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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Although we have been home just over two weeks, not much blog worthy has been happening.  Due to the cold and often somewhat damp weather I have been doing a lot of hibernating. If nothing else a good opportunity for me to catch up with lots of outstanding indoor chores, in an effort to keep warm. As I have already mentioned previously the house was feeling rather damp and unloved when we got home and it is taking a long time to warm up again as it dries out.  Having been empty for over two years until we purchased the place last year this is no surprise! Also some of the rooms had not been lived in for years. We are on the last stages of our internal renovations and once completed I will post some before and after photos here, meanwhile there are lots of work in progress photos to be seen on Flickr in the set titled Renovations.
This year our major projects will be outside ones where as well as sorting out an overgrown garden and orchard, there are terraces to build, carport to build, fences to install and the major task renovate and paint the outside of the house.

At the moment when the weather has been amenable to carrying out such tasks pruning is the on going task which I have been helping David with on the occasions I have emerged from hibernation! Some of the plants are new to us so we have had some lessons from Bruno, in fact he has been here this afternoon advising David and giving us fruit and vegetable supplies. Blogs on the pruning and the Annual Pig lunch to follow shortly but not today as I am off to tend to the fire and curl up with my book for awhile. Hibernating is not so bad.

The latest fruit and vegetable offering from our wonderful neighbours whom you often read about here.


  1. In my opinion hibernation in January is essential, gets you over the Christmas bit, keeps you out of the bad weather and builds up your strength. Take it easy.

  2. Hibernating, especially when you're curled up in front of a fireplace with a good book, sounds perfect right now.

    Oh, and I love the phrase "outstanding indoor chores". At this point, that phrase pretty much sums up my life!

  3. Thanks girls :)

    We have snow forecast for this afternoon, it is certainly cold enough.

  4. Snow here, again, over night. So I think that I shall be hibernating this week, but there are alwsys too many jobs to do to get the chance to curl up with a book.

  5. Hibernating. Good idea. I'm just off to have an evening in front of the tv. Shall look forward to your before and after photos. I love that sort of thing as long as I don't have to do it myself.

  6. Cheshire wife: I'm afraid the jobs wait if I am reading a good book!

    Susie: It might be awhile before I get the before and after photos done, as I want to get all the little finishing touches done first. Meanwhile if you are really interested there are always the photos I mentioned in the post on Flickr.

  7. Enjoyed wandering through your blog ...I can relate to your home feeling cold and damp, DH and I are running our stufa from the time we get home from work until bedtime...we like winter, but this year are eager to see springtime. Holly, hollyberryelf.blogspot.com

  8. Welcome Holly, I hope you will come by and wander again.


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