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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bolsena – Scenes From Late Summer Strolls–Lago di Bolsena–Part Two


This is the second post on late summer strolls that we took while we had friends staying recently. Last week I posted our Stroll Around Marta and wrote a little about how these particular friends helped us decide on this beautiful area when we where planning our relocation to Italy.

Having done the majority of the tourist musts for the region including staying in Roma, when they visit nowadays it is to ‘chill’ that is the expression I believe. We talk, eat, drink and take a little gentle exercise whilst exploring a little more the region they have grown to love along with us.

I always have my camera with me so I can now share with you, some of the scenes we saw on our strolls around three of the towns on the shores of Lago di Bolsena, Marta, Bolsena and Capodimonte.  Want to learn more about these places then just click on the place names, highlighted in blue, which will take you to Wikipedia links with information and other suggested links of interest about these towns.

Today we stroll around Bolsena. These particular friends have already explored the ‘centro storico’ so this walk was around the newer areas. I last posted about Bolsena and posted photos of the older parts plus a video just last month. My last post on Bolsena


After our stroll we headed to the beach for a light lunch in a beachside bar, this was the view.

After lunch a further stroll.


If you are interested the complete set of photos from our stroll can be viewed in My Flickr Album  Bolsena - Scenes from a stroll


  1. So Beautiful! Every scene is more stunning than the previous! Lucky you, lucky us!

  2. I can almost feel like I am there : )
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. So charming and inviting! Love the water! Hugs!

  4. I enjoyed that stroll around particularly near the water. Need I tell you that I love the sky and the water, no I think not, you know that already!

    That pottery is amazing. Diane

  5. Hello Linda .. a fantastic stroll, thanks for taking us along too!! Looks lovely there, photos are great. One thing though is there are no people in any of them .. was it siesta time:-)

    Sorry to hear the saga of your dishwasher is still on going .. Do you really need one? I would love one just for when all the family are around.

  6. Love the photos. They let me imagine I'm there.

  7. I don't want to repeat myself, but what else to say, gorgeous place and gorgeous pics ;)

  8. Stunning pictures! I especially love the one with the boats.

  9. If I had my choice of a place to live it would be by the water. I do not ever remember a desire to live anywhere else. All to say that I love the pictures. To be able to be near the water and sroll around such picturesque places sounds like heaven.

  10. That looks like a very lovely area for a relaxing wander.

  11. Lindy, I really wish I was there right now. We have had so much rain lately and the temp. has dropped down a lot. Besides, Italy is always beautiful, no matter what kind of weather.
    I love ceramicha italiana, I have a rectangular tile that looks just like the dish on the window.
    I didn't know the email was not working. I am thinking about getting a new address for my blog and start over. Right now there will be not much action in my blog, my computer died!!!!
    I am using my husband's to visit friend's blogs but I can't write posts because all my photos are (were) in my computer.
    Take care and enjoy Italy for me!

  12. Lakeviewer - Sharing makes me appreciate just how lucky.
    Love the Decor - The wonder of photography and the internet makes this virtual travel fun.
    Pam - it was just glistening in the sunlight that day.
    Diane - How clos are you to water in France?
    Anne - It was nearly lunch time, plus not many people around but I must have subconsciously chosen ones without people in to share! Dishwasher, not really but when we have guests it is normally a great boon. Maybe you noticed it came with the kitchen and no cash back if you declined the offer!
    Carol - That is I hope what happens to transport you here.
    Alessandra - Beautiful Italy:)
    Kirsty - Welcome and thanks for commenting. I hope to see you here again.
    Mya - Our dream was to be close to a lake and it came true when we moved last year.
    Rachel - Italy has a relaxing effect :)
    Simony - Yes it is always beautiful, sorry to hear you are having computer problems, hope you can retrieve your photos.

  13. I loved the tour Linda. Have never been in Italy, but someday I will :D
    Have a sweet evening xx

  14. Sounds like you had a lovely visit. It's always a top priority of mine to see all the "highlights" when I visit a new place, but getting to know an area by simply exploring it is what I love best. This area looks simply lovely.

  15. Oh I wish I could take one of those strolls! When I lived in Mexico I used to love my walks as well! These pictures are beatiful. Thank you for your comment. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  16. Ciao Lindy! Thank you for stopping by!
    I didn't realise before that Marta was so close to the Bolsena Lake, how lucky to live in that beautiful part of Lazio!
    I went once to the Bolsena Lake while we were holidaying in Tuscany, can't remember which village, but we didn't have the time to enjoy the lake as my dad discovered he had lost his purse (in Montalto di Castro!)
    Sorry to read that the dishwasher saga has not ended yet!
    Michela xxx

  17. This is all so breathtaking, I feel like I am there! I am going to have to show this to my husband, Lindy Lou, he is an avid traveler and would love these pictures. XOXO

  18. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog during my "nest" day! I have to say, one look at your blog and I am hopelessly IN LOVE!!! I am an Italian in heart (not at all by blood, although I'd LOVE to be!) I'm so fond of the art, architecture, food and joy of this country ... and I've come to appreciate it all from a distance (as I've never been there!) My personal goal has been to take myself there next year (when I turn 40), and until then ... I think I'll be hanging out here (your blog)!! Off to read more! SO glad to meet you!

  19. saskia- Welcome and thanks for commenting,hope to see you here again, visiting Italy virtually until you are able to come and see its beauty for yourself.
    Pam - Living here does give us the opportunity to take time to explore, that you do not get time for with a holiday.
    Mama Hen - Why do you not enjoy walks any more, there is always so much to see if you take time to look around where ever you live?
    Green thumb - Marta, Capodimonte and Bolsena are all lakeside, and Montefiascone is up on the hill overlooking the lake. Montalto di Casto is about fifteen minutes off the map, on the Canino road.
    Katie - I am glad you get the feeling of being there. Hope your husband likes the photos :)
    Leanne - I am only too pleased that we have found each other, thankyou for becoming my latest follower and commenting. I hope you will enjoy sharing our little piece of Italy virtually until you can come and see for yourself.

  20. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing...looks like a great place to take a nice stroll.

  21. Marybeth - It is and the centro storico is even more attractive, I did a post earlier in the summer that showed that part of the town.

  22. Gorgeous pictures! I am so jealous that you live in Italy! I love it there and dream of being able to live there one day.

  23. Kristen - Welcome to my blog and do not be jealous just enjoy sharing my little bit of Italy while you plan your own dream of coming here to live. Dreams can come true if you work at making them happen. Meanwhile I hope you will call by often.


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