a lot to have to deal with, and all I can say is that if I lived closer.... ;-)

  18. Even though I know my computer is going to crash after I leave this comment, I just had to take this opportunity to congratulate you on being named one of the Top Blogs for Italy! Good for you!

    Wow! How big is your garden! That is a lot of fruit!! Those figs look luscious. On Saturday night we tried a new restaurant and I chose a salad of figs and arugula. I thought of you.

  19. We just harvested our figs - all three of them! Still amazed that they ripen in Gloucestershire at all... :D

  20. Oh wow - congratulations!!! How incredible is that??? And you sooooo deserve it too! Hugs!

    Jealous of that delicious fruit! No fruit trees for me *sad face*, but I WILL be planting vegetables next year. So excited about it!

  21. Maggie - Thanks Maggie, it is strange how the fruit can vary so much from year to year, so much depends on the right weather at the right time.
    Alessandra - Thankyou, I agree unusual Sat ev entertainment, but friends arriving on the Sunday so we stayed home, nothing on TV I wanted to watch so catching up on blog reading :)
    Jenny - Thanks for your kind comments.
    Rowena - I wish you did as so much going to waste.It varies with each fruit, but not that many, just more than two people can cope with.
    Pam - I hope your computer problem is sorted soon, thanks for your kind words. That salad sounds tasty.
    Rachel - I think figs can do quite well in the UK with the right aspect, hope you enjoyed them.
    Jeannie - Thankyou, at least you can now buy as much fruit as you need cheaply from the local markets.
    EVERYONE - Thankyou all for helping to make this blog a pleasure for me to produce, appreciation helps so much. I am chuffed to have been given this honour.

  22. Those figs are gorgeous! It is an honor to be included in this Go Italy group isn't it? You really deserve it!

  23. Roz - I regard it as a great honour as my blog is just a modest one compared to some of the others listed. We are still picking figs but they are getting smaller now as the season draws to a close.


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